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  1. jeralt is antonin scalia, i will not be taking questions at this time
  2. Hi! Unfortunately we're full up for this game, but I'm hoping this won't be the last one - stay tuned for future developments!
  3. Setup has been finalized. 1x Mafia Jailkeeper 1x Mafia Rolecop 2x Mafia Goon 1x Town Tracker 1x Town Doctor 1x Town Vigilante 10x Vanilla Town Still need MU accounts from @Mackc2 and @WeaponsofMassConstruction. Everyone else I've tracked down. SmartBomb's going to be hosting the game, either he or I'll provide a link to the thread when it's up. The subforum we'll be playing on is here, but it's currently empty.
  4. And we're full! If you'd like to /replace, feel free to hop on the sub list - I'd be surprised if we wind up not needing any, heh.
  5. Since we're closing in on it, I'm gonna go ahead and say that I'll be hard capping the playerlist at 17. Please make an MU account ASAP and lemme know what the username is (unless you know I'm already aware of your MU account's existence, in which case feel free to blissfully ignore this).
  6. Tentative start date is Monday the 17th, with 8 PM EDT phase ends. These times are flexible - please contact me if they don't work for you (Discord probably faster than forum lol). e: Tentative phase lengths are 72/24 d1, 48/24 other days.
  7. Quick addendums: Phase lengths will probably be 72/24, but are negotiable based on what other people wanna play. If we wind up running the game on MU, we can have the automated bot host, which would allow me to play, which is one less person we have to wrangle in. So that's neat.
  8. Greetings, gamers. Reborn's least trusted citizen here. As most of you have probably noticed, this subforum is, uh, not very active anymore. And I'm sad about it. I didn't really start trying to integrate into the actual SF Mafia community until after it's glory days, but I still greatly enjoyed the playstyles and personalities of the community and am sad to see it in its current state. That said: does it have to be dead? No. I don't think so. I would like to run a mafia game. Now, the elephant in the room that ISN'T "is anyone still alive" is "wow, SF's forum software sure is hot fucking garbage, huh?" As such, I'd like to run this game offsite, on Mafia Universe. MU is a dedicated Mafia website on which Makaze and I are both administrators; the skeleton is vbulletin, but Mak wrote most of the meat of the site from the ground-up, and it's basically the best place to play mafia on the 'net from a pure technology standpoint. This would be an invitational game, meaning there'd be no queue, no random goons joining, just "whenever we have enough people, we slap a thread down and go." I could even set up a private subforum so it's like SF has its own little section of the site. I think this would be preferable to necessarily running the game here - though if others disagree, I'm willing to reverse course on that and just slap it down here anyways. So tl;dr: - lets play mafia - lets do it on MU if people want to, or here if they don't - lets start whenever we have enough people I'll call minimum playercount 9. Setup TBD but probably largely vanilla with one or two PRs. Let's see if we can restart this place's pulse. Edit: Updated Game Information Start date: Monday, August 17th Phase lengths: 72/48 Day 1; 48/24 all other days Game start/phase end: 8 PM EDT Setup: 1x Mafia Jailkeeper 1x Mafia Rolecop 2x Mafia Goon 1x Town Tracker 1x Town Doctor 1x Town Vigilante 10x Vanilla Town Vague List of the Semi-Intrigued: 1. Ampharos 2. Dunn 3. Bartozio 4. Marth 5. Mackc2 6. Athena_57 7. supa 8. Makaze 9. Shinori 10. YOLOSWAG 11. Claire 12. fairyjigglypuff 13. woopons 14. Paperblade 15. ariadne 16. Fenrir 17. SullyMcGully
  9. Well, it looks like @Magnificence Incarnate is the one with the votes. shrug idk i just work here
  10. It's time to send the annual sacrifice to Mafia Universe (though I should note that I had a blast last year!) Deadline to pick someone is April 26th. Setup is this: who we wanna send
  11. no, fuck, athena's right well damn i wish you hadn't told me that, there goes my sense of urgency
  12. it's a 72 hour d1 has it not been 3 days i will admit i've been off work for a few days so my timescale is fucked rn
  13. I've been having trouble getting my hooks into this game and I'm not sure why. 2 hours from deadline seems like a fine enough time to try to correct that. Lemme figure out what's going on here.
  14. Could always go with Amy. Talk to me a bit about why Bart "makes you go :thinking:"
  15. In my defense I've been off work for a few days and my friends were playing. I'm also a cheapskate so I'm just running a blood elf mage to 20 on the free version and then I'll figure out if I wanna continue from there.
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