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A FE10 run with the worst of the worst (completed)


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I'm going to do a FE10 playthrough with the ten worst characters of this tierlist. A few characters are still missing, but since Meg and Fiona won't be pushed out anymore, I can start it already.

This run will be played on normal mode. No, I'm not masochistic enough to do it on hard mode.

Anyways the rules:

  • Everyone who's forced for the endgame is free to use: Micaiah, Sothe, Ike, Sanaki, Kurth, Ena
  • Leanne for being the worst rated heron will be brought to the endgame
  • Healing and using herons are allowed.
  • As for the DB chapters: Everyone may be used till 1-3, the chapter before Meg joins. After that only Micaiah, Sothe, Meg, and later Fiona may be used. Laura may be used for healing the entire time, but not in combat.
  • As for part 2: Everyone is free to use till 2-2. As for 2-3... hmm... I guess it's a fair deal if I only let the NPCs and Astrid act. As for 2-E everyone is free to use till the CK's join. However it won't matter since I'll beat this chapter before turn 8 anyways.
  • As for the GM chapters: Everyone is free to use till 3-3. After that it'll be more or less a trio of Ike, Kyze and Lyre. Rhys and Mist only may heal.
  • As for part 4: I have no idea yet... Haven't made any thoughts about the teams yet. I only know for sure to send Lyre and Kyze to the Silver Army because of the desert chapter. Fiona will go to Ike's party. Want to establish a Ike x Fiona support to get sexy evasion.
  • Everyone who doesn't belong to the worst characters may die. (of course I try to prevent it at any cost)


I'll represent the level ups in Excel and post the link since it's way too effortful and timeconsuming to take a photo of each level up with the mobile phone, and to upload it on the laptop.


I also will give a very short report of each completed chapter and mention the turncount.

Non-forced top ten worst characters who must be used till the end:

  • Tormod
  • Pelleas
  • Bastian
  • Kyze
  • Vika
  • Astrid
  • Oliver
  • Meg
  • Fiona
  • Lyre


Holy weapons:


  • Urvan: Ike
  • Vague Katti / Alondite: Meg
  • Wishblade: Fiona
  • Double Bow: Astrid
  • Rexaura: Micaiah / Oliver
  • Rexfire: Tormod
  • Cymbeline: Sanaki
  • Rexcalibur: Bastian
  • Belberith: Pelleas


That's it for now!


If someone has something on their mind, then shoot!

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Poke me when you start, so I can move this to Let's Plays.

As I said it's not really a LP (in my eyes).

Since I'm playing it on the Wii, I can't make screenshots so easily (unless with my mobile phone).

It'll be a text commentary for the most part.

But I guess it still counts as a LP... so ok.

Going to start it today since the forced characters till 1-7 are fixed.

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Yes, it does, since it's a play log and isn't something really technical. Hell, if I made the links in my sig later, they'd be shoved in Let's Plays, too.

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Oh my gosh I always loved the idea of doing this kind of run! I'll keep an eye on your run ;):. Are you going slow or fast? If you're going slow you can get Vika to reach S-strike with 1-7's boss and then SS-strike in 1-E. That's what I do when I used her.

Oliver can bless your purge or Valuara btw.

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Completed the first three chapters.

Since it's a stupid normal playthrough on normal till 1-3 there's not much to say.

  • The only notable thing is that Edward has 100% strength and speed growth so far, OP! Of course he turns out beastly when I don't plan to use him. Thankfully he didn't land in one of the bottom ten spaces of the tierlist.
  • Also Micaiah got three points of speed in her first four level ups which is quite nice.
  • Nolan almost died in 1-2 because the RNG screwed me up quite a bit. Missed three times with 90s (highest miss was 94%).

I'll start to do real commentary in 1-4 when Meg joins the party.

stats and turncount

Oh my gosh I always loved the idea of doing this kind of run! I'll keep an eye on your run ;):. Are you going slow or fast? If you're going slow you can get Vika to reach S-strike with 1-7's boss and then SS-strike in 1-E. That's what I do when I used her.

Oliver can bless your purge or Valuara btw.

Actually I want to try training Vika by letting her counterattack untransformed and giving her paragon (I think she can use it, right?) to give her enough levels till the end of part 1.

I'm not really sure, if I'll be able to bring her strike level to S since it takes very slowly.

But hey... I'm going to try it at least.

Also shall I bring paragon to GM's to train Lyre and Kyze more efficiently?

Yes, it does, since it's a play log and isn't something really technical. Hell, if I made the links in my sig later, they'd be shoved in Let's Plays, too.

Then, feel free to move.

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If you are going for the worst of the worst, why not take the worst heron instead of the best?

It's your run, so your rules go, but to me it seems kinda off that your are still using people who aren't in the lowest ten for healing. They aren't entering combat, but that isn't their primary job, they're healers for a reason.

Besides, healing items are aplenty and they heal for massive amounts anyway. That's just my thought on the matter.

Good luck!

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Yeah, it's a good point.

Will bring Leanne to the tower.

[spoiler=1-3 - 1-5]

As for 1-3 nothing important to tell.

9 turns.


In 1-4 our first non-forced unit joins who'll be used in this run till the bitter end.

It's Meg, a sword armorknight.

Growthrates (as for stats look at the table)

HP: 60

Strength: 35

Magic: 15

Skill: 40

Speed: 65

Luck: 75

Defense: 35

Resistance: 50

She's basically the armored version of Edward, only weaker. She's fast and has nice base defense (unlike Edward), but her low movement and the existence of Edward and later Zihark mainly disqualify her in FE10 runs. She's not bad, but she's not really needed. Also her base speed is a serious problem, if you play on hard mode. Some tigers in 1-4 will double and oneround her. The main reason why I'm playing on normal. Otherwise it'd become a mess to train her.

I don’t give her any status boosts for now. I want check out her first levels before I might react. I only forge her an iron sword, the Megbath:

  • Might: 11
  • Accuracy: 115
  • Crit: 15

I hope she’ll do fine with this sword.

In 1-4 I leave Edward, Leonardo and Aran home.

Nolan will block the Laguz unequipped and Ilyana can open the chests. Since this chapters features a bit desert terrain mages have a little advantage... and Meg for being an armorknight a disadvantage.

