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[Lex Talionis] The Raymond Chronicles (Updated 12-23-2019)


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Version date: 12/23/2019

A Fire Emblem fangame by BBHood217
Characters created by MageKnight404 and LordGlenn
Lex Talionis engine by rainlash

Over the years, MageKnight404 has contributed interesting and entertaining stories and characters to the FE community with his romhacks.  This is my tribute to him and his creations.  Join Heather, Julie, Joshua, and many of MK404's original characters on an adventure full of exciting gameplay, little references, and a standard plot to save the world.

Screenshots (old):


- Runs on the Lex Talionis engine by rainlash, it is NOT a romhack.
- 12 chapters of good ol' FE gameplay with features like skills, AOE attacks, and a turnwheel.
- MK404's original characters from his romhacks (FE404, both Sacred Dawns, and Yuri's Side Story), plus one brand new character exclusive to this game.
- Map sprites and combat animations by the FE community, including MK404's works from his romhacks plus a few animations not featured until now.
- Branching promotions for some classes, and also promotions are automatic upon going past the level cap.
- Easily usable as a reference along with the Lion Throne and the Lex Talionis site's wiki to make your own FE games with this engine.

This fangame is complete, as in there's a defined beginning and ending.  More work could probably be done on it but after a year of working on this, I desire to try my hand at something else for a change.  Perhaps something original with my very own characters instead of someone else's.  Regardless, any feedback provided (whether to me or to rainlash, about this game or the engine it runs on) would be greatly welcome and appreciated.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/d04lqvmx6514k0p/The Raymond Chronicles.zip

Installation instructions:
- Download the game.
- Unzip the folder somewhere.
- Run the exe file and enjoy.

Yep, it's that simple.  The game is perfectly capable of running on its own, independent of the Lion Throne or any other Lex Talionis game.  With that being said, the version of the engine this game uses is and trying to run it with any other version (older or newer) is not recommended due to possible compatibility issues.

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I uh... certainly wasn't expecting to wake up to something like this at all today.

Well, first of all I'm flattered - I remember your LP of FE404 well and despite my near total detachment to it now, I still had some fun reading it. I can tell you still hold it and my other work in some reverent regard or you wouldn't have done this. I've seen you comment about using this engine for some time now and admit that I was curious to see your end product.

That said, as you could guess from my reaction, no, I was not told or asked about this in any way, including the use of my OCs without permission, which I'm quite sensitive about their use in other projects as I still work on building them on my down time. Heck, I wouldn't have minded their use in this at all if you had just asked permission first.

I've given you the benefit of the doubt and say that you meant no ill will, but the fact that you used my characters without asking me first has left me rather bitter about this work. Use a little more tact next time, okay?

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I considered this a possibility, but I still went through with all of it anyway; for that, I very much apologize.  My intentions are not at all malicious, I didn't tell you because I wanted to surprise you and everyone else.  None of this is hopefully considered theft; everything that's yours (characters, a few maps, and other things) is fully credited to you, and of course it's all free and non-profit.  I promise you, your characters here are not used in bad taste; I did my best to write them into a new story.  And if my interpretation of them is still disagreeable, that's fine; the romhacks they're from still exist.

Believe me when I say that I only have the utmost respect for you and your work, and this fangame is my way of thanking you for everything you've done for this community.

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I appreciate your honesty, but well-intentioned or not, theft is theft. I'd appreciate it more if you didn't do me dirty next time.

That said I'll consider it no harm, no foul; some communities have gotten away with much worse cases of theft. Plus, I'm in a good mood today and I don't feel it becoming of me to get flippant at something so innocuous. That'd just be rude. ' 3'

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Hey, I made an update.  It has some more features, a new map and a few new characters, and combat animations at long last.  And this time, MK404 is fully aware of this; in fact, he and LordGlenn helped out this time.  I'm probably done with this now and will probably try my hand at something else in the future (whenever that is), but any feedback would still be appreciated.  Go ahead, play this game, see how it works, and maybe you too can use rainlash's game engine to make your own FE game.

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