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  1. @Anacybele Conrad really loves you, so many presents. Congrats!
  2. @Anacybele congrats! Looks like a great week for you.
  3. Why? They can't quad and don't have effective damage. /Edit: ok one heron to heal and sing makes sense.
  4. Leanne is new? Wow, lucky. Also congrats to the further Elincia merges!
  5. @Anacybele Congrats! Merging her is still a great idea, wouldn't mind some on mine.
  6. After free Hector, I arrived to 12.5% on the mythic banner only to get an Alm-copy with my very last orbs. Congrats to those two! That fairy really has style. Woa, you did it again! Congrats, that's super-cool! Curious for her build and some themed clears. What's the spark system? The guaranteed pull after 40 summons? Congrats again! Tides change so fast, lucky!
  7. @XRay I agree with @LordFrigid here, Swift Sparrow might be better for your purposes. In general I like Fury (4, but also 3 works) for my Galeforcers in AR (even if that was not the question here), just to get into WoM range more reliably.
  8. I have +ATK on her, because she can can't attack with WTA. Fury + ATK/SPD Bond seal was enough for most doubles so far. Not needing Heavy or flashing blade helps.
  9. Had a free L!Hector yesterday, but no further luck in ~100 orbs so far. Yeah, Hectors C-skill is cool, but Edelgard attacks trice per turn without a dancer, which is really cool. Together with Lilith you could go the "kill 4, tank the rest" strat. No need for WoM or a dancer. Who do you have for Infantry? Velouria? Time's pulse on her is great.
  10. Hmm, why Hector? Edelgard is also great for Galeforce.
  11. As a fellow cheese lower, let me assure you that you'll appreciate +ATK Leif much more than you would have appreciated Mila. Congrats! Yay, congrats Landy!
  12. I was looking forward to try her out. A unit with double GF, not hindered by armor movement.
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