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  1. i enjoy the contrast of pivoting from paragraphs about FF8, a labyrinthine, occasionally incomprehensible JRPG to "railbound was fun :)" it's the full range of gaming experiences
  2. i was curious where you'd land on ff7 after thrashing ff6 pretty hard here and especially on discord but i'm glad to see it hold up from someone going into it relatively fresh beyond obvious cultural osmosis with how big of a part of gaming it's been. i always had a soft spot for that game but you have to wonder how much of it is just always liking it and stuff, y'know? but 27 years and sephiroth is still actually cool, huh? neat. those achievements sound fucking awful though lmao. emerald weapon was a big struggle when i was little
  3. my hand is still in a splint so no flavor Sidney to (15, 13), attacking Apellon with Montana
  4. 1) First: who is this nerd current: One of my better friends but you definitely rig in HaruFE. 2) I do part time school studying for economics and I wish the American college system was less ass and we would get with the times already. I actually intend on doing some sort of planning or analysis work in government but at the local and/or state level where I feel there's actually potential in doing something useful. 3) 1. I was really excited for Fates when it was announced because it felt like they might actually be capitalizing on making relevant choices that affect how you play the game but instead you just choose between Conquest/Birthright/Revelation and that's like the only really major gamechanging event. I think dynamic choices that affect the game in a big way are great, and not just one-off choices like picking the recruitment of 1 character or another. FE10 touches on this a bit with the ability to recruit the characters to different sides in part 3 and, to its credit, FE6 does this in an interesting way with the Illia/Sacea route split (the Lalum/Elphin one not so much because it's so short and basically doesn't impact the story at all and you can literally miss it existing), and FE7 has the start of something cool with the method for the Pale Flower of Darkness Jerme/Kenneth versions, but ultimately it's a lot of setup for just 1 different map, which is disappointing. FE8 also excels because I think the Ephraim and Eirika route differences are really fun, even if it is just a menu choice. 2. Bases are great. This is something I think was awesome about FE9 and 10 is going beyond just battle preparations or a world map and having a way to really go into the more detailed interactions between characters, and is one reason why I think Tellius makes for the best setting. FE12 sort of does this but there are way more with the Avatar than just interactions between the other characters. Similarly Fates sort of goes for it with My Castle but again this doesn't have nearly as much meaningful interaction. Echoes kind of did something similar with the character conversations in villages, but this is just with the lord- still, I think it's the best attempt at it since Tellius. 3. Multiple points of view. Lots of FE games have sort of touched on this. This is kinda related to routesplits/decision making but the best examples are not: namely being FE10 and Gaiden, in which you just go through entirely different parties as a part of the game, and I think that's awesome. The next closest is FE8 which I also praised above. Fates kinda does it at the start but just seeing different thirds of the game, and ultimately all of the sides end up Corrin-focused anyway, so it's not that different. FE7 also has a few different maps between Eliwood and Hector mode, which is nice but not super involved, and Lyn mode, which would be great if Lyn mode sucked less. Lastly, FE4 does put you with two different parties, but it's a bit different because of the time difference. Summary: Meaningful playthough-changing decisions, base conversations, and different perspectives. All of these are sort of present in Fates but they're underdeveloped or done in a less interesting fashion. Also of note, one thing I am really excited about is that from what little of Three Houses we've seen, all three of these things actually look like they're something that's being considered- hopefully in a deep way and not just skimming the surface. I really hope Three Houses is good and I think it has the potential to be super exciting. 4) I'll do a countdown for this. 5. The music. There's so much. It's great. 4. The stages. There are so many, and I didn't play much smash Wii U so some of them are pretty fresh to me, and being able to play on a bunch of different stages with friends is fun. 3. Online play. Of course. 3ds had this but everyone played smash Wii U more so after the first month it took active organizing to get 3ds games going with friends. 2. The newcomers and redesigns. No Isaac is super disappointing and if he was in this would probably be number one, but Simon and Richter look hype, as do Incineroar, Ridley, King K. Rool, and the prospect of Ganondorf not sucking. 1. SNAAAAAAKE 5) The latter two, I think. 1) Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision. They have the skill, and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill. -Muhammad Ali this doesn't really answer your question 2) Catch these hands in smash ultimate (not actually my hands they hurt right now). Also Three Houses. That's about it as far as near-future stuff. 3) I didn't really know you until relatively recently but you're super friendly and fun to talk with. Even if dueling Grimnir is destined for failure.
