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  1. About two months ago I was clocking in 200 pounds. I put in the work three weeks ago and now I'm at around 194. Just 9 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal and stop being overweight.
  2. Is there a reason why something that lasted that long suddenly fell out of favor? Was it simply just the passage of time?
  3. Oh yeah, looking like Dems made the right play Trump is scared. A President can't go on to be Vice President so yeah wouldn't happen. Is funny tho. All I know is that whoever her running mate is will be the whitest man to ever white.
  4. Do you one better: VP Jimmy Carter. Actually wait Nah he officially moved his residence from New York to Florida so that's what's gonna count for all the technical stuff. Doesn't matter if he isn't perceived as a Floridaian.
  5. Chiitan has my vote. Ohhh I didn't know that. That's.... interesting. I suppose it's to stop the electors from playing favorites (there are other laws in place for that too) but what if Florida overwhelmingly votes for Trump/Rubio in that scenario?
  6. Is Trump really seen as a Floridian tho? I know that's his registered address but he was a New Yorker for most of his life. Wheels on the bus go round and round. Yeah but it looks bad if one side can't even counter.
  7. It won't be to the extent of Biden's gaffes. The problem with that debate was that Trump was saying all these things and Biden couldn't even counter and his post-debate events didn't help. Even if Harris flubs here and there, she definitely would be able to fight back. And her post-debate events definitely have gotten more better received. Let's also consider that Biden's age was a significant concern. But now Dem voters have an option that isn't an ancient fossil. I know Electoral College and all but I think it's all coming back to bite Trump. He was actually gained new support and his cockiness led to him picking JD Vance instead of someone who could attract moderates like Rubio.
  8. Ok he's officially endorsed Harris. It does completely screw over Trump's plans however. His big advantage over Biden was that he talks circles around him. But now? Harris could easily blast him from orbit. Additionally, consider that Republicans actually wanted Biden to stay in. They didn't want him to leave the race. Now, why would you want your opponent to stay in the fight unless you're convinced that you can win? He did but Vietnam fucked him in the primaries. It doesn't but if he wins while in jail, we'd have a constitutional crisis on our hands because it's never happened before.
  9. A lot of people actually did want Biden to drop out. But like the key here is to maintain Harris. Do not do a fucking open convention. The upside now is that Trump's advantage is gone. He could talk circles around Biden. Harris or anyone else really would demolish him.
  10. He's out. Of the race specifically, he's still gonna finish his term. Ok but they have to go with Harris or else this was all for naught.
  11. That's the pedophile from Mushoko Tensei. They're in your dreams Ruben. In your dreams.
  12. He really shouldn't have missed... That's because Ireland is letting transphobia be Britain's thing. They don't want it.
  13. I can't believe it It's fucking real. They turned their April Fool's joke into a real thing.
  14. I'm remembering how addicting Xenoblade 3 is. Future Redeemed went smoother for me too now that i knew all the tricks. Xenoblade 2 combat rhythm still unmatched tho.
  15. It would be insanely funny if he does this today and takes the wind out of the sails of Trump's speech.
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