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  1. Re: Shinori spoiler Kinda dead irl so this is me dropping off. Good luck gamers.
  2. Your posts feel convenient for maf to make in that they feel low risk/you always have an easy way to give an answer and I haven't had anything that yanks me into thinking your town.
  3. It gave me severe mental damage and feel like you were just talking past each other getting nothing done. Makaze didn't even really feel like they cared that much about it, tbh. Leaning bullheaded town on you after sleeping on the Percy interaction. It threw me through a loop but I was thinking about it in bed and came to the conclusion that if you wanted to jump on Percy for like, a reason with actual scum benefit you would've probably voted for them instead of side-swiping them with a post that was so transparently forced I don't think it's scummy. The weirdest shit about you to me is that you've kept me as your supposedly highest scumread all day but have never voted me and iirc did not say anything about what I actually posted yesterday. It doesn't outweigh the other stuff though.
  4. 1000 fucking posts. Guys. ##Unvote I feel like my brain is leaking out my ears but wrt wagons my priority is probably Makaze > Refa > Rapier > Weapons atp. I'm going to be real I still don't like Rapier's content that much BUT I do think the VT claim is unlikely to come out of mafia in this position unless someone is pushing it as a gambit? Or if he is being super bussed. It's such a bad way to actually save them. I agree with Weapons that these wagons feel dead-endy and don't think writing off counterwagons here is good maf play. I think giving Refa a day is fine but realistically they are just going to get/claim Roleblocked right? Regardless of what alignment they have so it's kind of a whatever lynch at this point. The only thing really in Refa's favour here is like, the calmness they have is maybe unrealistic for mafia with how long they've been a main wagon but idk if I have any other point of hesitation. Like their content's fine but I don't townread them. This lands with Makaze at the top but idk if this is just where I want to end the day just by default. I will say that the way they are backtreading on their Weapons read after Refa claimed a power role makes me nervous though. Cam's initial catchup was fiiine but the Refa vote=>unvote is really throwing me - mostly because I can't see why they went for Refa in the first place if not for a reaction and then uh, unvote to nothing. Cam where are you at now? Would you still be voting Weapons here? My read on Snike is souring ftr. Snike, even if you can't finish an ISO on Rapier I really want to know what your read is on him right now because it looked like you were still townreading him like, 12 hours ago and now you're down to consolidate on him off of what I think is one post? Is there more I'm missing? I'm also not super keen on the extended Marth push and think I might've given this slot a pass for too long? Admittedly I skipped the Makaze ISO because it made my eyes glaze over to try and catch up. I am pretty sure that I got pinged for a bunch of stuff but I am kind of wiped out and just want to get this post out.
  5. hi sorry why are there 12 more pages I will try to catch up now but idk how far I will get.
  6. I've thought "yeah I'll spend 5 more minutes playing mafia" for like half an hour so now I'm actually going to bed. Probably won't be able to post before getting back from work but I'll be back before deadline.
  7. How strongly do you believe in the vote Shinori? (I see your post Boron but feel like I would need to reread Marth to see how much I agree with it.)
  8. The Shinori Percy vote bugs me because I think last I knew they were scumreading Weapons. @Shinori You said you were waiting on more from Weapons before but never actually followed up - how do you go from this to voting for Percy with a reason that assumes that Weapons is town?
  9. The votals from the previous page are interesting because aside from null!BT I think I townread the entire Refa wagon and from their last post it didn't look like Refa had problems with most of them either. @Refa Do you have any thoughts on this? Would also like Makaze's take on this because they posted them but I'm not sure how seriously/what to make of their Weapons cfd comment. I don't think Marth has been focusing you very much tbh, but why do you think their read on you should've changed? I don't see a scum benefit in particular for keeping hold of the read and it's not like Marth is only focusing you because they've been pushing other reads on me and Refa today so it's not like they'd struggle to find something to do if they switched off. Wrt Shinori his individual posts have moooostly been fine but I'm a bit leery on the recent Percy vote. The only thing that really sticks out to me is pre-Percy a lot of his content/post bursts felt like they coincided with someone posting they were suspicious of him but like, their interaction with me felt decent on vibesand Rapier's push on them was pretty crummy. Shinori was the Percy vote a reaction test?