Sothe a / o Micaiah shall prepare her the kills.

Turn 1

  • Sothe weakens the tiger south and Meg can claim her first victory with the Megbath. A risk could be that she’s going to crit in enemy phase. For now she can take only one hit of a tiger or a cat (doubles her).
  • Micaiah pokes the tiger next to the wall.
  • In enemy phase she can weak a cat but gets doubled. Sothe also weakens a cat.

Turn 2

  • Sothe finishes off the weaken cat by Meg and she herself finishes off the weaken cat by Sothe.
  • In enemy phase Meg dodges and counterattacks a tiger and gets good level up. Everything except for HP, strength and magic.
  • Two tigers from the north come close to me. One destroys the wall and the other one attacks Nolan.

Turn 3

  • I send Meg back to the starting area. Only one Laguz can attack her.
  • Sothe and Micky kill the Laguz who attacked Nolan.
  • Sothe dodges the other one in enemy phase
  • Nolan gets attacked by the tiger Meg poked.

Turn 4

  • Sothe and Micky kill the laguz and Meg kills the weaken one by Sothe.
  • Nolan finds the coin – excellent! Needed for Fiona's lance.

Turn 5

  • Reinforcements: a tiger and cat. Thankfully Meg got speed in her level up so she won’t get doubled by cats anymore. That means she can survive both Laguz.
  • Reinforcement tiger hits her.

Turn 6

  • Micaiah and Meg take out the tiger. Meg gets only luck and defense. A disappointing level up! I made a mistake. I killed the tiger with the steel sword. I forgot that Meg still suffers on speed penalty so she still was doubled by the cat.

Turn 7

  • same reinforcements as in turn 5
  • Again Micaiah and Meg kill together the cat. The reinforcements will go after her.
  • Meanwhile Sothe grabs the masterseal and drags out the weaken tiger next to the eastern wall.
  • Meg gets attacked by the cat. Still doubling her. I didn’t expect that cats have 14 speed in NM as in HM. Thought they only had 12 except for the one in the north-east close to Pain.

Turn 8

  • Micaiah crits the cat.
  • In enemy phase Meg pokes the tiger.

Turn 9

  • Sothe obtains the pure water.
  • Micaiah and Meg take out the tiger.
  • The tiger in the west attacks Sothe.

Turn 10

  • Meg and Micaiah go southwards to attract this tiger. Meg can’t fight Agonir because he’ll double her. It’ll be Sothe’s job.

Turn 11

  • Meg kills the tiger.
  • Sothe attracts Agonir and another tiger.
  • Agonir hits Sothe but the other tiger not. Bronze dagger breaks.

Turn 12

  • Sothe finishes off Agonir. The other tiger runs to next to the healing jar.

Turn 13

  • Sothe kills him and can find the beastfoe scroll. Excellent! Then I only have to get the other two chests.
  • Only pain and the cat in the north-east are left.

Turn 15

  • Sothe attracts Pain. He can do some nice damage to him.

Turn 16

  • Meg can’t even move two spaces in the desert. She can’t reach Pain. So Micaiah has to kill him. :sob:
  • Sothe gets the angelic robe from the chest. I unequip him. Meg shall get the final kill. Bad enough that she couldn’t get at least one of the bosskills.

Turn 18

  • Meg kills the cat, the last remaining enemy.

Done after 18 turns!

Meg's level ups could be better…



Forging Sothe a knife:

  • Might: 7
  • Accuracy: 90
  • Crit: 15


  • giving Edward’s wrath to Micaiah
  • giving Leonardo’s cancel to Meg
  • giving discipline to Sothe


  • Sothe x Laura
  • Micaiah x Meg (Meg needs more attack power)

Battle preparations

  • Have to bring Nolan and Aran to this chapter because they have to block the enemies. There are quite a bunch of enemies close to my starting team, and more enemies will come towards me very soon. Ill be surrounded very soon. Meg can't deal with them all alone, so I need units who play the decoy bird.
  • Sothe will rush. He'll climb up the ledge in the first turn and take out all the enemies with his forged knife. I don't need the master seal of the soldier. I only need the hidden one in 1-7. Then I have two for Meg and Fion.

Turn 1

  • Micaiah and Meg kill the iron axe fighter. Meg gains HP, defense and luck. Still no strength. :(
  • Aran, Nolan and Volug block Micaiah from any enemies.
  • Sothe climbs up the ledge and kills a myrm.
  • Nolan and Aran take damage.
  • Meg crits the steel axe fighter. (taken damage)
  • The three on top of the map have no problems to kill all the enemies next to them. Jill has transfers in strength, skill, speed and defense.
  • Sothe kills a soldier.

Turn 2

  • Sothe oneshots the fire mage.
  • Micaiah and Meg kill one of the two myrms. One myrm is still alive.

Turn 3

  • Everyone is climbing up the ledge… becuase it becomes problematic on the ground floor. Four enemies are in my attack range.
  • Sothe onerounds a hand axe fighter and will kill all the mages from the upper platform.
  • Sothe kills six enemies in the enemy phase (including two mages).

Turn 4

  • Meg is going to attract the boss. She can 2RKO him with the wind edge.
  • Micaiah pokes a fighter.
  • Meg dodges the boss and brings him down <50% HP.

Turn 5

  • Meg kills the boss. She gains everything except for strength and defense. ... Yeah... it's Meg!
  • Micaiah kills the fighter.
  • Sothe kills the priest and will also deal with the reinforcement soldiers from south.

Turn 6

  • Micaiah and Meg kill a fire mage.
  • Sothe finds a coin (by accident). Didn't know about it tbh.

That's it for now...

level ups and turncount after 1-4

level ups and turncount after 1-5

Edit: I noticed too late that the table of the first part was overwritten accidently because I didn't save the new table under a different name.

Won't happen next time!

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  • buying an iron dagger and bronze knife for Sothe
  • giving Tauroneo's resolve skill to Micaiah
  • Sothe takes the renewal skill you get from one of the base conversations.


This chapter is really difficult, if you want to lowman this part, lowmanning with only really good unit (Sothe), because it has so many reinforcements. Pegasus knights from everywhere will appear later on and break your frontline. Keeping Micaiah and Laura safe is a really hard task.