  5. 1) It's a gradual process but sometimes he definitely goes full "has science gone too far" mode with his weird picks and this is why I never believe him when he tells me something is good. 2) Cube Draft. Cube combines the best part of the Magic draft experience with more exciting power level than your usual draft set and a ton of customization to make for, imo, the best way to play Magic. Cube is one of the only places to play broken cards like Time Walk and Balance and even Chaos Orb (powered cube is the way to play) that just aren't available, and a well-designed cube has a lot of archetypes and has a lot of replayability. Proxies are cool with people in a lot of Cube environments too for cutting costs. Honorable mentions: Commander, the best format that is easily accessible to the most players; Legacy, the best competitive format that is really held back by being prohibitively expensive due to the reserve list; and Vintage, which is even more expensive and is extremely degenerate , and not actually a good format, but a format I enjoy for being dumb. 3) I said before that I started playing in 2006 just before the release of Time Spiral. In accordance with my color rankings also listed before (R>U>G>B>W), Red is my favorite standalone color, Izzet is my favorite guild, and Temur is my favorite 3 color faction. For combos Storm is a personal favorite. I think Mono Red Dragonstorm was the coolest standard deck ever. 1) First: You were a mafia person I almost never talked to before FAYZ and I think we became friendlier after that travesty Current: High up on the list of my better friends and someone I have a good time both talking and playing games with you 2) Caitlyn is clearly a much better pick, Vayne is obviously not meant for mid. Play her in her proper role, top lane (actually just please don't play her) 3) Assuming ignoring current teams and I get to pick anyone and they have to deal with it: PKlucas AD, me and you as either top or mid, breezy jungle, and I dunno conscript someone to autofill support, maybe Amy. I care more about having fun than outright winning so 4) Never. Sidney, being the captain, is taking over as main lord and this is now a pirate RP. Serious answer: I doubt we will be done with this map within the year. Really this turn is by far the easiest yet we just need people to post. But I would like to hope we are done before February. 5) When were younger the first time I came over to her house I was baffled with how many pillows Juliette owned. Her room was super neat (a trait that she has not continued) so it wasn't like they were out of place, and not throw pillows either, just a lot of huge pillows. Eventually it was explained she used to roll around a lot in her sleep so she had a guardrail thing and the bed against the wall, but with pillows on the side so she didn't hit the wall. Fortunately she's gotten calmed down on that.
  6. hello 1) Zoo Miami is nice and to my understanding very different from other US zoos if you're into that. Similarly the Miami Seaquarium is pretty cool and other than that, I dunno, go to the beach? That's why most people come 2) I'd say you 3) This is kind of hard because I tend to think more in phases than moments but the happiest would definitely be wedding Saturday and I honestly have no idea what to say for the other two. 4) first: who's this goon current: ur a good pal if sometimes a big zany for your own good
  7. Firstly I want to say that this is a good question With 7 people total logically this is probably a pretty small ship. Obviously I have to be the captain, and I feel like inviting Juliette is important but instead of first mate I'll have her be hospitality, since she's good at that. Instead for first mate I will pick Balcerzak, based almost entirely on a very old picture he posted where everyone said he looked super piratey, which sounds extremely qualified for me. For rowing/deckhands I'll pick a group of 3 that would rotate 2 at a time so nobody is overworked. I'll go with some big lads like Nightmare, SB, and Blitz (actually I only vaguely remember Blitz being big but if not he'll like pregame with other pirates to get them out of our way). Lastly I'll pick Tables for navigating because he's great at math. Even though he hasn't been on SF in forever.
