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Greeting Everyone!


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Hello everyone!  I'm Michael other wise I go by my handle Skids.  Long time lurker first time poster here. Been a huge fan of Fire Emblem since Path of Radiance. Always meant to make an account but never got around to it.  With the new Fire emblem heroes having hopeful more social interaction with people online.  Though might as well get into the fire emblem community official.  About me I'm gamer and play too many games for own good. Also work at library so I well educated.  Other then that just friend person who likes standard anime, video games, transformer, and pop culture people like. So give me a buzz if ya want to play game or anything.

Since intros might aswell give fire emblem for myself.

Got into the franchise with Path of Radiance which I over played a lot.  I unlock Petrine for the and even borrow a friends game genie device to try some  fun play thoughs early on. then their was Radiant Dawn which was fun.   Until Awakening came out. Marth and Ike were my goto for Smash brother series. Had the down period after that until Awakening and fell super hard into the series.  Awakening was super fun for me. Did so much unlock for that game.  Plus if you were every at convention and saw Blue hair Skids my unit.  That was me. While awakening was going on.  Got into what merchandise I can find.  The keychains for my favorite Awakening characters, Tharja Statue, Lucina Figma Figure, and bother Awakening books. After that hit rough patch with Nintendo and Fire emblem.  Amiboo fiasco.  I got Best Buy Horror stories trying to get Lucina.  Somehow got lucky with Robin but their was wars with Lucina. stupid Best Buy.  Then my bad luck continue with Fire emblem Fates Special edition which nearly kill me with  that part of franchise from preorder hell which failed to get Special edition and more Best Buy horror stories.  It was until Black Friday which redeem nintnedo on that part franchise for me and Best buy(but still hold them very very accountable for past transgressions).  Then Heroes came out and I been enjoy it.  No problems and enjoy the new splash art for characters and playing legacy characters again.


So thank you for reading.  Don't know how often I'll post but hopeful when I post it be fun.

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