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I was fooling around with movement cheat codes and i seemed to have brought Wil back from the dead. his health bar is at 0 and he looks perfectly fine his sprite isnt glitchy but im kind of afraid that interacting with him will freeze the game since the game reads that he is dead. What should i do?


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In Lyn mode there is a scripted event where Erk attacks an archer  (might be a soldier im not 100% sure) but it uses the current Random # string for it so it is possible for Erk to crit the archer bringing him to 0 Hp but since it's a scripted event the archer doesn't leave the field and the battle starts with the archer at 0 Hp. Any attack will kill this particular archer without causing any glitches.


So if i had to guess, Wil will die if he is attacked and you probably don't need to worry about the game glitching. Try to heal him to see what happens.

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