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FE8 hack Light of Malice


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Hack concept.

name is not final

Story is based on Persephone main character Phoebe is kidnapped by the kingdom of Ebonia and bathed in dark magic to corrupt her pure soul. however things are not what it seems because the pure nation of Lununa is the one with the more malicious intent desiring to eliminate all darkness and control the world.

Characters  I want at least 30 right now I only have one completely made being Phoebe the main character. her base class is called Tainted Maiden she uses dark magic and Claws (though claws in this game are magical and made of magic)

other name:  Jesse (Main antagonist)  Itzcoatl (boss joinable later)Playables: {Trevor(Hero, Jordan(Troubadour),}{ Amber(wyvern rider), Lana(wyvern rider), Jesica[Jesse's daughter](Myrmidon) }{Richter(cavalier), }{Tiffany(Thief), Nicholas(Archer),}{ Candy(Mercenary),}{ Xelon(Mercenary) Bree(shaman) Melissa(soldier)}{Ricard(Mage) Lara (Pegasus knight)} no new units in ch 8 {Tracie(cleric)} {Viola(Shaman) Barry(Knight)} {Leia (Wyvern rider)} {Arthon (Thief} {Red (Myrmidon) Frost (shaman)} {Joanne(cavalier) Micaiah(not really RD Micaiah)(dancer} {Chandler(berserker)[myself] Victor (Assassin)} {Itzcoatl (Hero) Jillian(falcon knight)} {Edna (Wyvern lord)}

Chapters 25 chapter minimum

I want to include third tier promotions also

Other locations: Alerint (neutral island nation near Lununa) Floraline  (nation that separates Lununa from Ebonia) Sleevanna  (nation comprised of Lununan prisoners east of Alerint) Hatatia (nation aligned with Ebonia)

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Ok will add plot summaries for chapters in this part ofit

Prologue: before the kidnapping units are just Phoebe she will be a cleric for this chapter only which I am changing to be able to use Light magic and staves to heal. The chapter will be really simple and following it Trevor kidnaps Phoebe the boss is named Bastion and is a berserker

1: following a year after kidnapping Phoebe comes aware of the secret evils of Lununa and gets crowned general of Ebonia's army due to her knowledge of Lununan tactics during her ceremony appointing her Lununan assassins come into the castle and Phoebe along with her mentors Trevor and Jordan try to fight off the intruders

2 Phoebe decides there first action is to go to Alerint to try to convince chief Itzcoatl to join there cause. they try to go by sea on a boat heading for sleevana where they will then travel by foot to Alerint crossing a bridge, however the ship crashes and the 3 are stuck on the debris of the ship. the chapters goal Is to survive for 8 turns while waiting for a rescue ship Amber and Lana join at turn 3 and Jesica joins at end of chapter

3. Group arrives at Sleevana where they are immediately put into jail cells all except jesica who manages to sneak away. Chapter starts everyone is in a jail cells Phoebe and Jordan in one, Lana, and amber in one, Trevor and New addition Richter in one. Richter is recruited by talking to him with Phoebe he is a stationary NPC Jesica breaks the locks on phoebe and jordans cell and Richters is open due to his Execution approaching. There Is a guard in front of the wyverns door with a door key and Lana has a hand axe and naturally kills the guard. The Executioner takes 5 turns to make it to Richter Trevor does no damage to the executioner due to high defense and can only really be taken out by phoebe who has magic. Trevor dies to the executioner in 3 hits so 8 turns to get phoebe to kill the executioner ending the chapter also automatically recruits Richter Executioner is the boss

4. escaping from the prison. it is an escape chapter. Tiffany and Nicholas are in cells that are visitable like vilages. also to the east and west of the map are rooms where prison guards hold prisoner belongings in chests Tiffany can steal them one of the rooms have an iron bow, steel sword, and concoction, while the other has a red gem, Iron sword and javelin they leave and run to the bridge connecting Sleevana and Alerint

5. another escape chapter though this one is turn limited to 12. the bridge is burning so that's the justification. Candy is an enemy on the bridge that is recruitable by Phoebe The bosses are Tear and Bleed two caveliers

6. the group made it into Alerint where they meet up with bree a young shaman who has had her parents kidnapped and trapped inside a fort occupied by Lununan forces. outside of the fort Xelon is there running a shop for people interested in paying for his mercenary service. Jorge is also recruitable by talking to him with Jessica he is an enemy inside the fort

7 group arrives at Itzcoatl's castle where he sits from a balcony while ordering his men to attack the party and going on about being the one true god. Ricard and Lara join at the start after being rescued in the previous chapter. after the enemy is routed they go into the castle for ch 8

8. Inside Itzcoatl's throne room. no new units for the map and Itz drops a heroes crest. After the battle the group asks Itzcoatl for help but he refuses and escapes on boat heading for Floraline.

