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  1. Ah. Yeah I guess it's a bit more souped up. But it's NSMB so it lost its luster after Wii. Apparently it runs like shit even on PS5.
  2. She was responsible Which one are you referring to? 2 or Wii?
  3. Finished New Super Mario Bros 2. Holds up fine. Coin gimmick is dopamine at first but i feel like the game doesn't really commit to it too much past the first two worlds. It's a 7, Wii is still better.
  4. First Best Buy, now Target... That's definitely it. And those spin-offs also sell too. Zelda's few tries with spin-offs generally did not take off, even if Tingle has a whole trilogy. Granted, we have the Hyrule Warriors but that's it's own tier.
  5. The animation here is exquisite. I can overlook the MCU-tier humor.
  6. Most of the Kirby spin-offs these days are free-to-play. Unrelated but one of the funniest things about the Michael Bay Transformers movies is that King Arthur teams up with a giant dragon Transformer to fight the Saxons. England still exists which means that Arthur had a giant dragon Transformer on his side and still lost.
  7. Also kickstarters aren't guaranteed *looks at Red Ash*. Free real estate for termites. Marx was honestly kinda a pushover compared to Maglor. I mean, one phase? Please. See I thought this was just multiplayer as the main gimmick. Didn't realize it actually was a Metroidvania. Thanks for the info on the other games. I would've parried this.
  8. Kirby Super Star Ultra review Kirby Super Star Ultra is pretty good. A unique approach with it's anthology-based structure and this allowed it to come up with some pretty creative modes in the form of Great Cave Offensive and Milky Way Wishes and both modes kinda make me wonder how a Kirby Metroidvania would work. There's some foundations here for that. Then there's Meta Knight's Revenge, which was an enjoyable high-speed mode. I actually came quite close to running out of time in some parts. Speaking of high-speed, Gourmet Race is a classic. I did play that one in the original and i feel it controls better here? Spring Breeze and Dyna Blade are fairly standard Kirby adventures. The former is just a remake of Kirby's Dream Land. So fun but nothing to write home about. Ultra did add some new modes, mainly Revenge of the King and Meta Knight Ultra. While Revenge of the King is a good "hard mode" version of Spring Breeze (and even introduced Masked Dedede, this whole time i was being gaslit to think that was a Triple Deluxe thing), Meta Knight Ultra is fun at first but it's just redoing the original modes (minus Gourmet Race and Great Cave) as Meta Knight. The only difference is you fight Galacta Knight at the end but honestly i would've preferred it if it was more original. As a whole, Super Star Ultra is very fun and i wouldn't mind if they did something like this again. Maybe now that the series has fully gone 3D, they could do a "3D Super Star" or something. 8/10
  9. There's always talk about how car-centralized American cities are and how to fix them. Boston, at least, got a redemption arc and Rochester We can do it guys. Who knows, maybe we can bring back Cincinnati to it's original glory Ok maybe that's asking for too much. The Boston redemption arc took 16 years and that's one of America's smaller cities tho, imagine doing this to uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Huston. They are apparently opening (or should have by now) a location in Toronto, which suggests shipping across Canada too.
  10. Uhhhhhh in like February I think. Edit: that might've been a Partner Showcase actually.
  11. These are the DS games i've installed so far. The DS Zelda games with the d-pad patch The DS Fire Emblem games with the full content/Eng patch because maybe playing them on real hardware will turn my opinion around Explorers of Sky to relive my childhood Super Star Ultra because i've never played it before (the whole thing as opposed to just parts of it) Portrait of Ruin cause i could use some Castlevania and it looked fun when @Saint Rubenio played it And then turns out there's a Rayman DSIware game you can get from hshop So is the cat supposed to be god or something, i thought it was a joke.
  12. Spring Breeze 🤝FE3 Book 1 Remakes with less content
  13. If i had a nickel for every SNES game that was the third installment of a series that began in the 90s and that SNES game included a remake of the first game, i'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, it's just weird it's happened twice. Kirby Super Star 🤝 Mystery of the Emblem. (For the record, I'm playing Ultra). The patch just makes it so that you can move with the d-pad. Touch controls aren't gone.
  14. Fellas, there is a d-pad patch of both Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. I've installed these roms on my 3DS so I can play them in native hardware. We are so back. Me when I play Xenogears Disc 2.
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