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welcome to THE ASKR LEAGUE (oc)


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so i realized the other day i've got all eleven of meka's units at 5*40 and i thought to myself: self, you know what else has eleven guys? a soccer team. then i wondered how many artists in FEH have done at least eleven unique characters? the answer is ten.


i present to you the starting XI for every team in THE ASKR LEAGUE.


who do you tip to win? who has glaring flaws in the defense? who's playing entirely the wrong formation for the talent at their command? how completely and thoroughly fucked is Tobi FC?



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Izuka FC easily have the most balanced team as well as being only one of maybe three with a defence worth a damn. The selection of Luke at DM is surely an error and he's meant to be the number 10 playing off the big lump up forward. Four-four-fackin'-two, two big centre-halves, full-backs that actually run both ways, real steel in the middle, flying wingers, that's right proper Brexit football.

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while i'm a very heavy proponent of proper brexit football, the four four fackin two fails to capitalize on the sheer pace of the kris twins - sure, you could play theo walcott at right midfield, but what if theo walcott was good instead, and you had two of him? makes you think, man


then luke has nowhere to slot but at CDM, where he can use his enormous stamina to run forever and accomplish nothing

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As for the others:

Cuboon: With a total of one defensively-minded player and a keeper prone to going walkabout, this team is simply going to get the stuffing kicked out of them.

Kita: Entirely predictable with all their attacks coming down the right, crossing to ...the isolated small forward. That's not going to end well.

Maeshima: A solid backline with a complete powder-puff front three that's neither a goal threat or even much good at holding the ball. Will find themselves under siege for the full 90.

Mayo: Looks like a bunch of preening Carlos Kickaballs with not a one interested in playing for the team. Will disappear the moment things get tough.

Meka: A bunch of triers that are either undersized or simply lack the talent to succeed in the top leagues. The definition of a yo-yo club.

Penekor: Very one-dimensional midfield will struggle to link up with the forwards and I suspect will end up resorting to taking pot-shots from range. The keeper tends to go missing too.

Suekane: A solid team, probably the second most balanced overall, but rather lacking in real star power, except for the primadonna at right back who will dazzle but cost his team over the course of the season. Plenty of goals from mid-field, but vulnerable on the counter.

Tobi: Playing for penalties from kick-off.

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