Tauroneo is forced. He'll be unarmed for the two parts of course since he doesn't belong to the worst FE10 units. He shall just block the enemies and resuce Micaiah or Laura if necessary. Same goes for Volug with only difference that he can't be used as wall at all (except against enemies with range weapons).

Yeah... this chapter won't be fun at all.

Turn 1

  • Meg attracts the two steel axe fighters. She can barely survive them
  • Sothe attracts the hand axe fighter who gets onerounded in enemy phase.

Turn 2

  • Three armorknights and and an archer from the north-east and two peggies from the south appear. And more is on the way to me. You can get easily surrounded.
  • Micaiah and Meg kill the two weaken steel axe fighters.
  • Sothe kills an archer.
  • A steel lance soldier hits Micaiah. Thanks to resolve she can oneround him.
  • Meg takes a bit damage by a thunder mage.
  • Two peggies are coming to me.

Turn 3

  • Two more peggies from the west
  • Sothe kills one of them. I let the other one come to me - same goes for the knight reinforcements.
  • Micaiah onerounds the mage with resolve. Laura heals her after that. She’s going to attract a couple of knights.

Turn 4

  • Two more peggies from the east – dircetly next to my units – disgusting! This chapter is fricking hard to play with only three combat units.
  • Micaiah oneshots one of the sword knights.
  • Sothe and Meg kill the knight with the hammer.
  • Laura heals Meg.
  • Volug rescues Micaiah and Tauro rescues Laura.
  • Meg gets attacked by the other sword knight and steel lance peg. knight. She takes some damage.
  • The javelin peg. knight attacks Volug. She hits him and he answered with howl.

Turn 5

  • Sothe killst he javelin peg. knight. What a stupid move, because she would be still paralyzed in the next enemy phase.
  • Volug and Tauroneo escape to the south-east corner. Laura is dropped.
  • Meg uses a vulnerary and is placed in a forest. She'll be fine
  • Two peg. knights and the remaining sword knight attack her. The peggies get onerounded.
  • One of them attacks unequipped Tauroneo. The worst is over for now!

Turn 6

  • Sothe kills the remaining peg. knight.
  • Meg stands still and uses another vulnerary.
  • Volug drops Micky and Laura heals her.

Turn 7

  • Two more peggies from the south with javelins. Sothe will give them a warm welcome.
  • Meg finishes the armor knight off and gets a mediocre level.
  • Sothe attracts the javelin knight and the myrm in the center of the map. The myrm dodges once.

Turn 8

  • Micaiah kills the myrm and Sothe kills the javelin knight.
  • Sothe weakens the steel sword knight in enemy phase

Turn 9

  • Micaiah finishes him off and will attract the elthunder mage. She weakens him in enemy phase.

Turn 10

  • Meg finishes him off.
  • An archer and another thunder mage moved in the previous enemy phase. Sothe kills the archer.
  • The mage hits Meg.

Turn 11

  • Micaiah and Meg kill the mage while Sothe will drag out the two armor knights and the killind edge myrm.

Turn 12

  • Final reinforcements: two soldiers from the exist and three more pegasus knights from the north. Sothe will handle the soldiers and knights while Meg and Meg will deal with the peggies.
  • Sothe kills the hand axe knight.
  • Sothe kills all the reinforcements in enemy phase.
  • Meg onerounds the steel lance peggy. The other two with the javelin don’t do any damage to her.

Turn 13

  • Sothe kills the priest.
  • Micaiah and Meg kill one of the two remaining peg. Knights.

Turn 14

  • They kill the last one.

Chapter is done! This was tedious.

Time to do part 2!


Turn 1

  • Micaiah and Meg kill the steel axe fighter, so the way is open to kill the ballista archer with Sothe.
  • Tauroneo and Volug block the cavaliers. If Volug gets attacked… then sorry fort hat. I disarmed Tauro… so they shall go after him.

Enemy phase

  • Sothe onerounds the two cavaliers next to river.
  • The cavaliers from the west attacks Tauroneo as I wished.
  • The steel axe fighter misses Micaiah who almost oneshots him.
  • The soldier misses Tauroneo.
  • Theoretically Micaiah could die, if the soldier and fighter attacked and hit her. But I thought the AI worked that the opponent would prioritize the disarmed unit and not the most fragile one. I was right!

Turn 2

  • Tauroneo and Sothe block the cavs. from the west.
  • Volugs buzz off
  • The steel lance soldier is still alive.
  • Soldier attacks Micaiah. She kills him with resolve.

Turn 3

  • Everyone retreats
  • I lose some NPCs and civilians.
  • Meg can oneround one of the cavs.

Turn 4

  • Fiona is in trouble because the NPCs weren’t able to kill the solider who guards the bridge. Sothe will be sent to them... hopefully in time.
  • Micaiah oneshots one of the cavs.
  • More green people die.

Turn 5

  • Sothe kills the soldier. The way for Fiona is free to escape.
  • Meg pokes a cav. and gets a good level up.
  • Fiona is fucking bitch and doesn’t escape by crossing the river!

Turn 6

  • Thani kills a cav. And so does Meg.
  • Fiona dies!

Oh… wait… I’m on normal mode.

I forgot that battle saves are an actual thing there… lol!

I have to replay 1-6-2 all over again... which means I will lose the gained level ups.

PS: The shown level ups are the level ups of my successful attempt.

I played a different strategy.

Tauroneo and Meg block all the cavs. Micaiah can take out one by another each turn. Meg gets a bit exp. by poking. But most of the cavaliers attack disarmed Tauroneo of course. Meanwhile Sothe is sent towards north to kill the soldier next to the river and solo all the other enemies in this area.

It takes me tons of turn to defeat the large number of cavaliers, and more reinforcement cavaliers slow me down a lot.
Furthermore Sothe will be out of range weapons later on. His bronze knife as his forged bronze knife will break which will be bad because he can't counterattack against the javelin / hand axe cavaliers (including Laverton) and fire mages anymore.

It takes me about 15 turns till Sothe can reunite with the others because Micaiah and Meg just need so long to take out all the cavaliers.

Tauroneo finds the masterseal and Micaiah oneshots Laverton.

All enemies are defeated, although it was only a defeat boss mission.

But it took me 18 turns therefore.

