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Lex v. Azel: A Battle for Tailto's Heart

Who should I pair Tailto with?  

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  1. 1. Who should I pair Tailto with?

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So I am playing through FE 4 and am having trouble deciding who to pair with who.

Well, just one person, Tailto. I feel I have been doing the very basic pairings such as Midayle x Adean, Holyn x Ayra, and Claude x Sylvia and was hoping to get at least one unique pairing.

So I thought it would be cool to pair Lex and Tailto since it gives the Wrath/Vantage combo, or so I've heard. This pairing, despite being a unique pairing, means Lex can't pass anything on to Arthur and gives them a bad growth in Mag.

But Azel on the other hand, is one of the best fathers for Arthur and Teeny and will be able to pass on Tomes. But, it's bland and I don't like the end conversation they have.

So, which do I choose? Will I make Tailto's children unusable if I pair her with Lex, or is the combo competent enough that if redeems them? Or should I go with Azel, who is a good option, but offers no uniqueness whatsoever?

​Although, this is my first playthrough, I am fine with a challenge.

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Lex!Arthur is pretty strong but he does rather poorly against long range weapons. With a magic ring on promotion with Thoron he will have 36 attack that with critical should bump his attack to 72 which should 1 shot all non boss enemies and even a few bosses.Vantage gives him first attack so he can usually get away unscathed on an enemy phase allowing him to stay at low HP. Azel is better for inexperienced players but if you know what you are doing Lex is far superior.

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Ooh, I can vote for both options in the poll~! Which I won't, because that's just rude.

Do you need Arthur and Tinny to be high-magic nukes? The answer to that question is the answer to which guy gets Tiltyu.

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I'd recomend Azel for your first playthrough. That pairing is much easier to use. Lex is great too, but is harder to use.

For fe4, i recommend a conventional run first, followed by an unconventional run.

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I recommend doing whatever you want. If you feel like going with Lex, don't be afraid to do so just because he's not a mage. You won't have big trouble, expecially since your other pairings are so easy to use. No one really needs the magic ring to work, so you'll have no problem giving it to Arthur, and Lex can pass it down too. Teeny is always at least passable since she and her mother have the same class, meaning good growths and inheritance regardless of the father.

Also Lex!Arthur is basically the only mageknight who can actually use swords... Not like that's really helpful, but killing bosses by activating wrath on the brave sword is beautiful.

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I tried both years ago, so I may miss a few details

Lex x Tailto is cool in theory, but not as good in practice for a few reasons :

1) Their offenses are pretty lacking (both physical and magical),

2) It's not really easy to get to Vantage + Wrath range sicne they tend to have great defence, and thanks to elite are easily overleveled.

SO, it's more gimmicky than anything. It's worth trying at least once.

In short, once is easy to use, and gets you great units, but the other one is more interresting and fun.

Also, you can still replay with more fun pairing (I remember Azel X Lachesis to be quite effective.)

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Azel gets my vote, Vala and Tordo blood means they can use A rank fire and thunder magic, pursuit lets them double, both can use normal Wind (which there's two of anyway in G2) for better evasion, and get crazy good magic, speed and skill with decent everything else. Inheritence isn't a problem either and its easy to get that pairing because of a love boosting talk at the start of chapter 4 and similar movement ranges (provided Azel isn't promoted).

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I recommend Azel. I used him on all my playthroughs, the children get good stats, and their magic growth is fantastic. Also, pursuit really helps mages in FE4. If you make Lex the father they will get high strength growths and high defense growths, which will make them weak magic users. Lex is best paired with Ayra or Briggid or any female player who will get units that need the strength and defense more. Their defense will be good with Azel and Talito's stats. 

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