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  1. Worry not, if he turns on FF10 I will kill him. After Fell Seal I decided to keep a hitman on retainer, just a phone-call away That was me with Blitzball lol. And bizarrely I had, like, actual football games - which I also loved and played the hell out of - but the watered-down version somehow also struck a chord with me.
  2. The one person on a forum in 2024 who wishes for less activity, Christ.
  3. mashing the mod action checkmark on the above posts until i can will it into a reddit upvote button
  4. Vale, Akira. God only knows how many creatives were touched and inspired by his works, how much media can in some way be traced back to him.
  5. feel so vindicated after forcing myself as a child to love ff3 for the ds because it was the first game on the first console i ever had that was concretely, distinctly, Mine
  6. knew it was a mistake to rely on minoan composite bowmen again
  7. The names are hyperlinks to the FEU pages. I'll edit the OP to make that more clear.
  8. Avoid using 'Rom Rebuild' if at all possible. You would only ever need to use it if your file exceeds 32,000 KB in size, and there is no reason your file should reach that. Directly importing music from many different GBA ROMS - as opposed to the more efficient method of importing tracks - is the only way you would ever come near that.
  9. The ROMhacking community has come a long way in the past few years, with extremely powerful new tools allowing for more numerous and more creative campaigns than ever. If you have had your fill of the vanilla Fire Emblems, if you tire of discussing hypothetical design concepts and wish to see them in practice, or if you just want a high-quality tactical experience made by and for series veterans, you should turn to custom campaigns. Here is a curated list of complete campaigns. Vision Quest is broadly agreed to be a strong starting point, but depending on your personal preferences, other hacks might especially appeal. The names hyperlink to their project pages, where you can see screenshots and find download links. But it is just the start. The Fangame Directory is the most exhaustive resource on hacks, both complete and incomplete. Playing incomplete hacks in particular allows you not only to stay ahead of the curve in development, but to help shape the hack as it's being built by providing critical feedback. Feel free to discuss general playing experiences below, or use the space to bring particular hacks to peoples' attention.
  10. Moved to the correct subforum. I would honestly say the emulator is more likely at-fault than the ROM, but if you want to try downloading another copy of the ROM, give it a shot. But no, there's no straightforward way to repair a ROM like a Steam install.
  11. Going back through the thread again and realising an old entry has had a significant update. I mean, the takeaway - do not play Age of Empires: Rise of Rome, or Age of Empires 1: Definitive Edition - remains intact. But there's now a way to play Age of Empires 1 without actually having to play Age of Empires 1. So when the Definitive Edition was announced, people had high hopes, but I think it was pretty clear that AoE1 DE was a tech demo for AoE2 DE, The Important One. DE1 had a lot of bumps in the road, DE2 significantly fewer. I don't think that is a coincidence, and I do think it was the right decision, insofar as one can tell without actually being in Microsoft studios. But a lot of people, realistically or not, had held out hopes for AoE1 in the AoE2 engine. Well, somehow, this actually happened. Return of Rome - along with adding the Romans to AoE2 - brought the whole package of 1 into the far sharper, far smoother, far superior AoE2 engine, and it's honestly a pretty seamless fit. They also made three brand-new campaigns in that engine. By the standards of new AoE2 campaigns, the Swindon-- sorry, the Akkadian campaign is... quite bad, but it still probably blows all of AoE1 vanilla out of the water. The others they added, a Roman campaign and, the third best-named figure of Antiquity, Pyrrhus of Epirus, were honestly quite good, and worth checking out. They're still, nontrivially, held back by... being Age of Empires 1 campaigns, in the AoE1 system, with AoE1 units. Faction balance is nonexistent and a lot of factions just don't have any natural unit compositions that feel good. I trained a lot of Improved Bowmen as Rome, for fuck's sake. A major thing dragging down the Swindon campaign is that the Sumerians are a genuinely awful civilisation; Pyrrhus' Macedonia, by contrast, just feels far better to use. That feels about where they're going to leave it, though they did also let users vote on some original campaigns to port over. For reasons that I genuinely cannot fathom, outside of 'it's the only campaign they were able to beat as kids' (understandably, because, again, the AoE1 campaigns were Fucking Terrible), the two they voted for were... the tutorial campaign, and... the Rise of Rome demo disc tutorial mini-campaign. They are complete nothings, but I beat them, got the achievements and got out. Anyway, AoE2 recently put out another expac, and it's back to, well, AoE2. My beloved Persians got a rework and a massive buff. But the Return of Rome was a curious little footnote, and if anyone did have some fond memories of AoE1, I think it's worth picking up and going through the old systems given new life.
  12. At least now you can uninstall and become the Man who Erased his Game. Extremely true. Though for whatever reason I was mainly an ArmorGames loyalist. Being reminded of all this made me check out an old site from my childhood, Orisinal... except, right, Flash is down. Alas.
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