Also most of the level ups in the restarted run were disgusting.

I'm glad this chapter is over.

The next chapter will be much easier to play, plus I have another party member who may be used in combat.

level ups and turncount

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I laughed at the Fiona is fucking bitch and doesn’t escape by crossing the river! bit :D:. It seems like Meg is a little str screwed but all around she's doing fine I think.

idk about bringing paragon to part 3 it depends how Fiona does I guess.

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^ Honestly Idk yet which skills to bring to GM's.

Fiona does pretty well actually.

Also resolve and beastfoe will be defintely kept in Micaiah's team.

My plan for part 3

  • Meg will get cancel and resolve probably.
  • Beastfoe will go to Fiona
  • Sothe will get vantage and adept.
  • Micaiah shall get wrath.

=> no more room for paragon for the DB

If someone has better skill suggestions, then shoot me.

Also I have no idea how to train Vika efficiently.



  • Forging Fiona an iron lance:
    • Might: 13 (including +1 might boost for getting the sword card
    • Accuracy: 110
    • Crit: 15
  • giving paragon to Sothe
  • increasing support Micaiah x Meg to B
  • buying a bronze knife and iron dagger for Sothe

Turn 1

  • Nolan and Aran shove Micaiah so she can attract the steel lance knights inside the prison. She has resolve so she should be able to dodge the second attack.
  • Sothe weakens the steel lance soldier so Fiona can finish him off. She is in the attack range of a myrm who can double… and crit her. A risk I must take. She has to be trained somehow… right?
  • I ignore the two knights in the south. Tormod’s group shall deal with them.
  • In enemy phase the myrm attacks Fiona as expected. … Of course he crits her to death (5%) with his first attack. She’s a fucking bitch!!!

Well, time to try it again!

In the second attempt it works. The myrm doesn’t crit.

Turn 2

  • Fiona kills the myrm.
  • Micaiah attracts the steel bow archer. If resolve is activated, she can oneround him.
  • The two knights in the south moved towards me. Idc for them. I press forward towards north to beat the four enemies next to the door. Sothe attracts the hand axe knight. He’ll move, when someone’s in his attack range. As for the other three (two fighters and a myrm), they’ll only move if you're two spaces away from them.
  • The NPCs don’t attack the knights surprisingly.

Turn 3

  • Sothe and Meg kill the axe knight.
  • Micaiah onerounds the steel lance soldier who gaurds the cell. She attracts a fire mage who can’t do shit against her.
  • The steel lance soldier attacks Tormod who gets killed.
  • The fire mage attacks Micaiah and survives with 2 HP left.
  • Tormod’s group moves towards my team – good!

Turn 4

  • Micaiah finishes off the mage.
  • Sothe and Meg kill the hand axe fighter next to the door. The other two will move now. Same goes for another myrm with an iron blade a bit right of this group.
  • Meg does baby damage to the fighter and myrm.
  • Sothe onerounds the iron blade myrm.
  • Micaiah onerounds a wind and fire mage.

Turn 5

  • Meg kills the fighter. I leave the myrm alone. Fiona shall get the kill in the next turn.
  • Sothe recruits Tormod. He’ll be used. And same goes for Vika. I’ll train her by letting her attack untransformed.
  • Micaiah kills the javelin knight.

Turn 6

  • Meg and Fiona kill the myrm. First level up for Fiona: luck, defense and resistance. Disgusting!
  • Micaiah destroys the first door in the north west. She’ll attract a long bow archer who has practially no hit against her.

Turn 7

  • Micaiah oneshots the hand axe fighter guard. Muraim rescues her after that.
  • Sothe opens the cell in the south west.

Turn 8

  • Laura heals Micky so she can’t oneround the long bow archer. She and Fiona kill him.
  • Sothe opens the door in the north.

Turn 9

  • Fiona is placed next to the two mages who block the ledge. At least her resistance is good enough to take two magic shots. She survives with one HP.

Turn 10

  • Reinforcements from the south: Four from the entrance and three from the south.
  • Fiona finishes off the weaken mage and Meg onerounds the other one.

Turn 11

  • Micky and Fiona kill one of the archers next to the boss.
  • Meg pokes one of the reinforcements from the ledge.

Turn 12

  • Four reinforcements next to the boss: two javelin knights and two mages. Micaiah and Tormod kill the knights. Sothe kills one of the mages. The other one is for Fiona in the next turn.

Turn 13

  • Micky and Meg kill the other archer next to Djur.
  • Sothe steals his vulnerary from him. He does a bit damage to him.

Turn 14

  • Tormod and Fiona kill Djur.

I only have to beat the other reinforcements and let all prisoners escape.

It took me some turns, but it was paid off!

Fiona got three really good level ups. Her early level ups were way better than Meg's. Her strength and speed grew very well.

I let Vika attack a soldier untransformed. Man, the exp. gain is still super low. She needs to counterattack ten times to get one single level up. This will be a mass later!

In turn 21 I can finally seize with Micky.

Next chapter will be nasty because of

  1. awkward terrain
  2. Fiona's not available

I guess it'll be more or less a Sothe-Tormod-duo.

level ups and turncount

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Vika's issue is the strike levels are kind of hard to reach for her (efficiently). I had her reach S-strike in 1-7 in around 40 ish turns by boss abusing, then in 1-E she reached SS-strike with another 40 ish turns by boss abusing again. The easier way to just use her without Strike/boss abuse is just to BEXP her to level 30 when you get her again and give her Tear.

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Turn 1

  • Micaiah and Sothe kill the soldier.
  • Meg kills one of the two wind mages.
  • Vika and Muarim shove Tormod to the swamp to drag out the wyvern knight, the main threat of this chapter. I had to make sure that Vika and not Muarim is in the attack range of two fighters, because Muarim may not be used.
  • Vika and Meg get hit by poison axe bandits and are poisoned.



Turn 2

  • Meg kills the bandit.
  • Rafiel refreshes her and so she kills the other wind mage.
  • Micaiah sacrifices her
  • Sothe pokes a hand axe fighter.
  • Tormod kills the fighter who hurt Vika.
  • In enemy phase he kills another brigand. Thankfully it’s normal mode so he's fast and strong enough to oneround them.
  • Sothe onerounds a soldier.



