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FEditor Adv Problem


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So I have been working on a hack project for a while in my spare time now. Every time I faced a problem I managed to find the answer online (Thank this website) or found it myself.

Anyway, I'm about a quarter into the hack I'm making and I was gonna import another animation from Fire Emblem 8 into Fire Emblem 7. But then this weird s*** happened.

When I click on Class Animation Manager, nothing happens. It worked fine before. But now suddenly it doesn't. I was thinking it might have to do with something I have overwritten, but I haven't touched anywhere near the offset where FEditor patches.

Here's a gif:


As you see, the Portrait editor works fine (So does the Text and Class Animation Creator), but the Class Animation Manager (and Spell Animation Inserter, but I don't need it now) don't work.

It works fine on a clean rom, but I really don't want to start over again. It would take me a long time to import all songs, data, chars, etc back into the rom.

Anyone have any ideas?

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every time you open FEditor, save the ROM without doing anything before you start your work. Trust me, this is a very necessary.

if this doesn't work, you may have to fight with the metadata in the ROM's footer, which is... nontrivial.

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I tried what you told me, but it still didn't work. :(

Would you have any other ideas? Cause I have no clue on how to mess with the ROM's Footer.


I tried saving 2 times in a row and for some reason it worked now.

Thanks! Haha!

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