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  1. Makaze my general impression is that you haven't developed instincts for how the game is played yet, and made a lot of shaky assumptions or moves that go against basic mafia gameplay theory (especially I was confused when you voted Refa over Weapons despite saying you were sure Weapons was scum, but it benefited us in the end by mistake). I think what's most important is just to play more and review what does and doesn't work (both for you and for others), and be willing to work with other people as town a little more. I would also spend less time worrying about thirds until there's very certain evidence a third exists
  2. It was fun playing with everyone again. The game became very non-traditional after N1 set up the rest of the game to be a sweep, with town getting complacent as a result, but it made for a funny story in the end, and that's what's most important about social games you play with your friends anyway. Shout-out to all of BT/j00/Bluedoom for being essential in getting the D1 scum lynch going and Shinori essentially locking things down N1-D2. Also thanks to Dunn for subbing in for my slot and probably helping get BBM shot at the end (by using Insomniac of all things which made me proud). I was rough on the amount of posts but at the same time those posts were high on content, though I still think it's healthy for town to take a break and stop posting sometimes so others can catch up. Still, this game is a lot bigger of a commitment than it used to be. In the future I won't sign up unless I can be 100% sure there's nothing else I should be doing instead. I feel like it's better to just have 48 hour days now that the pace of the game moves much faster, and also because we're all older and don't want to be stuck in a mafia game for as long as an aside I feel like I used to be a better poster in these games and way more concise. what can you do I guess
  3. I mean I don't think trying to save your buddy is stupid lol picking that vs bussing is taking a calculated risk. I guess it might not be too likely here because it seems like Refa isn't coming back to crossvote and if they're scum then their buddies probably would know that? (Might indicate some degree of bussing, for whatever that's worth.)
  4. Elie slot voting between two wagons at deadline is like the most useful information we could get about his slot given prior circumstances LOL thanks
  5. Shinori not 100% town off Weapons scumflip because I think it's believable Shinori would vote his buddy for cred if things go south while praying they don't, but I would still lean town on him overall
  6. My final thoughts of the day based on current gamestate (so not taking into account the final voteswitches) are essentially: Refa scumflip -> Cam, Snike and to a lesser extent SB need immediate looking into. Might need to re-evaluate Percy depending. Makaze probably town forever, BT probably town, j00 could be a bus since she hopped off briefly but I feel good about her in general. Shinori kinda iffy. Refa townflip -> Weapons possibly scum, but not as confident as I would be on Refa following a Weapons townflip. What power Weapons claims to get will be interesting. BT worth a look because he never pushed much other than Refa. Would have to re-evaluate Marth. Rapier VT claim and "lynch Refa over me" not survivalist unless he had an experienced scum like BBM coaching him to do the WIFOM Weapons scumflip -> Similar to Refa townflip results. j00 being on Weapons at one point would be worth considering. Shinori and Percy town, Snike probably town, Boron townie forever. Makaze very bizarre in this scenario since he suspects Weapons over Refa, but might be wack town. Cam as potential busser? Weapons townflip -> lynch refa you dorks Tbh SB's posts are their town meta but there is a slight possibility they as scum hopped on an unlikely wagon to absolve themself of responsibility at day end I really want to lynch Refa
  7. If anything this backup variant is more believable for a game with VTs. Ordinary Universal Backup is far swingier Still doesn't seem likely to co-exist with Refa's claim and still think Refa's play and claim are scummier
  8. @Percivalé You were leaning toward Refa earlier in the day, did their recent posts change your mind?
  9. I expected to have a back-and-forth with you if you were town and for you to express some sort of frustration in response to me being cagey but it felt like you mostly ducked out. the reason I don't prioritize this over my Refa read because even though you seem off to me here and there I have to acknowledge the possibility this could come from town who thinks I am scum but also doesn't think they can push me.
  10. If I'm being 100% honest I also did it because I thought it would be funny, so you're not entirely wrong, but everything I say about my thought process / read on you and how the vote relates to it is true.
  11. I'm unsure what you're talking about because I haven't really retconned anything as far as I'm concerned. I was uncertain of you and your switched to me struck me as potentially suspicious so I switched votes to you even though I thought Refa was more likely to flip scum, and then I kept the vote on overnight as pressure because you hadn't really responded with much yet.
  12. Wait you get powers when certain roles die? I interpreted universal backup as just being "you get the role of the first PR to die"
  13. Makaze do you think this is s/s? Do you think we're in multiball or something?
  14. What do you think the odds are of Weapons being mafia actually are?
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