Turn 3

  • Two more reinforcements from the south for Tormod. They’re much tougher. One of them has 17 speed which means that Tormod can’t double them. And he can’t oneround the slower one either without a crit.
  • Sothe kills the weaken hand axe brigand.
  • Micaiah will attract two thunder mages and a javelin soldier from the west.
  • Tormod can crit the slower brigand to death. The other survives.
  • First prisoner dies.
  • Sothe also gets poisoned.



Turn 4

  • Sothe kills the weaken brigand is going to attract all the enemies in the south-east including Ramdin. He has no critchance against him.
  • Vika crits the 17 speed brigand is dragging out another one.
  • Tormod uses a vulnerary.
  • Two thunder mages attack Rafiel. Got hit 2/4. He can transform now.
  • Sothe kills the two mages and hurts Radmin. However a priest can almost fullheal him.
  • Second prisoner dies.



Turn 5

  • Wyven knight reinforcement from the south.
  • Megkills a priest.
  • Rafiel refreshes her.
  • Micaiah kills a mage.
  • Meg onerounds a brigand with the brave sword.
  • Sothe kills Radmin.
  • Tormod kills the weaken brigand.
  • Vika saves  prisoner by blocking the brigand.
  • The wyven knight kills another prisoner.
  • Micaiah onerounds a brigand by activating resolve.
  • Sothe onerounds two soldiers.



Turn 6

  • Two mages appear from the west.
  • Micaiah kills an elthunder mage.
  • Meg killst he bridand who attacked Vika. She will deal with the mages.
  • Tormod oneshots the wyvern knight.
  • Sothe kills the priest, the last remaining enemy in the east.
  • Meg kills the two mages. That's it already. Beaten in six turns – not bad actually! (that’s my lowest turncount in HM)


Not much to say. BK wrecks most of the opponents. However Micky gets a few kills too because she can oneround everyone except for Jarod by activating resolve. However it's worth for nothing because she's already level 20.






·         Forging a steel lance for Fiona (16 might (sword card => + 1 might boost), 105 accuracy, 15 crit)

·         Promoting Meg into General. She has E in lances now. She gets discipline and paragon.

·         Giving pass and cancel to Sothe

·         Giving renewal skill and blue jewel to Ilyana.

·         Selling Meg’s fortune skill

·         Forging a steel sword for Meg (15 might (sword card), 110 accuracy, 15 crit)





Turn 1

  • Micaiah and Meg kill a steel axe fighter on the stairs.
  • Sothe and Fiona kill a steel lance soldier.
  • Rafiel refreshes Tormod, Fiona and Sothe.
  • Tormod and Fiona kill the myrm. Tormod drags out the steel blade knight.
  • The two steel bow archers hit Sothe and Meg. Tormod takes heavy damage by the knight.



Turn 2

  • Two thieves appear who are going after the chests.
  • Meg kills the archer.
  • Micaiah and Fiona kill the other one.
  • Rafiel refreshes Fiona so she can take out the knight.



Turn 3

  • Three mages and a hand axe enter the entrance. It’s Meg’s job to kill them all.
  • Tormod and Fiona kill the stationary hand axe knight.
  • Rafiel refreshes.
  • Sothe and Tormod kill the stationary wind edge knight.
  • Meg finishes the three mage reinforcements off and Micaiah the fighter.



Turn 4

  • two poison axe fighter reinforcements
  • Tormod onerounds one of them
  • Fiona pokes a fire mage.
  • Sothe kills a wind mage.
  • Rafiel refreshes so Fiona kills the fire mage.
  • Sothe steals a heal stave from the priest and will drag out the iron long bow archer.
  • Thief steals spectre card.



Turn 5

  • Sothe onerounds the long bow archer.
  • Fiona can oneround the healer thanks Rafiel.
  • Vika crits a soldier and pokes the steel great axe knight.
  • Sothe kills the killing edge myrmidon.



Turn 6

  • two myrm reinforcements from the west
  • Tormod kills the weaken knight and gets a splendid level up.
  • Fiona crits the myrm with the wind edge.
  • Rafiel refreshes for Tormod to kill the other one with the steel blade.
  • Sothe kills the other priest and attracts the steel long bow archer. He's also in the attack range of the meteor mage.


Turn 7

  • again mage and hand axe fighter reinforcements from the entrance
  • Sothe attracts a steel bow archer, the first enemy from the top platform.
  • Tormod attracts the steel long bow archer down to make him kill in the next turn.


Turn 8

  • Fiona kills the steel long bow archer thanks verve.
  • Sothe kills the steel bow archer.


Turn 9

  • Meg kills the first two of the reinforcements.
  • BK destroys the door. Rafiel refreshes him to make him unequip his weapon. - Three knights appear as ambush.



Turn 10

  • two more poison axe brigand reinforcements
  • Tormod and Fiona kill the first of the pack of knights.
  • Vika and Tormod kill a second one.
  • BK rescues Tormod.
  • Everyone hits BK – of course no damage



Turn 11

  • Tormod kills another knight. The rest will be played slowly. Fiona shall get a few kills.


Turn 12

  • Tormod onerounds two more knights.
  • Sothe steals the fairness scroll from the thief and traps him. He attracts a steel lance knight and wind mage
  • Meg kills the last of the mage reinforcements.


Turn 13

  • Tormod onerounds a hand axe knight.
  • Sothe steals vantage from the thief.
  • Fiona kills the weaken steel lance knight.
  • Vika drags out the three soldiers in the north-east and weakens the steel great lance soldier.


Turn 14

  • Fiona kills him.
  • Vika and Fiona kill the second soldier.
  • Volug, Micky and Laura have to block the exit not to let the thief escape. It’s welcome exp. for Fiona.
  • Sothe kills the wind mage.


Turn 15

  • Vika and Fiona kill the last solider.


Turn 16

  • Fiona kills the thief. Only the stationary mages and Jarod are left.


Turn 17

  • Tormod and Fiona kill the two elthunder mages next to Jarod.
  • Sothe steals his concoction. Both hit. Jarod has 23 / 39 HP left.


Turn 18

  • Unfortunately Sothe crits Jarod to death. Too bad! The bosskill should be for Fiona. The experience would be enough to bring her to level 20 and to use the master seal. That means I have to wait with her promotion till 3-6…


Turn 19

  • Therefore she kills the last remaining fire mage.


