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Stoneborn Emblem: Fates

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...in which it was initially going to be called "Stoner Emblem," but that was too on-the-nose.

So, what exactly is this? Well, this is basically Conquest with one major difference: your army is a gang of Stoneborn! Using the power of Paragon by thane98, I cooked up this hack that turns almost every playable unit into the Stoneborn class.

However, what makes this interesting is that your army isn't just a bunch of typical Stoneborn...they assume variants that are compatible with player usage. That means they have class growths, learnable skills, weapon variety, promotions, and subclasses!

Note that this was tested for Hard mode and only partially tested for Lunatic mode. This was not at all made with Birthright and Revelation in mind.


1. Subclasses separated from the actual Stoneborn enemy class, so the enemy class itself is untouched.

2. A variety of rock weapons, such as personal rock weapons in place of Regalia, rocks that have different ranges and combat utility, and Gleam/Shining rock weapons for magic Stoneborn classes.

3. Color-coded field sprites so you can immediately tell subclasses apart (was also going to color-code in-battle textures, but this turned out be a larger undertaking than I was willing to even put up with, so I left it alone).

4. Enemies that may drop skills that the player may want but may not have access to.

5. Subclass variants with their own class bases, growths, and skill lines.

6. Units aggressively asserting dominance all throughout the game.

7. Anything I may be forgetting at the moment, and I probably am.

Special Notes/Known Issues:

1. Due to how the game handles Corrin during the prologue, they cannot start as a Stoneborn without causing issues. However, upon beginning Conquest, one of the first enemies that you fight will drop a Heart Seal along with their weapons.

2. Kaze and Velouria have proven themselves tirelessly troublesome. When Kaze rejoins after Chapter 11, he joins as a higher-leveled unit at the cost of the game seeing him as a different character from the prologue. To get around this, he needed to be forced into reverting back to how he was in the prologue at the cost of losing his levels. Velouria, for some reason, refuses to spawn during her paralogue despite her dialogue cutscene still playing with Keaton. As of right now, after racking my brain over it, I can't figure out why this happens. And quite frankly, I've gotten so annoyed at this that I can't be bothered to keep hacking away at it. So, no Velouria.

3. I can't quite figure out how to place items in cutscenes as of right now, so certain bosses will drop Corrin's upgraded Stone Yato at around the points they typically get it. Iago had to trade one of his staffs to make room for Corrin's final one, so they'd be guaranteed not to miss it. At least you have an opportunity to get it earlier than usual!

4. Some DLC items may not work or will be rendered incompatible, as the new rock weapons and items are borrowing their item slots. 

5. Units can pair-up but they cannot enter Attack Stance, as this is an attempt to keep the outranging attacks from being terribly overpowered. Pairing up was initially going to be disabled, but this surprisingly made the game much harder than it needed to be.

6. Azura is unchanged, as players may rather have a Songstress anyway.

7. Units still keep their original joining skills.

8. Units can still reclass into other classes with Friendship and Partner Seals. Not quite sure how to stop that, however.

9. Any other issues I'm forgetting at the moment, and I probably am.









And now, the download itself!

On 3DS, this is loaded like other typical Luma mods. On Citra, this can be placed in the game's Mods folder. Remember that the modded files need to be in the "romfs" subfolder. Since this hack reclasses units into typically unavailable classes, it may run the risk of getting you shadowbanned if connecting to Fates Internet. So in case you still care about that, don't connect to the Internet with it.


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