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Lunatic!Birthright PMU, play log to follow!


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After taking a couple months off from FE (mostly due to Pokemon and Super Robot Wars), I'm ready to jump back into things. As the title says, this is going to be a PMU of Birthrights Lunatic difficulty. After I have all of my units selected, I will be documenting my progress (with text and some images) in this thread, which is something I've always wanted to try.

Anyways, on to what most people are here for. I'll be using 16 characters, so go ahead and pick whatever classes you'd like them to be. Note that I have access to the Path Bonus classes, as well as the ones included in Before Awakening and Gift from Anna. No limit on kids. Go ahead and customize everything about Corrin. All I request is a healer, maybe someone with Locktouch.


1. No Skirmishes. I might regret this (since I'll need to do a bit of Forging and will need money for Seal useage), but meh.

2. My Castle is allowed to gain Support points.

3. Characters will need to change to their selected class ASAP. This won't actually happen until quite a bit later (since Seals are limited until Chapter 21), but I get to choose who to use certain Seals on during the period they are limited)

4. Kids are to be recruited as soon as both of their parents are recruited.

5. I'll allow unselected parents to participate in combat until I recruit their child.

6. I will be doing all the Paralogues that were unlocked from S Ranks needed to get the selected classes. I'm not sure what I'll do about the remaining ones.

7. Units that are forced on certain Maps can do whatever.

8. If there is treasure on a Map, I will allow myself to bring someone to open it.

Current Team:

Hero!Corrin (Named Dudeface)


Swordmaster!Takumi (via S Hana)

Kinshi Knight!Hana (via S Takumi)

Berserker!Oboro (via S Corrin)

Falcon Knight!Sakura

Nine-Talis!Selkie (Hinoka as her mother)

Onmyoji!Felicia (via S Hayato)

Swordmaster!Kaden (via A+ Hinata)

Priestess!Setsuna (via S Azama)

Priestess!Mitama (Setsuna as her mother)

Dark Falcon!Hinoka

Dark Falcon!Saizo

MoA! Kiragi (Hana as his mother)

Paladin!Ryoma (via A+ Silas)

Sniper!Silas (via S Mozu)

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Just a heads up that I will take any suggestions for Corrin's name and appearance. His gender, class and Boon/Bane are already decided though.

Corrin's name is now "Dudeface". - A word for a person or random person. Depending on the tone of voice, it can be used as a substitute for a name or as an insult.

Chose this because years back, on one of the few times I actually played Dungeons and Dragons, the party had encountered an antagonist of a not yet revealed name, so the Gamemaster provisionally called the antagonist "Dudeface" before we learned what his name was as he described the guy's actions.

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Just a heads up that I will take any suggestions for Corrin's name and appearance. His gender, class and Boon/Bane are already decided though.

The name was already taken care of, so there's appearance - which I'll assign the default, except with a bluish hair color. (Don't know number)

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Since it's been a few days, I'll go ahead and bump this thread once, just to see if there's any interest. To anybody that has already picked a unit, feel free to pick again.

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The hero of our grand tale. This also totally isn't an attempt to bump the thread to get the last pick. Nope... not at all...

Also, does anybody know how to post Miiverse images in threads? I had to attach it to this post due to no other method working.


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Your best bet is to upload the images to imgur/sli.mg/tinypic/whatever works for you, and use the embed code to display them.

And with that, off to Let's Plays with you~!

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And with that, we have a team! Once I figure out the image situation, we can get this train rolling.

Just for fun, since I'm going to need names for all the E Rank Forges I'll eventual make, feel free to suggest some fun names.

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