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  1. Hey guys, long time no see! It's been a while since I post here. Speaking of merges and stuff, I drop by to show my Elibe army!
  2. DC isn't actually that necessary, at times it even saves any other unit of your team for being saved and not killed. For instance I prefer Saizo hitting Linus with Poison Strike and debuffs to make him get into brazen range faster and save Azura from being targetted. With no DC I even get 60 - 80k, granted without auto battling it. I'm currently at 3rd place and hope to stay there because I ran out of axes, I find the mode really fun despite being easy, if only the rewards were a bit better MVPs A unit that might be really awesome would be a maxed Chrom with double Brazen and Sealed Falchion or Masked Marth.
  3. Really? I'm really comfortable with just one team, swapping one or two units. Legendary Azura and Summer Ursula are mandatory for buff/debuff/guard/refresh, I currently also run Linus as mandatory because he deals most dmg with double brazen, special spiral and Aether, but he's just a special case. The other unit is swapped depending on the enemy, for this set I run Cecilia with Daggerbreaker against Saizo and Linde, B!Ike against Hector, Sharena (Sturdy Stance 4) against Arden, and it's been pretty easy.
  4. A bit late to the discussion, but regarding @Anacybele's comment about the game, it is a common feeling overall, it's just part of the ups and downs of playing games. It's also important to determine up to what point one wants to get, in other words, your target. For instance, I'd love to build an OP Micaiah because she's my favorite character but I'm not willing to do so due to the nature of the game, plus the abnormal amount of money I'd have to spend. I lived a similar scenario but I decided to just play for fun and receive what the game gives me, try to collect the characters I like and try to optimize them. Regarding other modes I just aim to get most (if not all the) presents, but I just sit comfortably between T18 and T20 on Arena, barely achieve the 7 win streak at AA, do one or two battles at Allegiance Battles just to get a decent score, reach 50k points on TT+ and so on. The only event I complete 100% is Forging Bonds because of feathers and merge projects. Other stuff I don't bother looking at is Abyssal content, because it requires time and effort I'm not willing to put to the game where I get rewards I don't consider necessary, but that's just me.
  5. @Sunwoo @Rezzy Yeah it'd be cool for them to be more accessible, but we know how developers move. If anything I'd be up for Claude demotion to +10 him anytime soon! 😎
  6. Well, neither Alm nor Celica were/have been demoted so why demote these ones? They're the most relevant characters past Byleth so I think it's fair to keep them exclusively as 5☆s. Had they added other characters per house would be another story.
  7. Isn't he the gift unit? He was the one on the banner/notification after all. I love the banner: Edelgard looks like the badass FE unit that you throw at a horde of enemies and kills them all, Dimitri looks ok but does his special hint a vindictive spirit? Claude is the one I'm going for, on this banner and on the game, his shadowy self has piqued my intetest, but more debuffs, and his debuff's gotta hurt crippling spd and def. And F!Byleth is 2stronk4me, basically a semi Nihil on breakers/fighters/guard skills and a unique special. Pretty good overall. I want them all!
  8. Ok Ursula is literally a goddess with her Ruse skill and Guard effect. I just managed to trivialize Rokkr siege with her. It's so dumb. First was Linde so I went Ursula, L!Azura, L!Lyn and Cecilia, spam rally ruse and corner Linde while trying to handle enemies, that way I halt their Special CD and free up the slot for a healer. Next one was Sue and it was ridiculously worse, she began on the desert map beside the tree tile, so Ike, Saber and Ursula just blocked her since turn 1 while spamming rally/ruse. Best of all was how Ursula rallies, azura dances and escapes while landing on tree tiles, Saber locks ursula's previous spot while getting 1 dmg and then ursula locks Saber's spot. Lol so cool. = EDIT = Man, Arden was pretty fun as well. Sturdy Stance 4, Renewal 3, CC 3 seal Sharena stood in a fort wrecked Arden while getting no dmg. Ursula spams rally and Rein beats the shit of Arden while runming away with Azura's dance.
  9. My god @Zeo that was beautiful how Matt destroyed everything. That's like true FE lol, jk. I cleared it with some 'underdogs', Klein (who's like +5 right now), Thea (+1), Ursula (summer) and Cecilia (+9). I just spammed Ursula's Rally/Ruse ability to cripple enemies and make the rest bomb them. It was fun ^^'
  10. M&C BHB was pretty easy to me. Got Eir, Rein, Linus and LAzura team up and deal with it. Eir one rounded Caeda with tactic dance and then Repositioned by Linus. Rein kills the lance cav and Marth, Linus kills the mage and the green archer and Eir kills the blue peg. With the orbs I pulled on the VG banner in hopes of getting Tibarn but nope, I got Lucina and a 5☆ Barst instead! Lucina is cool because I'll use her as Aether fodder and Barst is nice because I can just promote another one to begin some merges. The best Barst I have so far is neutral but before settling up with one I'll wait if he gets a refine update anytime soon.
  11. I'm currently getting bored of Heroes, idk, it's content is being kind of lack luster, repetitive and I feel doing the same all day every day. And this is not even bringing up how Arena Assault bothers me, and how I keep wasting orbs without getting focus units. I think the only thing that might make me keep up with the game is Brave Micaiah.
  12. Just as expected, Lyn and Hector have Legendary versions so Eliwood was next. Free pull and that's it for me!
  13. I'd be pretty mad if that ever happens. Alternately I think they might just create an extra branch of 5☆ pull rate, like Gen I 5☆, Gen II 5☆ and Focus 5☆ rates. Personally, I'd just prefer them to make a massive upgrade on Gen I 5☆s, improve their skills and give them a +5 BST to make them match newer 5☆s. On another note, I just got pity broken by Owain, making him my +3, which is cool because merges are fun but I wanted at least either Helbindi or Laegjarn for TT, because waiting for Ylgr will be lame.
  14. So I was just messing around with Dragonflowers and just found out that some new infantry units like Fallen!Delthea and Mordecai have a +5 limit cap for red flowers... huh?
  15. What about Rafiel? = EDIT = And add Duke Lekain as GHB for shits and giggles.
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