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My Earth Affinity walkthrough

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I'm thinking of doing a Earth Affinity walkthrough for quite sometime. Because Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga, Ena, and one of the 3 Heron's are mandatory on the Final Part of the game I'm not even going to bother mentioning them instead I'm going to list 9 of them since you can only bring 16 in the final chapter.

Here are my teams that I have in mind:










What do you guys think?

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That's a bit offset by the huge avoid stat most of your characters will be running because of the limited options. And even if you were to decide to let the characters that are forced into the last chapter to rot, you'd still have 2 of those forced characters. I don't recall if one of the herons is forced on you, but even that doesn't change the situation.

Something like a Dark, heaven, or light playthrough, even if you use the forced characters, would be a bit tougher.

Though this is an interesting endeavor all the same. You did, however, ask for my opinion and got it.

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If it were up to me, I would not choose them instead, but they're mandatory for the Final Part. <_<

Just because you have to bring them, doesn't mean you have to use them. I've done more than one game without ever using Sothe.

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Okay, now I looked through all the characters in the game. Sadly, there aren't anymore Earth affinity unit types other than the only ones that are listed up top. So, Killing off my character won't do good anyways. I need a total of 16 characters to participate in the part. 7 are mandatory which are Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Kurthnaga, Ena, and one of the 3 Heron's Rafiel(just for the hell of it). The 9 optional teams are consists of Earth affinity which I already listed up top. Which means, I just have enough units to do this run and I can't find any more units that have Earth anyways. So I guess that settles it.

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Could be fun. Raising up Fiona, who starts out as the worst unit in the entire game, is fun in and of it's own right. Volug is one of the better laguz. End-game joins are fun because you actually get to try and build up supports during End-game.

The Royal Knights maps will be a total bore, but such is life when it comes to theme runs.

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And Volug.

3 forced stats on Laguz units = win. Leveling him up purely through bonus XP gets him to end up with like a point shigh in defense with everything else maxed.

Well, yeah good point. Only use it to finish each level with it though. Fiona and Nolan need it more.

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Yeah, I'll give you that.

Having 4 units you're using from the DB, one of which is horribly difficult to raise up, might make things interesting for that group. You'll probably have to bounce paragon between Nolan and Fiona and Volug to get all three of them up to snuff.

Zihark should do fine, though, especially if you pick him up with the Griel Mercs.

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