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Pimp My Awakening


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So, I thought I'd try one of these out since I have a sudden hankering to go back to Awakening.

Basically, I'm going to run through Awakening, except you guys will make all the choices for me. Before I play each chapter, I'll add a new post the day before letting you guys know what has happened so far as well as the specifications for the upcoming chapter (like the amount of units allowed into battle). You guys will then be able to choose who goes into battle and which units pair up with each other, with the most popular suggestions being the ones I go with. Of course, I'm going to add some rules here:

  • The game will be set to Classic Hard mode
  • Robin will be female
  • I will do paralogues in my own time without input from the forums
  • In terms of supports, couples will be paired as soon as an S-Rank becomes available, so choose who pairs up carefully!

So, this is a little bigger and more ambitious than general PMUs or PMPs, but I hope we can have some fun with this. First, we're creating a character. For those who do not have the game, you can find a Robin customiser here: https://luminescentblade.github.io/RobinCustomizer/

Use that to vote on Robin's appearance. We also pick an Asset and Flaw from HP, Strength, Magic, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defense and Resistance. Robin cannot have the same Asset and Flaw. In terms of naming, everybody can submit one name and I'll pick one randomly.

So, the next 24 hours are now open to decide Robin's name, appearance, Asset and Flaw! If anyone has any advice for me on how to run these things (this is the first I've ever done), then feel free to let me know!

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Face 2, Hair 4, Colour 3. Go with the name Serene Dalilah. Asset: Defence Flaw: Resistance


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The cutoff point for voting on Robin's appearance and stats is today at 3 PM GMT (so in just under 7 hours). Hopefully we can get more people interested in this, since this'd be a lot more fun with more people!

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So, college is super busy right now, got a bunch of projects to catch up on, so I'm postponing this until next Sunday soon*. Good news is, that means there's more time for people to vote on Robin's name and appearance and stats.

*i.e. When I'm not up to my neck in college work. Could be as early as next month, or as late as June. Sorry. :(

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