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Please delete or lock!

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I just played the chapter to try beating in a somewhat LTC.

In turn 9 I defeated all the enemeies in the mansion except for the two warriors and single swordmaster in the closed (!) treasure room at the right of the map.

I expected this game would end after defeating the last one, but it didn't. Still had to defeat the three inside the treasure room... and of course reinforcement came... oh well...

However it made me to ask this question how to defeat the chapter, if you didn't bring door keys, unlock stave or Heather to the map?

In my case Mist had the unlock stave.

Does this chapter automatically end after defeating the last one without the possiblity to open the three chest rooms, or is it impossible to beat like the final map in FE5 which requires sth. / so. to open the doors a / o (re)warps?

Edit: OMFG!

I totally forgot you can attack the doors. :facepalm:

Please lock this shit.

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