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Defining the Augury and her/his Rating Response into a Letter Ranking

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Hi everyone,

So I just got to Chapter 12x, and I believe this is the first chapter where you can use the "Augury" command in the "Preparations" screen. 

Anyways I am just wondering what "Letter Rankings" the various "Rating Responses" from the Augury translate into, and I am hoping someone could enlighten me.

I have only received two types of ratings:

"You're doing really well!" - for Overall, Survival, Funds, Power


"Keep up the good work." - for Tactics, Power, Exp

I am assuming "You're doing really well!" is equivalent to an A rank and "Keep up the good work." is equivalent to a B rank, but maybe someone else has a concrete answer that I can rely on instead of my assumption.

Thank you!

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Okay everyone so I am currently on Chapter 20A (Normal Mode) and all my ratings are "You're doing really well!" except for my Overall ranking which is "Wow! You're doing excellent!"

Not sure what that all means but I am aiming for a "S-Rank", so I am hoping that "You're doing really well!" means I currently have an "A-rank" in said categories.

I'll be sure to keep on updating :)

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9 hours ago, Paper Jam said:

According to https://serenesforest.net/binding-blade/miscellaneous/rankings/ if all of your individual rankings are A, your overall ranking will be either S (on Normal Mode) or Ss (on Hard Mode).

Yup! Thanks man! 

I'm actually referring to what the augury actually says though and what rank that translates to. That way players can track their progress somewhat :)

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Andddd I was able to beat the game! Normal mode and I got an S rank. Pic attached :)

Turns out an overall ranking from the augury of "Wow! You're doing excellent!" means you are on track for an S rank.

Just to reiterate every other ranking has to be "You're doing really well!" (which means you are on track for an A rank in that category) in order to get the "Wow! You're doing excellent!" overall ranking from the augury as aforementioned. 

Pretty pumped up because I just beat the game and it was an amazing journey. Woohoo time to play some Awakening and then maybe one day try out Binding Blade's Hard mode.

I hope this post helps someone out in the future :)

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.40.50 AM.png

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