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  1. New game. would i have enough time before the timeskip to max out brigand and then another intermediate class for byleth, ingrid and dimitri? they all have e ranks in axes by chapter 5, and i'm already doing the milkan battle.
  2. I'm at chapter 5 of Blue Lions: Maddening. Byleth, Dimitri and Ingrid had their axe ranks neglected, while my other physical units were well on their way to becoming brigands. My logic with Dimitri was that his axe weakness would make that route hard, but thinking back it would have been really easy to just bring him up to d+. That I might have made a mistake with optimizing my units is giving me conniptions, and it is tempting me to tank 9 hours of progress to start over and do it right. Should I restart from the beginning to give all my physical units axe ranks, so they can get death blow from Brigand?
  3. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  4. ...Me and my big mouth, amirite? Sorry about that. And for keeping you waiting. When are you available for trade?
  5. Bro, I was talking about mine. Sure. I don't care for Arcanine that much, but it's good to have one just in case.
  6. Modest. I was making the Bulky Pivot set. However! I do have a perfect Bold Rotom; and with my friend's 6IVed Korean Ditto, breeding yours will be a snap. 3540 0008 2673 Just...Give me some time. I am also working on a Mold Breaker Drillbur.
  7. Though I concede it is a shitty game, I have a soft spot for Barbie Horse Adventure, if only because, as a kid, I played it more than I should have,
  8. Offering; 5IV Rotom. Looking for: Fuckin' anything, just get these Rotom off my hands.
  9. Achieved 90 in Battle Streak, only losing to Brightpowder. I feel your pain, Comet. Current Y Online Team: Volcarona, Dragonite, Rotom-W, Staraptor, Ferrothorn, M-Scizor. Quiver Dance Timid Volcarona has life orb, Dragon Dance Adamant Dragonite has Weakness Policy, Chocie Band on Reckless Jolly Staraptor, Impish Ferrothorn/Modest Rotom-Wash use Leftovers. For EVs, Volcarona, Dragonite, and Staraptor have the generic offensive spread. Mega Scizor has 64 Atk/252 HP/188 SpDef. Rotom wash has 56 SpAtk/220 Spd/232 HP. Ferrothorn uses 252 HP/48 Def/208 SpDef Any suggestions?
  10. I got a 6IVed Adamant HA Dratini. Happy days oh happy days Gonna use it for battle spot since Dragonite is one of the few Pokemon that uses Set Up moves well, in 3v3
  11. Here's one thing I love about megas; the ability roll means jack-shit, for every Mega that isn't Mawile. Sure, if the female is the one with the ability, the chance of having a different ability is lessened, but that chance is still there. So if you get a perfect SWARM Scyther? Who cares, Mega-Scizor gets Technician anyway.
  12. Tip; Dragon Dance is a must, since Charizard X is bar none the best offensive Dragon Dancer in the game. If you can't be arsed to breed DD into it, Swords Dance is a decent alternative. For parents, Gyarados is probably your best bet. It learns Dragon Dance earlier than most Dragon Egg Group Pokemon, IIRC. Outrage is optional; when all fairies are removed, Tough Claws and Dragon Dance-boosted Outrage will dent everything, even steel types. Go for Dragon Claw if you either can't be arsed to breed, or you don't want to give Mawile or Azumarill a free turn to set-up.
  13. Got a perfect Reckless Starly. It took me 3 Hours of Horde Hunting...Rendered worthless, once I saw a reasonable offer on the GTS, and a bit of breeding, but the raw power of Staraptor will be worth it.
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