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So, what characters do you want to see?


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Personally speaking, I don't want a character so much as a character style. I have consistently found in hack and slash style games such as this one that I need to be fast, in terms of movement speed and attack speed, and capable of comboing easily. Sheik was my favorite character in Hyrule Warriors for that reason. As for specific characters I'd like to see, I'd love to see Lyn, and since Warriors is probably in mid-development by this point I'm pretty sure we will see them.

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These are extremely likely but:

Young Tiki








Black Knight







Up in the Air:









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Naturally I want my favorite characters to appear.
- Tharja
- Camilla
- Lucina
- Corrin (f)
- Lyn
- Eirika
- Tiki (either age)

I would also love to see these characters..
- Roy
- Ike
- Hector
- Florina
- Nephenee
- Lucia

Since so many character classes all act the same though, I'd ideally love if instead of character slots they had moveset slots..like, for example, a slot for Pegasus Knights where you level up the Pegasus Knight character type and then choose what is essentially a glorified costume for it..like, say, you could choose between Sheeda, Florina, and Hinoka amongst others, they would all share the same moveset and level, but they would have their own name, voice, qoutes, and special poses (taunts/victory/entrance/etc). I just think this would be the best way to get as many characters into the game as possible.

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Julian! I've been playing Shadow Dragon, and he's my favorite character thus far.


Also, give us some horse archers. Rath is the first one that comes to mind, but judging by which characters seem to have Cipher cards and what games they come from, Sedgar, Wolf, and Sue are also likely.


I'd love to see some Tellius characters, too!

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Ike and Elincia are my most wanted and I think they're very likely too because Ike is practically the most popular character period if that Heroes poll is anything to go by (most votes of any character when you combine his split), and Elincia is the lead female of Tellius when you take both games into account (Micaiah is only in one of them). IS considers her significant to the series too because they gave her Awakening DLC and she was the first non-lord to have that honor. Sakurai also gave her a Smash trophy, something not even Micaiah got.

And honestly, Ike is my favorite character period and Elincia is my favorite female by far. <3

Oh, also Frederick since we know Awakening characters are in there and he's one of the few characters who consistently appears in the story, plus he's in the Awakening DLC in Fates. :3

I would say Ryoma as well, but he's a given because we saw his sword in the trailer. :P

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One thing I would like to see, is maybe if you have some kind of Hyrule Warriors data associated with your My Nintendo account, Link would be added as a bonus character. He wouldn't have a role in the story, but would simply be an extra warrior for the free modes. 

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Well, we all know Chrom is included, and Marth, Corrin, Xander, and Ryoma seem like guarantees. For characters I'd like to see, in no specific order I'd go with...

  • Marth with Falchion. Very graceful, combo-based moveset.
  • Tiki (either young or adult) with a Dragonstone moveset focused on unleashing destrucive force indiscriminately.
  • Draug (DOGA) as the obligatory armored dude. Slow combos, but very good at keeping enemies away and interrupting their attacks. Good at choking points on the map.
  • Minerva as our wyvern rider. Good mobility and power, but somewhat slow attacks.
  • Gharnef as our villainous Dark Mage. Basically would play like Wizzro, except any map where he's an enemy automatically ends in failure because as we all know you can't win against Garnef.
  • Alm with a sword and bow, as a mixed-range fighter.
  • Celica, with a mix of assorted magic attacks.
  • Dagdar with a hammer, because why not? We could use a Thracia 776 rep and a hammer user.
  • Lyn with Sol Katti. Focused on quick attacks and surgical strikes.
  • Hector with Wolf Beil. AXE TIME!!
  • Jaffar with a Killing Edge. Very short range, but attacks very quickly.
  • Ike with Ragnell. Crude, strength-based attacks, but still surprisingly swift and good range with the wind strike thingy.
  • The Black Knight, with Alondite. Would probably play like an evil version of Draug, with a lot of guard-piercing attacks to represent Eclipse.
  • Micaiah, with light magic. Ranged spellcaster type.
  • Chrom with his version of Falchion. We've already seen him and some of his attacks. Very smashy.
  • Lucina with her version of Falchion. Somewhat of a mix between Marth and Chrom's styles, having some elegance in her combos but also smashing enemies with them.
  • Robin (male default, female alt) with Levin Sword and tomes. Somewhat bashy melee attacks since he's kind of a klutz, but more finess in magic-based ranged combos.
  • Virion with a bow. Not sure how he'd handle close-range combat, but he'll manage.
  • Cordelia with a lance. We gotta have a pegasus rider and I couldn't think of any others as popular as her. Plus she's nifty.
  • Corrin (female default, male alt) with Yato and Dragonstone. Could probably take some cues from Smash Bros and do that janky dragon fang stuff for long-range melee attacks.
  • Ryoma with Raijinto. Focused on "flowing" from one opponent to the next and hitting enemy captains with quick volleys of attacks before they can strike first.
  • Xander with Siegfried. Somewhat defensive moveset with a lot of "get away from me" attacks.
  • Kaze as our obligatory ninja. Attacks with shurikens and knives for a mix of ranged and close attacks. Very quick combos, but somewhat weak in power.
  • Sigurd with a moveset relying entirely on catching fire and running into enemies. Flora as an alt costume.

Man that's a big roster, but oh well. Also unrealistic, since we all know fucking Tharja is gonna sleaze her way into the roster somewhere, but we can always dream otherwise.