9. Phoebe receives a distress call from Hatatia and rushes there to help defend the country. when she gets there the nearby buildings are all burned down and they are surrounded by Lununan forces

10 Phoebe leaves the port to go to a nearby town tof look for survivors and finds Viola on the ground crying at the loss of her child. Then bandits apearence from the woods to steal anything remaining in the town carrying the head of Viola's son Troy. Barry troy's friend also appears to help out

11 They set up camp in the destroyed remnants of a forest. During there sleep they are attacked by an unknown enemy called Puplises. A Puplis is a prisoner of Lununan that has been brainwashed into slavery and with pure white eyes. no new units join in the chapter

12. Phoebe found survivors and started to escort them to a rescue ship. however hordes of Puplis are trying to attack the survivors and destroy the rescue ship. Defense chapter defend for 12 turns the ship has three squares in front and two on the sides for points where enemies can seize it. The sides of the ship have separate docks to holding areas. the reason is because of npc villagers that require to be escorted to the holding area that appear from burning villages. 6 in total and the 6th will join at end of chapter if alive. there name is Leia

13. Ebonia has fallen to Itzcoatl who is now a Puplis. Phoebe returns to castle town to head towards the castle and is attacked by Puplis. (New unit) joins after they get there family turned into Puplis there father is the boss

14. Phoebe makes it to the castle, however the doors are blocked off Arthon joins and leads them to a secret passage to get inside the castle, however bandits are inside the passage and attack the group

15. Made it to Ebonia throne room To face Itzcoatl again. after the battle Phoebe uses her claw to corrupt Itzcoatl's newfound purity to be able to cure him from being a Puplis (he still doesn't join) (also she attempted it on Leia's father but failed and killed him)

16. After Reclaiming the throne the king of Ebonia is missing and The kings biological daughter Edna takes over as queen in his absence prepared to take over the throne if he is found dead or never found at all. Phoebe's group heads to Floraline to seek help in the war when on the way stop at a town in northern Ebonia where Lununan forces are kidnapping children between the ages of 13 and 18. among the children is the shaman Frost. His friend Red pulls the group aside to help save the hostages

17. The group makes it to Floraline where Rouge Ebonian forces are trying to take over Floraline castle. Phoebe enraged heads towards the castle but is stopped by rouge forces led by Joanne the ex military chief of Ebonia that are holding the young dancer Love hostage for ransom from the king of Floraline Chandler

18. following the return of his daughter Chandler attacks the Ebonian army who invaded his castle, however he also attacks Phoebe and the group since he does not know they saved his daughter Allison. Chandler is recruited at end of chapter and is the boss allied Ebonian forces also appear representing the Rouge forces.

19. Niaka the leader of the Rouge forces Seizes the throne of Floraline castle while Phoebe is explaining to Chandler that they are not here to conquer. the chapter is a small map with Niaka on the Throne and only 4 deployment spots not counting Phoebe and Chandler who are forced. Chandler and Phoebe are locked in a gate around Niaka she is a Hero so Chandler has weapon triangle disadvantage the outside has two troubadours with physic staves on each side they can not be reached in turn 1 without dancing

20 Puplis swarm the outside of the castle once they leave it is a defense chapter for 14 turns

21 Itzcoatl 3 He Took over a town in Lunana and is agreeing to help the party if they can defeat his rebuilt army he joins at end(sage) along with Jillian a falcon knight

22 Lunanan castle town. The party is storming through horde of Puplis protecting the entrance to Lunana's castle

23 Lunanan underground prison. Holding area for prisoners to be turned into Puplis. Jessica and Phoebe manages to kill the escorts and escape chapter begins.

24 Lunanan throne room. fighting Jesse and the Lulunan royal knights

25 (endgame) Fightning Puplis Jesse he used LIght energy to become the ultimate Puplis one capable of free will and direct control over other all other Puplises

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phoebe is long blonde hair and blue eyes with her outfit being kinda similar to dark signer carly from yugioh 5ds. I suck at actually making sprites all I have is rough drawings that I will share later

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So my current avi is a basic idea on what I want Phoebe to look like using sacred stones sprites as a base


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I'll do a Monk character, name/stats/appearance pending. 

I can actually sprite-edit my own character if you want, just let me know.

EDIT: Might wanna do a bard, depending on whether there are any plot-relevant bards/dancers (mine won't be plot significant lol)

EDIT AGAIN: Okay I don't think we need multiple bard/dancer classes then, I'll think of something for the monk haha.

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