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  1. Between the Christmas banner and this reveal, I have to wonder if this game was having income issues. But hey, about time she made it in. Now here's hoping the rest of the Fates siblings make it in because I really want to see the chaos that the Legendary Little Sisters will bring!
  2. Congrats on getting through it! My Infernal clear relied on clearing out every last enemy while Ares baited Freyr for a turn. Once he's all alone, he's a lot easier to deal with.
  3. Did the translation come with the ROM? If so, then it's possible that the text within the translation overwrote somewhere it shouldn't have.
  4. I'm not worried about a traditional war. I am worried about what happens when the US puts its fingers in too many pies, then is forced to withdraw due to internal strife. I don't see an explicit anti-Western alliance. Rather, it's countries that see an opportunity and take it.
  5. So do I, though I really didn't mind Reverie. It was fun putting all those characters together for a nice brawl!
  6. The Trails support group, I guess. I like Crossbell but damn if they were done dirty by Erebonia.
  7. IIRC it's Kuro 2 that has everyone in an uproar, and who knows when that will be released. I'll definitely pick up Kuro just to see how the train wreck starts.
  8. You and me both. I'd need at least two units who can tank Freyr, because there's no way I'm ORKOing him. I'm considering the Savage Blow seal on Duo Leif if only to help secure KOs (Canto is really good on this map).
  9. Eh, alright. I'll get to Kuro when I get to Kuro, which is whenever it's released stateside. Probably when I'm 50.
  10. In terms of characters by routes it was C > Lloyd >> Rean (was there even any development here?)
  11. Right now, the US is embroiled in Ukraine and Israel's conflicts. Ukraine's opponent is Russia, while Israel's stated opponent is Hamas (I'm aware that this is most likely not the entire truth but this isn't the time and place to expand on it). Hamas IIRC is funded by Iran. My guess is that those opposed to the US will take advantage of the situation by stretching US military resources so thin that we can't be everywhere at once.
  12. While I think the US will be a huge factor in an upcoming world war, I don't think it's going to be because the US instigated it. I have my own theory as to how this happens, which has to do with how many pies the US has its fingers in.
  13. Have you rewritten any of the in-game text?
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