I know there's some games not present here (Binding Blade, Geneaology) but is there any real class/playstyle I left out?

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Well, the character I most want to see is Micaiah.

I would also like to play with most of the Lords and some characters I like (as Minerva, Julia, Lilina, etc).

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I know I'm lucky because I like the Lords/Royals of Awakening and Fates and they will be in FOR SURE (+ Tharja)!

Besides, I would personally like Lon'qu, Gregor, Frederick, Gaius, Cordelia or Henry. I love that guy. And Owain. He was a godly character in Awakening, stat-wise and personality-wise. Same for Severa and Íñigo, both very strong and funny characters

Donnel would be EPIC


For Fates, I would LOVE Arthur. But I don't think he stand a chance, such an injustice... Same for Rinkah, Charlotte, Beruka (overshadowed by Camilla). I think Niles and Oboro are the most solid contenders alongside Kaze/Saizo and Felicia/Jakob. Either way, I will be satisfied. Oh! A Kitsune or Wolf! They could be so unique! Personally, I would prefer Velouria (or her father if 2 gen isn't allowed). It fit better for me a big werewolf squashing an entire army than a little fox or A BUNNY


For the older games, I want Ike, Micaiah, Zelgius, Soren, Roy (and his poor father), Lilina, Lyn, Héctor, Matthew, Jaffar, Eirika, Ephraim, Joshua and some love for Jugdral pls

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I'd like to see Priam from awakening as well, he was one of my favorite units and I was pretty fond of his design. I know it'd be redundant with Ike in as well but maybe as a costume alt...

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Though I know that it probably won't happen (and neither do I expect it to), if I can own everybody with Abel as I did in SD I'd forgive a lot of the presumed roster exclusions.
And I'd want Draug as the Knight rep; considering the other options (easily wooed pinkhead, bald guy with eyebrows, bald guy with eyebrows two, straw feminist, glacier waif incarnate, and Beny), he makes the most sense.

Honestly, this feels too similar to the roster predictions thread.

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A pretty unlikely one, but Basilio. Who wouldn't want to play as the Fire Emblem version of Samuel L. Jackson? Axes and Bows seems like a fun combination too. Bonus points for actually having the starting class of Warrior.

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Mozu. I want her to be one of those characters that initially seem to be some weak joke character, but she ends up as a pretty decent character due to having a broken/OP moveset, musou attack or EX attack.

Outside of her, I'd like to see Shura. I think he could have an interesting role in the story, or, at the very least, he could have an interesting recruitment stage (or paralogue). Flora as well, but she will likely not be in the game at all in favor for either Felicia or Jakob.

I keep thinking the game will end up like Warriors Orochi, where the characters have the opportunity to play off each other, creating some very unlikely but awesome pairings; but it will probably be completely different from my dreams.


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Hmm, let's just make it favourites based on weapons (etc), huh? There are so many I'd love to see!

Sword : Any lord, really. And we probably know who's really likely for this. I'd be really happy for Lyn especially! Jaffar would be fun too. And Raven!
Axe : Hector all the way. No one deserves it more. Armads time.
Lance : Ephraim is a obvious choice, but for the less popular one : Nephenee! She's a fan favourite (I guess) from FE9/10 and a great representation for a unit which exclusively uses lances.
Tomes : Let's divide this into the types of magic, shall we? Light shall be Micaiah, Dark would be a well earned spot for Lyon (maybe even summoning?), the obvious answer for Fire is Arvis, Wind either Soren or Lewyn and Thunder... Robin probably? And Nino! Maybe Pent?
Bows : Takumi is veeery likely, but I would love to see Innes, for some reason haha. He's the cooler cocky archer. Or Shinon!
Mounted : While Xander is very likely, I would like to see Sigurd in this spot. If you reach a bit further, maybe Eliwood. 
Pegasus Knight : I can see Shiida here, but why not the stunning queen Elincia? <3
Wyvern Rider : I would love to see Haar or Jill! And as much as I'm not too fond of Camilla's popularity, she'd be an interesting pick thanks to her access to Magic
Villians : The unstoppable force - the Black Knight <3 And he also has a nice option for an alternate skin. And as I've already mentioned : Arvis and Lyon. 
Shape Shifters : Tiki is pretty much a given for manakete, as well as Corrin. Else... laguz! Maybe even one of each 'type'. Caineghis or Ranulf for beast laguz, Nasir or Kurthnaga for Dragon and Naesala or Tibarn for the birds. Even if I dislike Awakening, Panne sounds fun as well.

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For me Sacred Stones and Binding Blade would hold a good portion of my wanted characters

Roy - no doubt in my mind he'll make it in eventually.

Eirika -2nd favorite Lord but I have a hard time seeing her in the game. I feel her brother has the better shot since he's not a standard sword lord.

Wolt - favorite archer but id be happy if Rebecca made it in instead. Neimi is fine too

Lilina/ Lute - My mage choices.

Tana -  favorite pega rider.

Honorable mention: Lissa:

Love her too much to not want her playable.


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I do hope somebody at IS acknowledges that the western name for the Musou games is "Warriors", and they include one Warrior unit from the franchise as a nod to that. Probably Barst or Bartre, just because they're probably the most recognizable.

And I'm not just saying that because of my joke in the other thread. I think it'd be funny to see Bartre spinning like a top all over the battlefield.

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