  8. Never heard of them until now 17) I know a lot of people who like it and stuff but I don't really have interest in it at all. 18) This changes often. Let's go with March of the Black Queen. 19) I think I have seen a few episodes but I don't remember it much. I don't watch a lot of shows. 20) I know nothing about Berserk but I've heard of it a few times 21) agreed 22) I have no clue. Polar bears? 23) I haven't gotten around to it but I would like to see it. 24) I like R sounds, so let's go with R 25) ??? 26) I only watch basketball, and only sometimes. Bad description, uh, five tall guys jump around and try to throw balls in hoops, I guess. Thanks EDIT: I just saw Omega's question and will edit in a response
  9. 1) I signed up for Mafia Round 3 here. On the first night (n1), I rolled Godfather, and was immediately killed before being able to post after suggesting just one kill. Clearly this was a great experience so I signed up for more. 2) I like both the strategic and social aspects of the games. I dislike reading long posts (is my last post what people reading Eury's mafia posts feel like???) or long group chats. Backreading blows. 3) I'm not sure but step 1 would be to trashtalk the mods for giving me a godawful role 4) I usually use reinfleche or variations on most places. One exception would be I change my username for League of Legends frequently to something that amuses me at the time. 5) I'm doing some dogsitting around the holidays but other than that I'll probably just spend some time with family. 6) Winning All-Stars 1 was pretty slick. I feel like it was my best chance to show off my style of play successfully and I capitalized well on it. 7) Usually blue. 8) this is super abstract 9) I feel like this is a loaded question. I'll just say Juliette as the definitive one and leave the rest open ended... 10) I almost never remember my dreams.
  10. 1) I ask people this question because I love boss battles or other climactic encounters (bosses in FE are less like traditional game bosses, I would equate FE's boss equivalents more to big climactic chapters rather than one individual unit, but that's an aside). As such, a top 5 is actually pretty hard for me to narrow it down to. So, I've sort of done categories, headlined by my favorite in said category. 5. Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). If this series of battles was harder it would be higher, because Ganondorf does not do the damage to match the menacing atmosphere, music, and overall feel which this battle does masterfully. I enjoy Ganondorf's battle in The Wind Waker a lot too, but it's much shorter, so I'm giving Twilight Princess the edge. Of note: I haven't done the final battle in Breath of the Wild yet, so that could possibly overtake this as my favorite Zelda fight if it's good. Also, I don't think the other Zelda final bosses are really on this level. I guess my 3rd place would be Ganondorf/Ganon from Ocarina of Time: a good battle, but I think it's been beaten since. 4. Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII). Ah, the turn-based RPG endboss. This is a pretty encompassing category, so I'll just right to some I like: Vayne in FF12, Blue from Pokemon RBY/etc, Red from Pokemon GSC/etc, N and Ghetsis from Pokemon BW, Ouroborous from Bravely Default, Kefka from FF6 (with the disclaimer that this battle (much like this game!) is good while being overrated), and Giygas from Earthbound. 3. Duma's Altar (Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia). Going off of my earlier aside about maps rather than individual boss units having more of that "boss feeling", here are the endgame Fire Emblem maps I like. Duma's Altar is my favorite battle from my favorite game (spoilers for the next question) so I choose it to represent the category. Other ones I enjoy very much are FE9's Repatriation, FE6's The Neverending Dream (which is a far, far better map than either 24/the actual final chapter), Light from FE7 and all of Rebirth from FE10. Dishonorable mention to the ending maps of Fates that for some godforsaken reason don't let you save between the second to last map and this, which is honestly disgraceful for a game released in 2015. It was excusable in 6/7/8 which are way older and because it's basically just one enemy that matters left and you can do them in 1 turn or 2 with little to no effort (as I type this I don't actually remember if you can save after C24 in Fe6), but Fates puts quite a lot behind a no-save area. 2. Metal Gear REX vs Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots). The Metal Gear fights against the titular robots are always great. There's one in basically all the games. This one is my favorite because you get to use a Metal Gear vs another, which is totally awesome. Special mentions to MGS1's original Solid Snake vs Metal Gear REX, and Raiden vs RAY army in MGS2 (but this one is WAY better on harder difficulties), but really all of these are good. 1. Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots). As you correctly guessed, this is my favorite. This fight is really amazing. Solid Snake vs Liquid Snake from MGS1 doesn't quite make my list but this is an even better version of this fight that showcases sounds and themes from MGS1, 2, 3, and 4 in a truly epic final confrontation. Other honorable mentions go to MGS2's Raiden vs Solidus Snake, MGS3's Naked Snake vs The Boss, and MGRR's Raiden vs Senator Armstrong battles, in roughly that order. Not an honorable mention to The Phantom Pain, which is a good game, but I was somewhat disappointed it doesn't have a similar one on one, human vs human ending battle. 2) 15 > 9 > 10 > 11 > 13 > 7 > 8 > 4 > 5 > 14C > 6 > 14B > TRS > 12 > 14R. I will note I left out the remade games because their remakes are all better in basically every aspect (except for some things I will mention about 12). Echoes/Gaiden is my favorite. The original had next to no writing, the remake has a lot more of it but some of it goes off the rails, and neither of them have very exciting maps... but I like it anyway. It just has a lot of charm to me that doesn't necessarily have a logical explanation. It's quirky in ways I enjoy. The remake fixed a lot of issues with the cast and made them distinct without being gimmicky. Path of Radiance is what I would consider the actual best FE game. Pretty much everyone is usable because of BEXP, and while it has the same framework as your usual Fire Emblem story, the intricacies of the world and the engaging characters make it stand out in that front ahead of most of the rest for me. Introducing forging was a great move for the series, the base conversations really flesh out the world to make Tellius have a lot of dimension to it. Daein, for its initial appearance as a standard FE villain country, offers a lot of depth after that first glance with robust characters like Jill and Tauroneo and its surprising take on meritocracy, headlined by Ashnard himself managing to be quite interesting. If I have one criticism, the animations are really long even turned off. Radiant Dawn has a lot of interesting concepts, and while not all of them work, I really like a lot. I love the party splitting aspect and seeing so many different sides to the story, although the story goes downhill in part 4, it's pretty excellent before then in my opinion. It really feels like a natural progression from Path of Radiance in the aftermath of the recent Mad King's War. The continued themes with laguz and seeing yet another side to Daein are good storytelling, though blood pacts are not. Still, overall, it's a great sequel. Shadow Dragon is basically Fire Emblem at its core. While it could have more to it, I have it high up here mostly because of how replayable it is, and it introduced lots of quality of life things. Some of the unit balance is kind of whack but it's not as bad as some other games, and you have room to do goofy stuff with characters. The writing is good, but it would be nice to have more. Simple doesn't necessarily mean bad, and sometimes I just want some good old normal Fire Emblem, so I play Shadow Dragon. Also, I think Merciless without Warpskipping is the best difficulty level in the series. Awakening, of course, is rather controversial. It is certainly not without flaws- not every character is boring but there are a lot who are less interesting than the developed characters of past games (like yeah ok the people who don't say anything in the old games are ass but they don't have enough characterization as opposed to some characters who have dumb characterization), it's easy to trivialize, and the story definitely has some leaps in logic. But in spite of all that I think it ends up being a fun experience. A lot of your characters are possible to make busted but it's kinda fun to switch through different classes and work towards making a beastly unit as opposed to sometimes game just throw someone at you that's already built and extremely easy to abuse. Blazing Blade is another pretty basic Fire Emblem, but like Shadow Dragon I don't think that's bad. I wish more was done with the different routes, but I think the idea of three different lords is great, and I hope Three Houses does something awesome with it. It's basically fine with me on all fronts, and overall a solid game. Sacred Stones has a lot of similarities to Gaiden, but I like it a bit less. I don't really have any major problems with it, but it's a tad on the easy side, and now that a lot of games have world maps it doesn't stand out as much. Magvel is also pretty underdeveloped, but that's partly because it's basically the only isolated setting (Fates