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  1. Doesn't help that their promoted class is very meh (I hate fists in this game and the classes it's given to) and their magic isn't all that impressive for Levin Sword. Using their personal skill with a high mobility class as good as they are is probably optimal. The extra 1 move is enough along with an another weapon type (Merrin with swords is salvaged by a usable Magic stat with Levin Sword) along with effective weaponry. Covert can be pretty neat, but it's incredibly situational and avoid tile quantity distribution for maps is way too random.
  2. Fake. No screenshots or any kind of proof. Just someone trying to get a reaction if not attention
  3. If Freya gets into top 8 then I hope at least she gets top 4 in VG. Couldn't care if either Edelgard shares focus as they give high SP fodder. Will spark Seiros if she doesn't win the VG. I need a AR-O mythic with merges and this might be a good chance
  4. Feel as though we should've had one of the units from the new banner be the boss, but alas. Easy final maps are good sometimes. Literally Alfonse as the featured unit in a Hero Battle setting 🤣
  5. Got good fodder for 100 orbs. Spent 20 orbs for Raphael because of his bow. 50 for Hero fest which got me Shinon (Deadeye + TP fodder), Katarina (guess Swift Sparrow fodder to prep for the tier 3 one unless she gets a resplendent, but even then red tomes don't have that good inheritable weapons), Gleipneirika (merge project if I ever get more copies), Adrift FemCorrin (300 SP rally wohoo) and Sayri (Close Call is insane OMG thank you so much). 30 to get Alfonse for his tome and a Tibarn (Sturdy Impact is still an insane skill 2 years later). Oh yeah. Also Kjelle lmao
  6. Ok. You can get B!Edelgard for free already. I know you picked her because you're still voting for the same character twice. Could people just cool off with Brave Hero picks. You had your chance with the free pick and spark. There's quite possibly a rerun of the banner coming up this year that's also sparkable Edelstans were bad enough, but Dimitri's creeping up with his Brave alt. Repeat of what I said last paragraph. People don't scroll enough, smh. Then again, duo Sigurd was really fucking low. Worst unit in top 8 right now is L!Edelgard. Her kit is yeah... Encapsulates armor problems and her per B skill is sort of nice for more Galeforce, but you'd rather use Brave Axe instead of Amyr at that point. Ironically though, if B!Dimitri cracks top 8 then half of the VG is blue. IS will probably implement countermeasures such as having the blues square off at the beginningof the VG, but we actually have a good chance of having a high rate up for blue if at least 2 units. 3 is the most positively realistic outcome. You have a defense mythic and 2 of the best Legendaries.
  7. Not a fan of Audhulma since Joshua is a bit too balanced, but it's better than simply boosting attack/speed like older refines.
  8. It was already incredibly niche on release. I think IS wanted B!Ike to be a Reinhardt counter or something, but people ended up using that skill for scoring only.
  9. Surprised everyone's saying Fortress Def/Res for Gun and not Fury 4. Slightly less Res, but more attack and speed. Might be fragile after first combat, but that speed and WoM strats help. Couple that with what Ice said about Chilling Seal upgrade.
  10. I think I'll get a copy of Al for a potential female Robin resplendent.
  11. I think he's around Marth's age which is 16 if not a bit younger. She's 13 (according to official sources) and they're in different age groups for their ages so kinda weird. If they were a little older then it'd be less awkward, but you'd still have her being under 18. Even if she was close to 18 (like 17 for example), the 3 year age gap is a divisive topic for many people because she's close in age despite being 18. Still, I'd rather we not ship them to avoid shitstorms. I'd like to think of it as just them being friends in this time of year. Learning from their other selves that they can indeed get along.
  12. I don't think they'll only have tier 4 skills. We might see premium skills as well like Dragon Wall and Time's Pulse. Might invest in Grima. She'll probably get Dragonscale or just Dragonskin II that's basically Dragonscale, but just gives her combat buffs, not debuffing the foe. As for the new skill. Maybe Dragon Wall since it'd be a pretty good skill on her
  13. Seems like the new inheritables have a Sol Lance effect. Wonder what the other effect it. If it's as good as the recent inheritables then bulky blue mages have access to something good for their builds for once. My only wish is that Veronica was red instead of blue cause of the great amount of bulky red mages that'd benefit from that weapon.
  14. Unless I get rewards for voting I think I'll skip out on voting. I don't know who to pick and feel as though it's not going to matter anyway. Hero Fest is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand you have Duo Ephraim (AR-O powerhouse and good fodder) and Shinon (Deadeye+Time's Pulse). On the other you have Sothis (we're getting 2 dark mythic heroes this month in green and she's not the best unit for defense in AR anyways, you can only fodder 1 premium skill from her) and Shamir (her skill set is way too premium that you can't even get more than one skill from her cause none of her skills are obtainable easily from a lower rank from any easily obtainable unit, if it were a push variant of atk/spd then it might be another story cause Petrine is here in GHB party)
  15. Henriette is voiced by Kyle's mom
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