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Hey guys, I am currently doing a play-through of Conquest, on Lunatic.  And, I am trying to calculate the growth rates of my child units; without having the Fates class growth rates memorized.  I was just thinking it would be really helpful if there was a specific widget for the site's Fates growth rate page.   The widget is similar to the one found at site's Awakening growth rates page (where you can select a theoretical boon and bane for an avatar, and it will tell you the corresponding growth rates).  But instead of boon and bane it would be Fates' classes.  I think it would be really helpful if the site's Fates growth rates page would let us toggle, on and off, the full growth rates of a character with their default class's growth rates included.  PRETTY PLEASE :)

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Hiya! Thanks for the suggestion.

A while back, I was working on adapting the calculator from Awakening, but I ran into a couple of snags. Since I'm not really much of a programmer, I couldn't fix those problems myself.

Even though it's been a while, if anyone is familiar with javascript and wants to take a look at the code, please hit me up.

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