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  1. I hope those results were good enough to bring back Breath of Fire and Sengoku Basara.
  2. CRPGs (Croissant RPGs) Edit: Final Frenchtasy!
  3. Pretty sure that's been confirmed for a long while now. The game starts at some point following the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition, particularly those of Trespasser. The location has been confirmed to be Tevinter Imperium.
  4. In terms of new announcement, I consider Expedition 33 to be the game of the show, and it's even coming to Gamepass. Existing games wise, Dragon Age looks damn good, Metaphor looks better every time I see it, and I'm sure I'll have some fun with The First Descendant as a junkfood game.
  5. Honestly, there was nothing for me (that I didn't already know about). And I hate that Dark Souls has poisoned the modern action game climate so much. Now every single cool looking third person action game I see with big bosses (you know, the most generic thing), I have to ask myself if I'll even be able to play this, or if it'll just be more exclusionary trash.
  6. Essentially to boil it down, a half-decent NieR Automata clone has been made the center of attention because dwindling right wing content creators made up a fake controversy that people are so mad about this fanservice game (they weren't). And then the game got further controversy because the western release added slightly more fabric to some costumes, and removed a probably-unintentional ingame "Hard-R" reference. But like, it's not exactly unique. You can find plenty of censorship debates, including with Fire Emblem itself, and always based on fanservice.
  7. Someone hasn't been paying attention to the great Stellar Blade non-troversy of 2024.
  8. The answer is no, because Warriors didn't cross over enough.
  9. This is a non-issue that always says more about those complaining than it does about those doing the "censorship." The censored thing is never anything of substance. It isn't speech. It isn't philosophy. It isn't anything political - and indeed, a vocal minority of gamers loudly advocate for censorship of politics in games. No, gamers complain when vapid things are censored - namely, nudity.
  10. Alright, predictions time. I'm going to shotgun out 10 predictions. And since we just got one, none will be musous. 1. Devil May Cry VI - possibly as the mic drop final trailer. 2. Titan Quest 2 release date trailer. 3. New Tales of game, releasing next year. 4. Lord of the Rings PS2 hack and slash trilogy remaster/HD collection. 5. Megaman Star Force Legacy Collection 6. Star Wars Diablo-like (think Marvel Ultimate Alliance) 7. Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date trailer 8. Soul Calibur VII 9. Borderlands 4, but it's probably a long way off. 10. Marvel vs. Capcom returns
  11. Certainly a niche unpopular opinion, but I don't subscribe to the "Samurai Warriors is better than Dynasty Warriors" consensus. Hyper attacks make SW even more mindless and button mashy than DW. DW has far better overall character design. And DW has 3 (4) distinct, iconic factions. This matters because it makes the story easy to follow and gives you a team to root for. SW is made up of so many distinct factions, and most of them are literal-whos. The story only really cares about the Oda, Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa factions. The game has a massive Sanada bias. And you're probably only going to care about the Date clan if you're a Sengoku Basara fan.
  12. AFAIK, it isn't totally confirmed. I think the likely scenario is Story Mode - Create-A-Character OC, Free Mode - other characters.
  13. Maybe there is something good. The way I feel about Where Winds Meet is that if it has difficulty settings, it stands to be the AAA Wuxia game I've always wanted. (But if it's just more Soulslike/masocore guff, no thanks).
  14. With the Playstation State of Play today and SGF next week, it's time to talk about all the gaming news and predictions. What excited you from the State of Play, if anything? What do you expect to see next week? I for one am hyped for the high-effort Dynasty Warriors reboot.
  15. I look forward to playing Alpha Sapphire. I am a gen 3 guy. Always have been. Everything about it just clicks with me. I reckon I should get Moon out of the way first, and I also have a copy of Soul Silver to play.
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