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If you could add new costumes to existing characters

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If you were able to pick any costumes you want for existing FEW1 characters, what would you choose? 


Keep in mind, no gameplay changes allowed. Just because you add Legendary Ryoma from Heroes doesn't mean he'll get a Kinshi to ride.


My list:


Rowan and Lianna - Warrior King and Wise Queen

These costumes would age up Rowan and Lianna to their mid thirties, with new hair, voices, and garb. Rowan gets a beard.


Marth - Legendary Marth (Heroes)

Marth's Legendary costume with two variants - one with and one without the shield.


Chrom - Classic Lord

Taking a page out of Lucina's book, this original costume would impersonate a prior lord. In Chrom's case, he'd have his own spin on Ike's garb. Rough mercenary wear with a classic blue and red color scheme and a gold-trimmed silver shoulderguard. Chrom would keep his trademark white cape and add a white headband to match.


Ryoma - Legendary Ryoma (Heroes)


Owain - Odin


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I would have like to see Anna get her Trickster outfit from Awakening and her Outlaw outfit from Fates. Also, Celica getting Rigain overclass outfit. Maybe the Dread Fighter outfit on someone like Chrom or Owain would have been neat as well. Every other special outfit I like (like Azura's dark Songstress outfit) already made it to Warriors.

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Frederick - SUMMER. He is so hot (pun intended I guess? XD) in the summer getup Heroes gave him. I'd have loved to put it on him in Warriors too. ❤️

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Ignoring Heroes alts for the sake of originality...

Dread Fighter Owain, to go with Bride Lucina.

Hoshidan-garbed versions of the Nohrian royalty and vice-versa.

King Marth.

Awakening and Fates Anna.

Hot Springs Scramble Lucina and Owain. I'd say Summer Scramble Chrom, Cordelia, and Tharja, but... that'd probably be a little awkward.

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Chrom-Risen. King. Please. 



Marth-No pants 

azura-Nohr version of Diva 

olivia-Pegasus Knight armor (heroes, cipher, and awakening if you take that route use it)

I’d like dread fighter on robin since bride is repped, and I like to promote droning to dread fighter (it’s like grandmaster with Axes) 

But it’s male only so only male can use it ir give it to Chrom, but I really want risen king for Chrom. Lol 

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17 minutes ago, Light Strategist said:

I'm seeing people suggesting Owain having an alt of Odin but isn't his Swordmaster attire based on Fates' design for it?

It is based on the Fates Swordmaster, but it still looks nothing like Odin. It makes him look more like a stereotypical Otaku cosplayer, which is admittedly perfect for Owain.

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In my singleminded drive to keep Warriors discussion alive until we get our sequel, I almost made another thread on this. Only to remember I had probably done this before. If we ever get a Warriors 2 announced, then I can follow up thread on costumes we want to see for announced characters.


Plus, we've had Resplendent costumes in the time since this thread, making it relevant once again for many characters in Warriors - with more such costumes sure to come.


Definitely add Resplendent Chrom to my list. It fixes my main issue with his outfit (lack of weapon color synergy) and it's also just a great costume.


Resplendent Linde is also my favorite version of the character. 


Resplendent Marth is that basic but great sort of costume that would work well in Warriors. Though I still think Legendary Marth is his best iteration.

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