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Where in the World are you?


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Connecticutt :awesome:

I hope I spelled that right

One 'T' too many.

The Bay area is Awesome! Are there really that many homos though?

They're overrepresented in nightlife type stuff, and make themselves visible enough with relentless political activism that it's easy to forget the statistics if you're not familiar with the population here. There aren't actually too many, though the proportion is above most of the USA. "Gay" is still a big insult, and not just among teenagers.

I'd say that hippies, a lot of them age-withered, are more numerous and more influential, especially among young people and even in the ghetto. I went to school in Berkeley, but this is my impression from spending a lot of time with people from all over the East Bay.

Sin City, Nevada...

As long as you stay away from the strip, it's actually a pretty nice place ._.

That's about what I've heard. It must suck for everybody to assume that you live above a casino, though.

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Canada Fort Erie

Man how i hate this town. I hope we are able to leave this town during the summer although chances are that won't happen.

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