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If two video games were to switch their soundtracks with one another, how much would it affect your enjoyment?


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Since I play with sound off when possible, I probably wouldn't notice.

Unless you put the soundtrack for Final Fantasy XIII into any game involving beating stuff up.  It would probably be an improvement (exception: Cavia).

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 Most video games I irrevocably associate with their own music. The only thing that comes to mind for me is... Gundam.. I actually love mecha, but I've always hated the main theme and most jingles associated with the Gundam series, and this extends to their video games. Many electronic, house, and industrial soundtrack games would be a huge upgrade - MDK2, Forza Horizon, or Descent would probably be my choice for a straight swap.

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Swap in Etrian Odyssey battle themes to any jRPG and it will be better! 

Zelda: BotW could use more music. I would probably switch it out for something thumping, like the Xenoblade 2 soundtrack but then again - all the battles in Xeno with the minimalistic Breath of the Wild themes... yikes. 

Oh, I know! I'd swap Dragon Quest's music with Pokemon's! Should be a good fit for both series. 

Anyway, music plays a huge role in setting the mood of a game, so I'm pretty sure that in most of the cases it would negatively impact my enjoyment. 

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