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  1. I haven't seen anything on an NA special edition yet sadly. I'll try to report on it when anything does crop up. Considering Europe is getting one. It'd be quite odd if we didn't. Thanks! I'll see haha, I don't frequent forums much nowadays so it kind of slips my mind.
  2. This is going to have massive ramifications for the 3DS Fire Emblems, and those on the Wii U Eshop. All that DLC is going to just be gone too.
  3. Who the heck are you? Some of you are probably asking. I haven't been on these forums for years, likely won't be sticking long here either, but I did want to touch base for a few minutes. As I have started covering the news for the new game already https://serenesforest.net/2022/02/09/fire-emblem-warriors-three-hopes-announced-releasing-24th-june-2022/ Much like Fire Emblem Warriors. I'll be the primary person covering the news on the main site and posting content related to it. I will likely also do a release date set of streams like I did for both the JP and English release of Fire Emblem Warriors nearly 5 years ago. I'll be covering any major or minor news to do with the game, so if ANY information comes out and I see it. I'll be putting it up. Also something I wanted to do with the original game, but I didn't find the time back then to do, would be to post more regular things after the game launches. Such as tips and tricks, little details about stats, some nuances with mechanics once we figure it all out etc. Just little fun things to keep people engaged. Maybe i'll do a few giveaways again like I did before. We'll have to wait and see how things look for me when the game launches.
  4. Sonic due to him having A. a very unimaginative moveset that only takes from Sonic 1/2/The Fighters & Adventure 1 and having a very boring playstyle ontop of it. All mods like Project M can and did fix this. B. Only one song remix along with all the vocal songs not even being their full versions and only having around 20 songs to begin with especially considering the very high caliber the franchise has in terms of song choice.
  5. Hajimari stuff so likely most of this will be in spoilers. Do not click unless you either do not care for spoilers or have gotten through AO and CS4
  6. https://www.siliconera.com/persona-5-scramble-was-originally-planned-as-persona-warriors/ So P5S started as a Warriors spinoff but became a P5 Sequel instead with Warriors like gameplay. Basically.
  7. Playing Ys Memories of Celceta, been HEAVILY enjoying it, while not quite as fun as Ys 8 and 9. I really enjoy the overall cast and everything about the game ontop of the gameplay. 8 and 9 have a few hiccups for me there (not many but still), so Celceta might be becoming my favorite Ys overall.
  8. PC ports are very good, they've added tons of content to each of them. Also the timeline order is generally. The 3 Sky games, then the 2 Crossbell games which happen roughly before and at the same time as the first 2 Cold Steel games, then the 2nd two Cold Steel games. Crossbell hasn't been officially localized yet, but there is a big patch in the works for Zero No Kiseki and it's sequel game Ao No Kiseki has a competent patch already. Not to mention that Falcom is porting/updating those two to PS4, with hints that they'll finally be localized. Then next is what is coming out in Japan, Hajimari which is basically both a continuation of Crossbell and Cold Steel and the general series all at the same time. Cold Steel 4 also hasn't been localized yet but we have a loyal fan and their transcription power so we can play along with that if people wish. People generally recommend you start with either Sky FC or CS1, but if you start with CS1 you'll probably want to backtrack, even if CS3 does introduce stuff that's new to the Erebonian cast but not to older players, it still is a lot of info to take in.
  9. As for a general schedule Tuesday's will be Nostalgic Tuesday (but this next one is a Byleth stream for Smash Ultimate). Which is basically any older game I feel like streaming I will. Thursdays are Backlog Thursdays where I pull anything from my massive Backlog to be played. Friday is Falcom Ball Z, which is purely a day for Falcom and Dragon Ball games. Any non scheduled streams will generally be whatever the heck I want them to be.
  10. Come join my streams sometime! I'm currently working on some backlog here this thursday With Ys Memories of Celceta
  11. My ideal FEW2 would star Darios and his story would start with him fighting out of the FE world equal of hell to redeem himself and his bloodline. After his escape he'd meet up with the Tellius, Three Houses and Jugdral casts, with the FEW1 characters being unlockables in History Mode but not in the main plot.
  12. Unfortunately the deployment slot thing is just a general issue with certain FE's, Blazing Sword Hector Hard Mode comes to mind with it's 7 to 8 deployment slots.
  13. I haven't but I'd recommend the PSP versions in that case.
  14. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Freedom Planet 2 Final Fantasy 7R (Part 1) Hajimari No Kiseki (Trails of the Beginning) Langrisser 1+2 Shin Sakura Wars Trials of Mana remake Streets of Rage 4
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