Turn 20

  • Micaiah seizes. It’s over. Part 1 is done, folks!

level ups and turncount

level ups in 1-8

level ups in 1-E


first impression about the "worst" units:



  • Meg: Honestly except for her kinda low strength she's pretty damn good. Her speed, defense and resistance are excellent. Her speed is already capped (fuck speed cap of 22, even lower than Gatrie's). In general I don't find her as bad as many people think she would be. Her low level and the fact that she has reduced movement screw her. But in the long run she's not a bad unit. If she had one more base speed, she'd be useful even in hard mode because she wouldn't get onerounded by thee tigers in 1-4. If you can give her some levels in this chapter, I can imagine she'll turn out better than Aran because of her better speed.
  • Fiona: She's already level 19 and her strength, skill and defense are similar to a level 10 Aran, which automatically means not great. Her speed is similar to Aran when he reaches her level. She's basically a worse Aran with the differences being mounted, having a better affinity, better resistance and two free skills. However all in all there's no real reason to invest in her when you have Aran.
  • Tormod: Could only got one level yet, but this one was great.
  • Vika: Same as Tormod only with a total opposing level up. I have no fucking idea how to train her in 4-4. Probably poking snipers. That's the only thing she can do.
Edited by Eleanor Hume
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Since in 2-P, 2-1 and 2-2 everyone was free to use there's no reason to go into detail.

Only mentionable are the obtained discipline scroll in 2-1 and the grabbed secret book from the boss in 2-2.


Since it's impossible to do an Astrid solo only with the NPCs, I decided to give her support by the second worst rated character of this group, Makalov. Geoffrey, Kieran, Danved and Marcia did absolutely nothing except for dodgetanking. Makalov couldn't oneround everyone with the steel sword so Astrid could claim several kills. However it became rather a solo by the NPCs. They wrecked most of the opponents.However there was a problem in this chapter, a paladin with a horseslayer. He could oneround each of my partner paladins and even Makalov. I lost lots of my partner units due to him. I had to make a chokepoint with Danved for some turns because he was the only one who wasn't vulnerable against any effective weapons. Marcia couldn't block because the two crossbows warriors could oneshot her. It was nothing else than turtling. I had to take out one by another. However after like 15 Makalov, Astrid and the partner units could finally take them all out and I could finally break the wall to drag out the boss (who actually moves). Makalov, with a gained defense point, was able to take two crits (what didn't happen once). It lasted three turns to beat him with Makalov and Astrid who claimed the kill of course. In turn 27 Geoffrey could finally seize. I left out all the enemies in the west (behind the door) and in the east. Therefore I got the speed wing by the short spear halberdier. All in all the effort was paid off well because Astrid got some really nice level ups. Her speed is really good, however still not enough to double any second tier enemy aside of like one single general in 3-9.


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3 hours ago, Fire Emblem Fan said:

Well...it'd be nice to see how the other Part 2 levels went. :P


Alright... in short:


Nealuchi and Elincia weakened the dracos to give Marcia the kills. She also killed Zeffren and got a level up for that (speed, defense). All the enemies were defeated in turn 7.



Brom did the main work and got most of the kills including Yeardley. He got two amazing level ups. In his first level he gained everything except for magic and luck. His second one wasn't bad either. Nephenee didn't get one single level. Brom recruited Heather. I let three enemies alive for the bexp.



Mordecai and Lucia prepared the kills for Brom and Nephenee. She could get her first level (speed, defense among others). Heather found the discipline scroll and grabbed the secret book from the boss. I ignored the three reinforcements.



My original plan was only to report the chapters I have to use the worst units, because all the other ones are pretty generic and not exciting at all to report (as for me). Also will only present level ups of the forced units.


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Short reviews from 2-F till 3-3



Since the CK's aren't shown up before turn 8 everyone was free to use. Haar killed the general with the droppable silver greatlance in the first turn. Later he gained the energy drop and the nullify scroll. He killed like 75% of all the opponents as usual.

However I had to replay this chapter because Elincia died in turn 2. She blocked the western entrance. Her KO was that she killed too many enemies in the enemy phase, and so more could attack her. Oh well...

Heather grabbed the draco shield from the general next to Ludveck.

Mordecai and Lethe will transfer some vulneraries and laguz stone to GM's to give Lyre an easier time.

Calill with meteor and Elincia take out Ludveck in turn 7.



Not much to say. Titania, Oscar and Ike (almost) oneround most of the opponents and so they could charge towards the boss pretty well. I won the race against the laguz because Ike could oneround Silvano (thanks to transfer boosts) and obtain the crossbow.

Done in 7 turns.



I played this chapter quite aggressively. My plan was to take out tons of opponents in the first enemy phase. Gatrie could kill a couple of generals with the killer axe and even Mia could oneround a general with two crits of Wo Dao. In turn 2. I used Shinon with the crossbow equipped to solo all the opponents next to the wall inlcuding the boss while Titania clean out the north-eastern area. Everyone else is sent to the entrance to wait for the reinforcements. Shinon's speed point in his level up made it possible to double Romnit. With one crit he could oneround him. Ike and Titania kill the horseslayer general. Everyone else kills the reinforcements. Obtained the angelic robe and the blue gem from the two houses.

Done in 6 turns.



Bought the wyrmslayer, a couple of wind edges and the arms scroll for the halved price (silver card).

Played it in a very short way. I left all the stealable goodies (storm sword, statue frog, elixir...) out and finished it very fast. Mia got the bosskill.

Done in turn 4 turns.



Bought the draco shield in the item shop.

Also charged with my units. Oscar, Titania and Haar helped the most with their great movement. Mist got the bosskill... because why not. I finished this chapter before all opponents were taken out.

Done in 8 turns.



Next chapter this run will become interesting again after a quite while because two new allies will join I have to use.

Only they will help Ike in the next chapter. Mist and Rhys will be brought for healing.

Stats after 3-3

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3-4 - 3-6



Sigh... this chapter was a nightmare... and I was very disappointed about the result.

To say it in advance I wasn't able to give Kyze and Lyre one single level.


