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  1. Prims, based on how Refa flips, do you think scum!me would have tried to justify/force a tie if Refa comes up town?>
  2. I also kinda just wanna add that this reminds me of Weak Watcher Survivor and how it actually sorta kinda worked for a while, and I can see Makaze thinking long and hard before dropping something of a claim. It's more a personal thing than anything else, but it's a fairly strong townread kinda post for me. Elie we want your scumreads not your townreads yea yea I know. I just wanna be heard. A couple of other things with a few minutes to go Why is SB looking townie? To page 22, I've seen a lot of regurgitation but not a lot of stance committment on other players. A little on Rapier but that's about it. Feels weird. Marth (Bluedoom but I don't wanna call him that) calling a Vig shot on me is fine, but this early in the game? It rubs me the wrong way. I'm totally fine with the Vig callout, but a D1 vig callout. No. Boron reads as more irritated at things/life/the game, and overall is coming off to me (SO FAR) as desperate to post for the sake of being seen posting. I'm getting mad bad vibes.
  3. oops I didn't even respond to prims there; SO FAR, my gut on BBM I feel like, was me more hanging onto how I used to have a grudge against BBM for posting things and being decidedly ignored whenever I said anything about him. I've re-read the thread up to P20 and I'm not seeing anything from BBM that is worth concern. If anything, I've reversed my gutread on him. I don't like it but I think I just wanna hold onto old frustrations because it's easy, and I know I can't do that.
  4. @BT. the point you make on Refa on Page 15 having some unnecessarily defeatist attitude is entirely sheepable. Call it meta but you pointing that out reads like Refa throwing his hands way into the air in a shrug, way higher than Refa normally would. This thing eats my posts when jumping pages and I just realized it. I'm dying here. Not sure I agree with this. I don't detect Makaze as "going against the grain" or death tunnelling thus far, since he seems to be pushing and prodding more for people to jump into his bandwagon with intent to talk about it, than just screaming for people to vote alongside of him. I tried very hard to meticulously read through the first 20 pages, and I'm leaning scum on Refa, mainly because of this post *(his big Page 18 post with reads and a Makaze vote). I dislike that he supports Makaze's BBM read but simultaneously votes for Makaze because... it's too much of a tunnel, and the justification for Rapier!Scum is all over the place. Calling out Rapier for not contributing, but also calling Rapier for being dismissive regarding Refa's attention towards him, isn't right. Rapier's openly pushing weapons (as Refa points out), and yet it's nothing? Feels like desperation to drop a vote that'll land. It's enough that even though there's 17 minutes left in phase, I'll drop a vote. @j00 I saw your question, and this is my answer to it thus far. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 25 pages while i'm trying to power skim an actual read in, I'm comfortable with this. ##Unvote ##Vote @Refa
  5. Frustratingly, i’d like to play but i am locked to limited reading and i simply cannot keep up with the gamestate/speed. I’m doing a speedskim right now
  6. ok I'm able to check in on the phase. I see it's really close to end though. I'm going to request a sub out because there's no way I can keep up with the game at its current rate. If it was half this, I could. I think the best I can do right now is remain on my mobile or a really weird remote-connection from my office until Phase End, and respond to any direct questions. I have absolutely no way of catching up on 20+ pages that I said I would be able to do but was not able to do without more time and I simply don't have that luxury right now.
  7. I just discovered that adjusting my primary monitor's contrast down by 40% makes it so I can actually read this without causing pain (I literally couldn't see the lines seperating cells in Excel, among many other things), this is crazy and i can't believe i just discovered this now after ~2 years. I was gonna cook eggs but i'm feeling inspired and i'm gonna stick around more before making food
  8. Good morning. I started reading the game when it was at 5 pages. Took my dog out for a walk, then dozed off when i got back in. It's been a long two weeks filled with moving and back pain. Feeling good today. IDK why my post lost the Makaze post that was talking about an SK but this one stuck so i'm just rolling with it. Makaze bringing up an SK this early and actually considering a read or more around it seems weird. Sounds like fear-mongering. I'm with Prims here; feels weird. Noting for later. I'm actually agreeing with Rapier here too. It piggybacks Prims' point about Makaze producing content that feels off/forced. I WAS NOT ACTUALLY TYPING BTW, I was just in here. See, I'm vibing BBM Mafia; something just feels off but I haven't ISO'd him because I'm waiting until the day is about 1/2 done before I start doing ISOs (also because I am lazy/tired and haven't set up the ISO script yet). I don't remember why this was multi-quoted but I'm not deleting it because I wanna come back to it and reference it later. ##Vote @Makaze I admittedly have not read pages 10/11 because this light-mode interface is murdering my eyes, but out of everything I've read thus far, Makaze feels more forced in what they're putting out. Casual Townread on Prims and Boron and Refa. Scum vibes on BBM. Rapier, I can't figure out, because if my old man memory serves correct, every read I've had on Rapier in my lifetime has been backwards and I'm not interested in trying to make sense of that later. Shinori being sarcastic reeks of town too; There's attitude sarcasm and there's complaining sarcasm; Shinori's exhibiting the latter, and I don't see that as scummy.
  9. Allow me to resolve this for you, with my ressy ressy man. Don't mind the B on support and the lack of summoner support. My daughter wanted to summoner-support Summer!Elise, and rearrange my supports so I'm sorta starting it over. Allow me to also add my Beruka and Caeda to the mix, respectively. I've got a Catria +9, Est +5 and an Elincia +2 that I'm still working on rounding out for my flier core but the fruits of my labor get a lot done in arena and rokkr!
  10. I hope I gave you a run for your money! That ranged team looks sick yo
  11. SHINING DUO! The first two, and the others released nearby (Sword of Hajya for Gamegear, or the Shining Force 3 / Book series) are staples. I'd recommend #1 and #2 always
  12. I saw it the other day. Hahn's moustache looks fan-fricken-tastic. Names being longer than 4 characters will take some getting used to tho
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