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Should Shield Specials become a thing?


Shield Specials: Y/N  

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  1. 1. Should Shield Specials become a standard part of Smash Bros. movesets?

    • Yes
    • No

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When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first debuted, Inkling introduced us to the very first instance of a "Shield Special" in the series, used to refill the Inkling's ink meter. The refill ability is performed by holding shield, then pressing the special button, much like how you hold shield and press attack to grab (unless you use the grab shortcut button).

This brings up an interesting notion: Should Shield Specials become a part of every moveset? My original idea was that every fighter would get a counter move assigned to this spot, designed to answer attacks while being weak to grabs. But Inkling's unique use of the command makes me wonder if perhaps there are other good uses for Shield Specials as well. The most obvious being moves like Fox's Reflector and Ness's PSI Magnet that work like modified shields to begin with. Aside from counters and special shields, you could also assign, say, extra projectiles or transformation specials to this slot.

Just to be clear, I'm not expecting Shield Specials to be added in Smash Ultimate. That would be a drastic update for a game that's already been out for some time, and would cause a lot of chaos and controversy in the fandom. This is more a theoretical what-if for a potential future Smash, especially one designed to shake up the gameplay. Which yes, would still be controversial, but at least then we can get used to the differences from the start.

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I'd be fine with it. This could free up the Down Special of:

  • Every FE character not Robin
  • Bayonetta
  • Mr. G&W
  • Ness and Lucas
  • Wolf, Fox, Falco
  • Lucario (Greninja?- I forget)
  • Pit, Dark Pit
  • Little Mac

So, a lot of characters (and I'm prolly forgetting more). The extra Special could allow the clone characters here to diversify themselves a little more. A Urvan swing or Ragnell shockwave from Ike, compared to lance stab from Chrom?

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