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  1. It may be too soon after his Emblem alt but I'd like to see Corrupted Emblem Marth. If nothing else a second source of Potent would be appreciated... though that just makes it more likely he'll be on next year's fallen banner instead. While I'd love to see Fallen Veyle, I'm not going to get my hopes up. Instead I'll play it safe and assume we'll get complementary Heroes to last year, i.e. F!M!Byleth and Lloyd. ...and more Three Hopes Heroes because 3H bias.
  2. And another chapter down! Not much happened this time, but we still got some meaningful developments and confirmation that Yggdrasil and the Askran + Emblians' power are similar enough to work together. Neat! Also a bit of development from the Healing Hands. While Nidhoggr's line to Ratatoskr is a bit on the nose on the surface, the reveal earlier that she keeps trying to numb her emotions means it still says something about her regardless. Also their dad is getting involved. I assume he'll get teased next month and properly revealed with the midpoint trailer/ banner.
  3. Added to the OP, thank you as always, both of you!! (Also it only clicked when I saw your version that we'll get a trailer on the 14th. Neat! But also worrying because...) I sure hope not, happy saving for all of us! That's a fair assumption. I must say, back in 2017 I didn't think I'd ever want another Fates banner over something else, yet here we are.
  4. 0. I don't think any of Engage's Legendary/ Mythic Heroes are slated to appear this month? And even if they were they're all too new and powerful to be in HoF already. That said, Veyle's probably the most likely to show up in the next Engage HoF since she's "just" a supportive nuke compared to the tankiness of the others (I think L!F!Alear's starting to fall off though). Maybe we'll get a surprise Feh Channel instead? I'm honestly shocked those three in particular aren't in FEH yet, even as seasonals. I'd bet on premium banner unit Scarlet, demote Mozu and GHB Shura personally, though I also wouldn't be surprised if IS gave Mozu a somewhat premium kit and sent a guy out to die as the demote instead, like Kagetsu earlier.
  5. Formatted version by @Diovani Bressan and @DarkAlf: Formatted version by u/soulskourer: (Plain link version of the above: https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/1c15sct/formatted_calendar_042024052024_edition/) Estimate of Orbs for this month (274): https://www.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/1c199cy/estimate_of_upcoming_orbs_based_on_the_202404/ What do you think? Two NH Banners this month with the second being the annual Fallen Heroes one. I REALLY hope no one from Engage is on here, I literally can't afford to pull on anything right now since I'm also planning to pull on the HoF banner on the 22nd. And that's not even mentioning the midpoint banner coming next month with a "free" Mythic, IIRC.
  6. Thanks! I only have 2 Chroms IIRC, so I need to be careful about how I use him as well. I'll think it over some more. And thank you for your recommendations too @XRay!
  7. Apparently Gambit is better for her, so I figured I'd rely on Alarm for the Canto (she has Alarm Spd/Def, not Def/Res, my bad!) And as you say, I'm not planning on building any beasts anytime soon, so that makes it okay to spend her on Eirika? I hope?
  8. I don't even have E!Marth, so that's not a problem for me at the moment 😛 But thank you for the assessment! My L!Eirika already has good skills right now (Ruptured Sky, Flared Sparrow + Gambit 4) and I only have the one copy of Eitr so I don't want to put too many good skills on her at the moment. Are there any relatively cheap skills I could put on her? Snags and Ruses could be fun for general content for example, since both she and Eirika would have that one space of Canto to play around with. Thank you again!
  9. Thank you so much for this! So if I don't have any other beast units I'm building, it's okay to just put her Alarm Atk/Spd on Eirika? Or should I hold onto her regardless and let the latter keep Alarm Def/Res? Thanks again!
  10. I have a question about Eitr: Hand of Nothing: how valuable are her skills beyond Alarm Atk/Spd? I have a copy and I'd like to know if I should inherit Alarm Atk/Spd onto my L!Eirika (who has Alarm Spd/Def at the moment) or hold onto Arcane Nihility and Beast Sense 4. I only have her at +0 but remember seeing S!Freyja uses them well for example. Thanks in advance, everyone! P.S. I don't think Eitr can inherit any useful "general purpose" skills either because she's a Beast, can she? No Quarter is off the table, for instance.
  11. My bad, I overlooked that. But hey, that's still a great prediction!
  12. I don't fancy my chances of getting Emblem Marth outside of AHR so Potent is probably the better option for me here. I suppose a new Marth alt could come with it too, but outside of a potential fallen one I don't see that happening any time soon. Thank you very much for your feedback! I'll go for the first choices I posted earlier then, though I'll accept Prime 4 over Finish 4 if I get everything else I want. Thanks again!
  13. Hmm, true. I could also pair her with Gerik to get the full Prime effect even if she's isolated after Charging. Thank you very much! I currently have 4 Peonies to clone Prime and 4 Alcrysts to clone Finish, but as you say Finish seems to be the better skill for her so... I guess I'll just see if I'm lucky enough to get either one and go from there. What do you think about the rest of my build, does it (or the alternatives) look good? That's the one with Canto, isn't it? I'll keep an eye out, thanks again!
  14. He can still get a Duo alt if he's the backpack. With Emmeryn in front, for example. Duo Lyon showed IS isn't above putting the more popular character in the back if they need to (at long last). Granted Lyon completed the pattern of FE8 duo units that way, but it'd be weird to have Lissa and Frederick here without Chrom, so I think him being here is inevitable: we just need to see how. I think he's going to be the Grail unit too, which is a shame. I think it'd be nice for him to get a busted kit - or at least something good enough to be the 4* focus.
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