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Create a WoL sub-area


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If we ever got DLC sub-areas for WoL, what ones would you like to see? You can make one based off either the current Challenger Pack characters, your most wanted character, or just something purely original. Here’s mine I thought off for Byleth:

War-Torn Plains (Dark Realm)

In this sub-area presented as a Fire Emblem map, you are headed to capture a castle that is guarded by Spirits of characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The plains are in shambles, with broken trees and fire blocking the way. You start at the bottom, and the castle is right in front of you.

What’s unique about the sub-area is that you move on the blue tiles until you reach one next to a red tile. Pressing A while motionless on a blue tile ends your turn, and the enemy Spirits move. When a Spirit is on a red tile you’re next to, you can engage it. However, when an enemy Spirit engages you during their turn, you have no choice but to fight. If you’re next to a fire in either case, the floor becomes lava for that Spirit Battle.

A text bubble (blue for the player, red for the enemy) appears at the start of each turn.

-Petra (Lucina, Novice; Attack! - Fire Embem)
-Linhardt (Robin, Advanced; Tearing Through Heaven)
-Dedue (Ike, Ace; Eternal Bond)
-Ashe (Young Link, Novice; Paths That Will Never Cross)
-Lorenz (Marth, Novice; Duty (Ablaze))
-Death Knight (Richter, Ace; Against the Dark Knight)
-Flayn (Isabelle, Advanced; Lost in Thoughts All Alone (JP))

Captured Fighter: Byleth

Nearly every single Spirit you fight is a Spirit of Light. The students are on the plains guarding the way to the castle; the three House Leaders are the castle gates (guarding Byleth); Seteth and Flayn are within the gates; Rhea is in the reception hall; and Sothis is in the throne room. Death Knight, the only Dark Spirit, appears randomly; this is indicative of him being a neutral Spirit.

After beating Rhea, any Spirits you didn’t fight will suddenly appear in the reception hall and block your path to the throne room.

Music (Player Phase):
-Beyond Distant Skies - Roy's Departure (beginning)
-Preparing to Advance (after getting closer to Byleth and the House Leaders)
-Chasing Daybreak (after beating the House Leaders and rescuing Byleth)
-Victory is Near (after beating Rhea)

Music (Enemy Phase): Shadow Dragon Medley

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