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  2. Town just sorta confirmed themselves with unfortunate circumstances for scum. I don't think Fenrir would've been as easily lynched if he responded but we all just piled onto your case on him, and when it came to Claire she got sandwiched between an awkward interaction early on that made her prime suspect. Town played well but I wouldn't say amazing from anyone in particular just sort of above the grade as a whole
  3. We did it..? I'm not thrilled by this win but win is a win I guess
  4. Vanilla townie Your move boss
  5. I wouldn't be against it honestly, we're so far ahead that working down to PoE and sorting things through Night Actions would just make it easier
  6. Hal is pretty much clear in my eyes, the early half of the wagon seems decently pure. I know for a fact I'm town so like..I'm at the point where I again kinda wanna vote Fleet lmao FUCK why did this game have to be easy
  7. I've got my own tinfoils, think I've mentioned them but without repeating myself I don't wanna play hardball yet. Just you wait though, if Mitsuru is town I've got a lot to talk about And if she's scum then lol I'll vote Fleet again or something zzzz
  8. If Mitsuru isn't scum then maybe this game won't bore me as much, not trying to sound egotistic but I love to be wrong about things like this because I haven't had anything to really get invested in, and being right is only a fraction of my enjoyment Vote: Mitsuru Kirijo
  9. Shinori? He hasn't been pinging me as much as the others, but I do agree with Marth being a bit strange.
  10. If you don't think it's fleet who do you think it is?
  11. Uhhh you don't like me 'analyzing' the wagon but then essentially say that you agree with my idea but not how I brung it up? Like..that makes no sense. You think there's a busser just like I did and I thought it'd be a good talking point, and I came to the conclusion that Fleet was a decent candidate given the risk of the people, do you disagree with this?
  12. When it comes to Fleet I think he's just awkward and worth pushing. Nothing far too developed but I sort of get where Refa is coming from in terms 'this is the kinda push I'd make if I were scum.' He's not as polarizing as Mitsuru but also not as out there as Athena, which still retains some doubt from me. I actually had it in my own personal notes that maybe this game wasn't as easy as I thought it would be and there's some sort of surprise scummate nobody has latched onto. I also still don't care for Marth and it's clear he skimmed or frankly doesn't care enough in the first place but maybe other people can tell me what's more likely
  13. This is blatantly untrue, but unfortunately you're deciding to replace out so I'm speaking to the thread and not you which isn't as productive. I thought Dusk was scum for a decent portion of the day, maybe all the way up until it ended. I liked Refa's thought process on Fenrir and I came to my own conclusion that Fenrir/Dusk probably weren't partners given the way Fenrir hopped onto him. Things get a little more complicated because Dusk was scumreading Mitsuru who Fenrir was scumreading Dusk for his scumread on Mitsuru. It was like some kind of vacuum, and for the case of Fenrir he was just trying to cover all options with little to no basis, but he's dead now so I get no credit telling you obvious things. Point given: I don't see 3 partners interacting this way with each other in an allotted time, and I certainly don't see the value of Fenrir to vote Duskfall with Mitsuru (go check the waogn logs) therefore It's very likely that Dusk is just town. I also think it's likely Mitsuru/Dusk aren't partners but with Dusk looking far better in light of Fenrir's flip, that leads me to believe Mitsuru is probably scum who was put in an obstinate position and forced to roll with it. You say that I'm acting like I was before and if anything I see parallel to my own behavior where Mitsuru is forced to commit to a shitty read that she hasn't put the time into actually processing as an attempt to look more townie. I think it'd be really funny if I'm wrong and scum literally just happened to have the biggest moment of spaghetti this side of Italy in the thread but Smogon says Duskfall checks out as town so SHRUG
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