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SRPG Studio Ending a Map


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So I am working on my own game in SRPG studio yet I have come across a big problem. That problem being that my maps won't end and I have no idea what to do. I have created ending events and auto events but they always are so messed up. With Auto Events they automatically occur the minute the map starts, while I cannot get ending events to trigger. Any suggestions?

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When you make an Auto Event, you can make it so that only executes under certain conditions, e.g. when a boss is dead, there are no enemies on the map, a certain number of turns have passed, etc.

When you select an Auto Event in Event Settings, there is a large white box under the list of events that you can click on to set conditions for the event to occur.  For example, if you want the event to occur at the end of the second Enemy Phase, first you would click on that white box under the event list to bring up the Event Settings menu.  On the Start and End tab, you would check the Enable Start and End box and select End of Enemy Phase from the drop-down menu.  You would also need to go into the Turn tab, check the Enable Turn box, change the Turn to 2, and change the Army to Enemy.

Good luck!  Can't wait to see your game!

And if you need any more help, feel free to check out the /r/SRPGStudio Discord server!  You'll probably find a lot more help there than you will here.


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