sort of suffers this too but that's its own fault when it has basically 3 games worth of storytelling) in the series. Genealogy has a great setting, but absolutely suffers from being outdated. I used to like this game a lot more but it feels like a chore to replay. The maps are fucking enormous to a huge detriment and I think unskippable map animations are way worse in this game than Path of Radiance (or Thracia, for that matter) because of the gigantic enemy squadrons. It's not without merit- this is the only FE game that does children characters well (I didn't like the children in Awakening all that much and they are truly atrocious in Fates), and the setting of Judgral is among my favorites in Fire Emblem. Thracia 776 is not a bad game, but one I think that is pretty overrated. It brings kind of a lot of things that are interesting but not actually fun in practice like fatigue (which either feels awful or is trivialized) and capture (there's potential but I think this adds a lot less than some other people do). A lot of the touted difficulty just feels like stuff that someone who has never played the game couldn't possibly prepare for, the biggest examples being Manster Escape sequence and the way some of the characters reappear after (Dadgar/Tanya are the worst offenders) and Xavier's absolutely insane recruitment. Still, the setting is great and it's decently fun once you get past all the nonsense. Conquest is a writing disaster. For me, that is not the biggest factor in a game and I can ignore a bad story if the gameplay is worth it. So on said gameplay side of things, some of the individual map designs are among the best in the series. If that was true for all of the maps I would have this game higher but it's inconsistent. Chapter 10 is an amazingly designed defense map, probably the best in the series, but then you get shit like Chapter 19 that makes you want to tear your hair out. In general the earlygame maps are sooo much better than the lategame maps that I find it somewhat hard to be motivated to play the ending parts of it at all. I actually used to rate this higher but as I was typing I realized the more I think about it the less I like Conquest, so I moved it down. Binding Blade, on the other hand, has actually been moving up my list as of recently. Don't get me wrong, it's not a favorite of mine, but I've come to appreciate some parts of it. There is some real dubious unit balance, especially on Hard mode, but some of the strong units like Rutger, Miledy (or however her name is now), and Perceval are a lot of fun to use but not overbearingly broken. And while a lot of maps are too drawn out in terms of size, there are some gems among them. In particular I think The Neverending Dream is among my favorite maps in any game, which I mentioned above. The story is basically an FE1 rehash that isn't much to write home about but as I said before story only matters so much to me. In summary: it's okay. About here is where I draw the line with enjoying the games. Those below I did not have much fun with. Birthright sits in the middle of the Fates games (game parts?) for me. The story is way better than Conquest/Revelation, but when the game came out I remember people being like "play Conquest for gameplay or Birthright for story", and Birthright's story is just ok. There are a lot of unexplained things like what the hell Ryoma was doing fucking around and being irresponsible for a while, and there is no satisfying answer to why he lied about being your real family which was one of the selling points of Birthright route... if they were just honest and said "go to Hoshido we're not assholes" I would've liked that better. The characters of fates are never very interesting, which I guess I will throw in here, but in most FE games I find myself not wanting to cut characters I care about. In Fates the issues with Awakening I feel are exemplified in how one dimensional characters are. Lastly, the gameplay in Birthright is really boring. TearRing Saga technically isn't FE but it's really close. That being said... I dunno, I just didn't like it much. I don't hate everything about it and some of the concepts are interesting but it's just kinda boring imo. It's been a while since I played it. I don't have much more to say about TRS. New Mystery is bad and I've ranted on it before, so time to do it again. I alluded to this in SB's interview too because we've both talked about our dislike for this game often but the engine improvements over FE3 were already there from FE11, and more than any of the other remakes the features added to this game actively annoy me. The Prologue is awful and the Avatar was not only an unnecessary addition that actively ruins some of the story of the original game but it also started a trend of putting the avatar into most