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Dolphin - Trying to "fix" Florete to deal magic damage

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Hey all, I'm trying to get Mist's signature weapon Florete to do Mag damage instead of Physical. I'm using 1.01 of Radiant Dawn and the codes I have are for 1.00:

Florete : 04B60340 00C80009

Wind edge : 04B60200 00230008

Storm sword : 04B60250 00C80008

Tempest blade : 04B602A0 01F40008


Just wondering if anyone would be able to help convert some of these ranged "Magic" swords into actually doing Magic damage. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


P.s - I've been told that 00B603C3 00000009 is the correct code for 1.01 RD, Magic damage Florette, but whenever I load my save file with it enabled I get a pink screen and my game freezes. Any Ideas?

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