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Birthright Lunatic Ironman PMU

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Doing a birthright lunatic ironman! Requests for units? Need Parents and Kids. Never done an ironman before, so any tips for birthright lunatic in particular would be appreciated. I've done most fe games on their hardest difficulty, but never an ironman.

Rule 1. If giving a kid, give their parents. Refrain from just giving a parent. Giving the family would be nice. 
Rule 2. No paid dlc. But can use stuff like balistician, witch (mutually exclusive), paragon, exalt's brand.
Rule 3.  There are no mods on the games, so will be a vanilla run
Rule 4. Looking for around 18 units, which will probably be cycled through the run based on deaths and viability.
Rule 5. Avatar can be customized by anyone who comes first. You can decide appearance, name, Class, Bane and Boon, S-Support partner and gender.

suggestion: i've never married a gen 2 unit, and that could get more units into the fray, so feel free to use that!

Parent 1a: Great Knight! corrin(+spd, - def)
Parent 1b: master Ninja! Saizo
kid 1:         Noble! Kana

Parent 2a: Swordmaster! Setsuna
Parent 2b: Oni chieftain!Hinata
kid 2:           Sniper! Hisame

Parent 3a: Mechanist! Azama
Parent 3b: MasterNinja! Kagero
kid 3:          Priestess! Mitama

Parent 4a: Ballistician! Silas
Parent 4b: Great Knight! Rinkah
kid 4:           Hero! Sophie

Parent 5a: Master of Arms! Ryoma
Parent 5b: Merchant! Oboro
kid 5:           Spearmaster! Shiro

Parent 6a: Merchant! Mozu 
Parent 6b: Jakob (unspecified)
kid 6:           Dwyer (unspecified)

Parent 7a: Master of Arms! Subaki

Parent 7b: Unspecified! Azura
kid 7a:         FalcoKnight! Caeldori

kid7b:          Lodestar! Shigure

Unpaired or Unspecified:

unspecified! Azura

unspecified! Jakob

unspecified! Dwyer

Kids are also not paired if yall want to do that as well


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You can has Priestess Sakura. Who, by the way, fate has decreed Corrin marry (and by fate, I mean me). Also, your Corrin shall be Robust/Clumsy.

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Alright, War Master!Subaki to see how possible it is.

I'm leaving it to someone else to pick Caeldori's class and her mother.

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On 7/20/2020 at 6:41 PM, HeavenOnlyKnows said:

unspecified! Jakob

I didn't specify his class since I figured that you won't be using him in any way other than a relationship partner (same as Dwyer). However, if you really want me to pick a class for them I'll go Great Knight for Jakob and Master of Arms for Dwyer.

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