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What will be the role of the leaders of each nation?

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We have yet to see a reference to the facto leaders of the three main lands, i.e. the relatives of Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude.
This made me wonder: when war does break out, what will be their role in the story? Will there be a large enough time-skip that allows for the three house leaders to start governing their lands? Or will they be forced to fight each other under the orders of their superiors?

It should also be interesting to see how each of the rulers operate since we have different approaches to power: an empire, a kingdom and an alliance.

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If a war breaks out at all (and the scope of the conflict isn't smaller/one between nations), Faerghus might be up to no good, as we fight the Western Church located there. Of course, Adrestia is an empire and they're rarely portrayed too kindly in these kinds of games. 

Politics and family feuds could be fun in Leicester, so maybe Claude's parents are in danger. Not as much as Byleth's though. 

I can see all three of our lordlings having to defy their families at some point. "Class VII is our only family now, dad/mom!"

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Well they could go in a Jugdral/Tellius direction and make them part of an intricate plot of conspiracy, intrigue, and political deception.

Or they can go in an Awakening/Fates direction, and make them dating fodder for the avatar's harem.

I think u know which one I'm hoping for.   


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(for some reasons, i believe that the old man with the whip sword is Edelgard's father) The Church will ask the Empire to hand down the Crests, but the Emperor will refuse. The Church sentance the Empire for this. After being pressured for a long time and knowing that the Church has no intention to lift the penalities any time soon, the Emperor declare war against the Church. Despite the Empire power, they loose ground. Now pressed in a corner, the emperor will try a all for nothing, Edelgard will want to take part of the battle, but he'll order her to take the Crests and flee. During the battle he will die, but the objective of the battle wasn't to win, but to gain enough time to allow Edelgard to get to safety (perhaps with Jeralt band) with the Crests. This will strengthen Edelgard resolve that the Crests are to blame, and she will go in a crusade against the Church, starting by asking the Alliance for help.

Dmitri only living parent will be his mother. As a queen of the Holy Kingdom, she is a firm believer of the Church and will do anything to support it. She won't be very active most of the game, she will only blindly follow any command of the Church. Conflicted between his feelings and his responsability, Dmitri will work for the Church, but after an horror orchestred by his mother, he'll understand that the woman whom he loved and cherished is now gone, and decide to stand up against the Church.

For her ending there is two possibility.

After you finished the game, she will realise that her blind faith only bringed disaster, and will propose to step down of the throne, but Dmitri will refuse claming that he isn't ready for this responsability yet.


Near the end of the game, when you kill her, she will share a last moment with Dmitri, tell him how much the death of her husband affected her, how she regret to not have been here for him ... She will then give him their family Crest before entering the Final.

As a "neutral" nation, the Leicester Alliance can turn the tides of the war for one side or the other. Due to this, both side try to gain his support, but Claude's father refuse to help either sides, knowing that if one side turn on him, the other will likely win the war. Knowing that he won't help them, the Church will try to assassinate him and frame the Empire of comitting the crime to gain the support of the Alliance. You will somehow get wind of this, and you will rush at his side to avoid the murder, but it will already be too late. After the murder, his wife will take command of the Alliance despite some of the others rulers being against it. She decide to stay neutral despite the assassination. Knowing that after the war, they will be ennemy of the winning side and fear that their military power won't be enough to fight against it, some of the rulers will allies themselves with the Church and try to take over, but Claude's mother still has a good amount of support and it blow out into a civil war. It is at this moment that Claude start to grow as a leader, and after the civil war, he'll take command of the Alliance. Some of the rulling head manage to join the Holy Kingdom with their Crests. At the end of the game, Claude will officially became the leader of the Alliance.

(This was way longer than i though.)

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Guest Boatcat

I saw a theory on the classes board that might fit in here.

The theory was that the bearer of the crest became one of the black beasts, like in the trailer, which could explain the crests’ corrupting influence and a reason for the parents to be missing.

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