  10. This. Makaze's posting got a bit better when they actually like, dug into BBM's posts - like this is just objectively better than before but the self-admitted gutread => actual reason pipeline on BBM makes actually criticising the read awkward because the criticism has already been preempted. Tbh I really don't want this to develop into The Thunderdome that wrecked the game linked above but idk if I'm being uncharitable there. I'm also curious: why is Elieson one of your listed scumreads if you don't want them vigged? They're probably never dying to lynch. I did get your reasoning for it ftr, it's just a weird vibe to me. Do you have any thoughts on Prims' more recent posts since then? Fair enough on your previous reasons not holding up anymore, but I don't think Shinori has posted much since then fwiw. Wrt Weapons he posted here and here about having misremembered something in your posts before switching off - does this progression affect your read on him at all? And do you have any thoughts about the Refa wagon (which I think is leading atm) because you said the Weapons one would be easy to vote just before voting for him so I'm a bit confused here. Like obviously you won't suspect your own vote on him, but does other people pushing for other wagons when Weapons is supposedly easy bother you at all? This is getting long so I'm just going to post and continue.
  11. It's not outside of Rapier's range but yeah, the surrounding context bothers me. I would rather lynch Rapier first > Makaze second. I think Makaze's posting has overall improved from where it was but I did a quick reread over BBM because of the Makaze case + because I initially thought their vote onto Weapons was weird (just that post in isolation) but the priority was actually decently well substantiated in previous posts. Where I'm at is they have some objectively scummy play* but while there are reasons for it** it feels kind of calculated so you can't reaaaally say there's a fault there, because they've already explained why they're doing it. Or like, you can, but they always have an answer. It's kind of a trap like that and I probably wouldn't want them around lategame without convincing reason otherwise if this continues. * the prolonged BBM push starting with a conclusion and only having reason follow later ^ they admitted its a gut read and are trying to substantiate it when prompted Elie is arguably more suspicious than Makaze but he also made One Post so for a lynch target that is just Not It. Wrt the Thunderdome game: yes Makaze and Yolo were both town.
  12. I don’t think I was in the MU game so I can’t speak to that - I was thinking of the 200 page game from 2018ish where they spent several days locked in a Town/Town tunnel with Yolo. I don’t think it’s an appeasement angle from what I can remember of their posts but I find sticking anything to Makaze kind of tough because of the “disclaimers” I guess about their BBM reads essentially insulating them from criticism - or at least giving them an easy response to it (which I believe they’ve already invoked once). Not sure if this is culture clash but it’s definitely convenient.
  13. Quadruple posting because I realised I forgot to respond to this, WHOOPS. It can be? If someone's posts/suspicions give me whiplash I'll wanna look into them more and see if its a recurring thing because constantly flipping all your opinions is bad, but I haven't gotten a bad vibe off of Marth's posting since - they seem pretty chilled about all the votes on them and their pushes are more against the grain of the thread than they need to be when they're in that position as mafia. I think Marth asked about townreads but the others (that I haven't substantiated in the last few posts) are like: - j00 just posts good even though they're kind of in and out of the thread, I don't feel their opinions are too forced and they're kind of in the sweet spot of consistent/changeable in that I can follow what they're thinking pretty easily. - Prims ED1 was good and I haven't had problems with them since or anything. The page 18 conversation with Marth also felt like town vs town solvey. - Snike reads town for his response to the Prims casing. I feel like risking escalating an argument there was needlessly risky, although I can't super remember his recent posts tbh.
  14. Isn't inconsistent casing just like. A thing mafia do because they need to push their agenda? Especially if they're struggling to make headway with other cases which is what Rapier feels like to me here. Logical inconsistency isn't a slam dunk or anything but seemingly forgetting your own opinions is messier and his continued vote on you is kinda iffy to me. Early on it was fine, but I don't think it's been well substantiated enough for it to last this long and idk where they would be jumping off if they did change their vote which is a weird combination.
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