In the base I gave Lyre adept and wrath. Fun fact: She has 30 points free for skills. That means you could give her wrath + resolve. I didn't know it and let the resolve skill in the DB. Honestly it wouldn't change all that much if I did it because her attack power is fricking low that she would like do 6-8 damage more to a generic. Just pathetic! Even transformed she can't do damage to the generals. I tried to give her a bit exp. by letting her attack untransformed. With her bases she can just barely survive a halberdier or sniper. A warrior would 2RKO her.


Nothing much better went it for Kyze. He was very similar to Lyre, only he's a tiger that he's a bit more strength and defense. However he still couldn't 2RKO a myrm... for being a tiger - Just sad! I gave him blossom and counter... but he shared the same fate with Lyre for being levelless in this chapter. Waste of blossom!

It was such painful to prepare all the kills for them with Ike. Actually he killed most the opponents because I was surrounded by the enemies very soon. I also brought Mist and Rhys... two more problem children. Rhys got 1RKOed by everything which was not a mage, and Mist couldn't take two hits either. I was very lucky that Mist and Rhys dodged potential fatal hits so I beat this chapter without any losses at least.

To top it all I couldn't take my time to train the two laguz because the only surviving NPC stole my kills and went for the boss... and was able to kill him after some turns. So boss abusing for Kyze wasn't possible.

Done in 25 turns.

Still the worst chapter I had to play so far.

Laguz are really REALLY painful to use in FE10.




I bought the secret book in the item shop.

Since Lyre and Kyze couldn't be brought everyone of the GM's could be deployed. Brought Reyson instead of Ilyana though.

The strategy was quite simple. The majority of my group charged towards south to Lombroso. Soren unequipped and Nephenee tanked the generals from the east while Oscar, Boyd and Rolf dealt with halberdiers from the west. Everyone else moved towards the boss. Gatrie, Shinon and Haar did the most and killed most of the paladins. In turn 6 Heather stole Lombroso's energy drop (for Lyre) and Ike and Mia finished him off.





  • steal knife and beastkiller for Sothe
  • storm sword for Meg
  • physic for Laura / Micky



  • paragon and disclipine for Micaiah
  • beastfoe and cancel for Meg (just stupid combination)
  • resolve for Fiona
  • adept + vantage for Sothe


This chapter was played quite simply.

In turn 1 I used Micaiah and Sothe to kill the tiger close to the starting point. Meg detected both cats in the east and oneshotted one. Her only issue was that she wasn't able to double all the cats due to her retarded low speed cap. Micaiah adviced the partner units to attack to kill the other turn, so Laura and Micky would be fine.

From the second turn till the end the partner units retreated and I used Sothe and Fiona to block the laguz from the north while Meg solo'd all the laguz coming from the east. It was absolute no problem for her thanks to her high HP and defense. Cats could be oneshotted and tigers could be onerounded. She earned lots of levels.

Sothe, Fiona and Micaiah didn't have many problems with their taks either. However Fiona couldn't get all that many levels. It's not too bad. Still can give paragon to her later on.


Honestly I don't know how many turns I needed because the last laguz died in enemy phase.

stats after 3-6

(haven't updated the stats of the GM's after 3-3)

Edited by Eleanor Hume
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3-7 - 3-10



I was too lazy and did almost nothing. >_< Kyze, Lyre and Ike could kill a few dracos and like two halberdiers. Still not enough for the laguz  to gain a level up.



In the base I got the howl scroll from the Ranulf, Kyze, Lyre conversation but I didn't gave this skill to any of my laguz. Ike had adept, Lyre had blossom and counter and Kyze had corrosion and wrath. 

In the first turn Ike attracted the axe and lance general. He could oneround one of them thanks to adept. Kyze killed off the other one in the next turn - Lyre still can't do damage to them. :,(

Two swordmasters from the east and halberdiers and warriors from the south moved automatically towards me. That means I could be surrounded very soon. Ike had to kill the swordmasters so I could focus with my two laguz the southern area. Lyre could do mini damage to the halberdiers. She got her first level up finally: strength and speed (thanks to blossom!!!). I really need these stats because she needs more attack power so badly and with her reached speed of 24 she could double everyone except for swordmasters. However her attack power and speed still aren't enough to 2RKO anything which is not a magic user. Even sages couldn't be onerounded. That means still much work for me to make her usable...

Anyways Ike helped them to kill the halberdiers and warriors from the south. He weakened them so the laguz could claim some kills. Kyze got a myrmidon level up. The gained speed meant the same for Lyre: He could double everyone except for swordmasters.

Ike had to take out the fire sages... because you know.

All in all this chapter went much better than 3-5 because I had Reyson and could so act more freely. Furthermore the obtained speed for the laguz helped quite a bit.

After a while Ike dragged Septimus out. With a forged sword he could 3RKO him. I wanted to give the kill to Kyze (Lyre couldn't do any damage), so I had to hope that he wouldn't activate adept. My plan worked because he didn't. So Kyze could finish him off in the next turn. I had to place Ike next to the stationary steel blade generals because four reinforcement generals (2x short spear, 2x stl. greatlance) could pass the one square tile otherwise and detransform my laguz by attacking to kill them. So Ike had to prevent it by blocking the tile.

He could oneround a few of the generals by adept. The others could finished off by Kyze. Lyre's strike level became S, so she could oneround the left sages. Kyze couldn't get a strike upgrade.



The Astrid x Makalov duo returns.

In the base I bought adept and two silver bows for Astrid. Makalov got Geoffrey's paragon.

This chapter was pure pain only with Astrid and Makalov, and I would even say it's harder on normal than on hard because of the large number of halberdiers and the consequent hit / evasion penalty for Makalov. Another problem was that both couldn't oneround anything for the like four swordmasters in this chapter.

I had to hope that the partner units could support me.