subsequent FE games that thank god they didn't put in Echoes. I don't hate the concept of an Avatar and I actually kind of like Robin in Awakening, but there needs to be a specific place for them. This game was not it. On the topic of the avatar the unit balance in this game is an absolute travesty, again worsened by the remake. I really really do not like this game, but I've written a lot on this section, so go read SB's post on page 492 if you care to see more. Revelation is a travesty. I hate on New Mystery a lot because I think a lot of people give its bullshit a pass but even of people who like Fates I feel a lot of them are willing to see the issues in Revelation. Anankos is pretty dumb (and I don't consider DLC stuff that came out after acceptable justification for a bad character), and overall the writing is only a little better than Conquest's, if at all. Then we have the gameplay, and it just gets horrible. You basically have the royals as good units and everyone else sucks really bad, and every map feels like it has to have some stupid-ass gimmick that doesn't actually make the map more fun. This was the issue I had with the later half of Conquest but it's a problem for all of Revelation. Also, since I forgot to bring this up so far, I hate that the setting of Fates has no name. Some people might not think it's a big deal but for me it makes it really hard to get invested in anything. 3) For reference, the list guessed was the following: 1. The Dark Knight 2. Terminator 2: Judgement Day 3. The Prestige 4. The Predator 5. The Empire Strikes Back 6. Scarface 7. The Dark Knight Rises 8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 9. Space Jam 10. The Godfather. The following is my actual list: 1. The Dark Knight 2. The Prestige 3. Terminator 2: Judgement Day 4. The Predator Good job on the top 4, you got the order slightly wrong but they are a step above the rest for me in terms of preference. However from here your list starts to encounter problems. 5. Die Hard. I love Die Hard. This is a glaring omission from your list and honestly you should know better. 6. Blade Runner. I talk about this one a bit less than some of the others but I think this is Harrison Ford's best role and Rick Deckard is a very deep, interesting, and morally complex character even more so than Han Solo. Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty is also amazing. 7. Blade Runner 2049. By far the closest two sequels in terms of movie for me, especially considering the time difference in making them, the Blade Runners are a near tie for me. Also this easily should've won Best Picture last year. 8. Rocky IV. This is also a bad miss, considering we just saw Creed II together. The original Rocky is a better made film but I have a soft spot for this one. 9. Scarface. This one is right, I do enjoy Scarface very much. 10. Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). An understandable miss since I don't think you've seen this. 11. The Empire Strikes Back. I will credit you for this because of the borderline tie I have in opinion between the Blade Runners. I enjoy the other 4 you guessed (I was back and forth on Space Jam on this list in particular) but they're not quite top 10 list material for me personally. Points for not guessing Terminator 1, which I thought might bait you- it's certainly top 20 or so for me still but I thought you might fall for it in the top 10 because I used to like it more than Terminator 2. Well, I spent a lot of time on those. I guess it goes to show how I feel about these subjects, especially the first two that I love asking, also especially the first which I realized you didn't actually ask me to explain upon rereading, but I had already gone too far to back down from. And I guess the time spent on the third was just to show you up. I guess I'll get to Kim's soon.
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know it's a Bob Dylan song but I immediately after thought of this inspirational Iron Sheik tweet. It does feel kind of like a milestone. I never would've guessed I'd stick around for so long if I was asked back then and that I'd still talk with or be friends with a lot of the people even from back then. Juliette's questions are long, which I'm sure was intentional. Will answer them next.
  12. 1) Probably I'm just not as active as I used to be on the site itself. 2) Of stuff actually related to SF, it helped me branch out in terms of making friends and being more sociable. Granted, I'm still not that social and I'm not big on parties or concerts or anything, but I'd say I developed as a person a good amount by having a different platform to speak with others on. 3) Probably not 4) Spiders are cool. 5) https://twitter.com/the_ironsheik/status/1045650261388201984
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