In the first turn Astrid and Makalov killed the swordmaster next to the entrance. Both got a great level, Makalov a perfect one (everything - magic). The halberdier close to the swordmaster could choose anyone of my disarmed units to attack. Danved climbs up to block the swordmasters and halberdiers. It almost cost him his life because one swordmaster critted him in the first enemy phase (55% hit, 2% crit - LOLOL). Makalov got attacked by another halberdier from the east. He dodged and counterattacked, much enough to kill him in the next turn with Astrid and him. Both did it whilst Danved used a vulnerary. I hoped he wouldn't crit again, because otherwise he would die. Kieran extinguished the village. Yeah, I had quite a lot of the enemies next to my party and partner units: two soldiers, a sniper and the left halberdier. The sniper will cause me lots of trouble during the entire chapter. The swordmaster didn't crit Danved this time... but therefore the sniper did to a partner unit with a fatal end. And the halberdier onerounded the physic bishop which hurt much more. I had the first serious problems. It became even worse that reinforcements from the southeast appeared in the beginning of turn 3. The worst part was that Makalov and Astrid (if she didn't activate adept) couldn't oneround any of the second tier units. They barely could oneround the soldiers but they were not really the target because they went for the villages and not for their opponents. So the only thing I could do, was to hope for an adept by Astrid or that the partner units could finish the enemy off. As for the halberdier the partner unit did it for me. Geoffrey and Kieran blocked the reinforcements. They also could be attacked by three enemies (reinforcements + sniper who could crit both). Thankfully it didn't happen but the enemies attacked so badly for me that Geoffrey was trapped and serious hurt. This chapter was really tough. In turn four three reinforcements appeared from the entrance, but no problem. Danved still blocked the ledge. Geoffrey and Kieran had to tank for quite a lot of turns. Meanwhile all the villages on the top platform were burnt down. But I didn't care for them anyways. At least Astrid got the speed to double the opponents. With adept she could oneround the generics. However more reinforcements from the north appeared and didn't make my life easier. Also the fucking sniper was still alive. One partner unit should block him... but he decided to leave the save spot for my party and increased his attack range so that he could Marcia. He killed her with a crit... of course. Since this "wall" fell Astrid was the next closest target for the opponents. She took damage and was so hurt that she couldn't take one more hit. The situation was catastrophic. My left six, most of them heavily hurt, allies were surrounded by like ten opponents. (the warriors were also in my attack range because a partner unit dragged them out). I could kill one opponent with Makalov and Astrid. Yeah, that means I didn't heal her. I was open by all sides so I could only survive it with luck. I placed Astrid in a thicket... but the fucking sniper (again!) kill er her. The 3-9 archer striked again. This little fucker killed three people.

So I had to replay... I let the partner unit stand still not to give up the blockade (one space below from the stationary axe general). So I had less enemies to care of for a bit. In the next turn Kieran took the spot of the partner unit to block the sniper and a couple of halberiders. This time the sniper didn't fuck me up. Meanwhile Astralov kill the one by another. It took me like 17 turns to kill all the opponents on the way towards the boss. And I didn't care about the sniper anymore (even if a kill would satisfy my desire for vengeance). Makalov and Astrid needed three turns to defeat Roark. One of the partner units sacrificed himself by poking him. Thankfully one of his subordinates took his concocction, so healing wasn't a thing anymore. Needed 21 turns to beat this chapter.

So hard this challenge was, Astralov got a bunch of nice levels. Astrid is above her average. Only her strength sucks but all the other stats are pretty decent. 25 speed isn't bad at all.



I bought an olivi grass in the base. And I used the first stat booster, a draco shield for Lyre. She got adept and wrath for this chapter while Kyze got daunt and counter.

Actually I had a default plan for this chapter... but I was surprised... by the enemy's A.I.


But first things first:

I split my group. Ike should cross the central area to solo all the axe paladins, swordmasters and warriors whilst Kyze and Lyre should deal with the southern area. In the first turn I didn't attack anyone. Kyze and Lyre used an olivi grass and Reyson a laguz stone.

In the first enemy phase Ike killed some axe paladins. However since I didn't kill any of the halberdiers close to my starting team they could all attack Elincia. Same went for two sword paladins. She could technically die but dodged several times thankfully. The NPCs could take out a few of the mentioned enemies but not everyone. In the second turn Kyze and Lyre used another olivi grass to max her transformation gauge. Thanks to Reyson's blessing they also help the CKs. Meanwhile Ike moved further towards east to wreck more enemies before they could reach the CKs. Ike took quite a lot damage because two bishops (one of them with purge hit him). He couldn't take another magic hit. I lost the first NPCs: a few generics and Marcia who was critted - AGAIN! And anyone still says that Makalov is unlucky...

Thankfully Ike and the forged weapon were so powerful that he could oneshot a bishop with ellight. He still was in the attack range of the purge bishop but he had only 40% hit so I expected to dodge this time. Meanwhile Lyre and Kyze kill more enemies in the southern area. Kyze reached S-strike. He could even oneround a few of the paladins - excellent! Lyre and Kyze could kill two enemies together in one turn whenever Reyson blessed them. Lyre could only oneround a physical opponent with two adepts... which had an activation rate of <7% - LOL! That shows how bad she still was.

Suddenly sth. unique happened to me... the enemies in the south (the three generals and the wyrmslayer paladin) started to move. It never ever happened to me... so I was totally surprised... and even a bit shocked... because it kinda screwed my plans. I have no idea when they move. Either if you cross a certain line in this game, or if the CKs come to close to them. The CKs decided to go southwards to help the laguz. Maybe this triggered the sudden movement of the enemies in the south. Anyways it made things much more complicated because suddenly a large group of enemies is in Kyze's and Lyre's attack range and they couldn't take too many hits because of the old known problem of their transformation gauge. I had to retreat and take out one by another. It was basically a semi turtling strategy. It took me some turns but I was able to kill all the opponents.

However the guys in the south weren't the only enemies who started to move against my expectations. The three axe generals close to Sergei started to move along with the cross bow and steel bow snipers. The latter were the dangerous ones because they could kill Elincia. So Ike had to take them out first. But it's the end! And the four paladins including Sergei started to move too... which me very worried. The bow paladins had a fricking huge range. Ike had to kill Sergei at once! However he needed a crit to do it - what happened - nice! The biggest threat was gone. Now I only really had to care about the other two bow paladins. Thankfullly the CKs weren't so stupid and moved so none of them - mainly mentioned Elincia - was in their range. It took lots of turn to defeat them with Ike. I'd have a much easier time, if I gave Ike range swords and adept. But I really didn't expect that the enemies will move. Anyways it's good to know now!

stats after 3-10

Edited by Eleanor Hume
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