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  1. I wonder if it is situation dependent. I'll have to give it a try next time the game tells me I have to do something while suggesting a partner ability. Edit: Oh neat it absolutely is. I just pressed the hint button in a place I couldn't continue on, but could get something with a partner ability, and then Koops Icon showed up while I had Flurry as the partner. That is pretty neat! Edit2: Also, abusing the lottery is very profitable. Changing the date is super easy, and can net you ultra shrooms (rarely), and life shrooms (somewhat common) that can sell for 75 and 43 coins at Pungent's store respectively. I got such easy money just trying to get that lucky day badge.
  2. I decided to try the pit right after hooktail, and I got all the way to level 50. I stopped there because I had to redo a few level 40's. And that is how I found out it wasn't a boss-like encounters only feature. I'm loving the game. It reminds me so much when I first played it and I really love all of the charm this game has now that I'm able to read english much faster and understand a more of the language based humour. Also I really love the addition of the battle master. I only learned about stylish moves watching some challenge runs of the original on Youtube, but I did not know every attack move can be done stylishly. I was very pleased the first time I did it and I love that the battle master lets me practice for as long as I want to. Edit: Also pressing ZL only gives dialogue from goombella (An icon of hers show up on the dialogue box when other partners are active).
  3. Judging from the fact that Breath of the Wild and Tears of the kingdom took 5+ years of development each, I really doubt we see a big budget zelda game so soon. Best I can imagine is re-releases of TotK and BotW or remasters of older games. For a release line I could see: A new Mario Kart, Metroid Prime 4 (with a big advertising push so no 4 on the title to get newcomers that are attracted to the shiny space look), a new 3d Mario. Possibly F-Zero but might conflict with mario kart so idk. I'd love to see Star fox, 3d DK, and a good big release of games from N64 + gamecube on their subscription.
  4. I've been playing helldivers 2 through my friends library with steam share and its amazing. Makes me want to get it really bad so I can play with my friend. The first game is pretty good too.
  5. That is how I managed to do it. When I play Grand Prix now I tend to wait a bit and join a room with fewer players and make sure it doesn't get too full. If it does, I usually leave. I do hope they become more common in normal game play. They are very fun and challenging courses, and I would like a 99 car race in fire field. Just imagine the chaos on the sharp turns.
  6. I played PoR, but Radiant Dawn is my favourite. I played pikmin 3, first but prefer Pikmin 4. Valkyria chronicles 1 was also my first, but then Valkyria chronicles 4 is even better. My first Zelda was OoT, but I much prefer Majora's mask, although I haven't really given too much thought to how the Zelda games all fit among each other in my mind. Pokemon I played blue slightly, and remember getting through big chunks of gen 3, but my favourite is Gen 4. I'm conflicted between both HG/SS and Platinum, both are so good. It might be true of other series I have played though. Idk.
  7. Following this Idea, I would love a boss who eats a wonder flower and then reverses the role, like Mario becomes a Goomba, and has to avoid getting stomped, perhaps fooling the boss to jump onto spikes to defeat it or something. I swear I did not read this until after I posted, but yes this idea sounds great
  8. This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion, but as a new player to the game, I really wish they had changed a few things. Some of the specific game interactions feel kinda clunky. I kinda wish there had been some option to make them less awkward. Like the bashing of the door. I spent so long trying to time it with the shifster, and even when I though it was quite in sync, the game begged to differ (or i was a pixel away from the door). It didn't help that the shifster's queue was a little too fast and not enough time given to prepare for it. Bowser's snaps were better in this regard imo. Also, the bean stalk jumping... I'm pretty sure this beanstalk i'm trying is optional, but god damn it Mario keeps touching it, and then slides right off. It seems the jump is calculated so that you have to be very precise when you let go of the directional button, other wise you will fall. But this just seems like bad design because it is difficult enough to make the jump anyway. The shadows in theory help with lining up the jumps, but these particular beanstalks are so far up you can't see the damn cloud. So so much for that. Although I have had a few gripes with small things like the above, I am enjoying the rest of the game though. Thankfully the frustrating things are not as common at least. I hate the jumping challenge to reach 100... ;_;
  9. Aren't his specials very close to Falcons specials? I understand they have some differences in their effects, but the animations of down B, Up B, and Neutral B all look very falcon like. Even the side B looks similar, with the exception that Falcon hits instead of grabs. They behave somewhat differently when hitting, but I'd find it hard to agree the moveset of his specials isn't inspired from the captain. I don't really know enough about Smash bros moveset or figthing game in general to be able to say what is a good kit or not. And I don't have too many issues with the particular way ganondorf plays. Creatively though, I do think they could do more to distance him from looking a lot like Captain Falcon. Like some of the stuff you mentioned in your vid (the trident move would be neat)
  10. Rip a studio ghibli zelda movie. I don't quite understand what the fascination with live action is, but I don't want any of it. Fantasy tends to look much better as animation imo.
  11. Is it though? The man has ranged attacks, the use of a small sword, a big sword, a trident, and a similarity with other characters due to being the re-incarnation of demise, why should he have an up-tilt that is 2.5 seconds long, or be a clone of captain falcon in terms of specials and some tilt attacks?
  12. Oof, I feel like the people have really improved at F-Zero. Of the few times I have done the King league, I can't seem to make it to top 20. Always seem to rank out when I'm really close. I just want to unlock Fire Field for the time trials. I was doing really well in Kinght League just now, had tons of kills under my belt, but choked just before the end and crashed out. I was doing well in score too ;_; Edit: Nevermind! I just managed to do it. I even finished fire field! Although, the practice time seems tough to do. Best I managed was 3:13...
  13. Personally I found the dialogue to be painful. And some of the conflicts between the main characters as they meet each other to be extremely frustrating. Not the fact that they had a conflict but the way it was developed and resolved through the series. For example Annette calls the other two children for not acting how she thought they ought to. But then they go in an undercover mission and gets her friend killed because she could not control herself. Then when the party splits off Annette is all angry about Richter because of what he did, until she is not because spirits. I also found it extremely bizarre for the religious people to have so much conviction for their cause while they are literally working with vampires and resurrecting bodies in a twisted demonic way. I get cognitive dissonance but this is just extreme. Specially when they frequently speak about vampires and night creatures in such disparaging way. Still Olrox and Mizrak were interesting characters at least. I like the juxtaposition they both were in. Also, no, I did not think Olrox was a woman. To me there was no question he was a man.
  14. Glad my tip was useful! I do love the fire sting ray because of how well it turns. Though I started using the golden fox to a little more success. I find though that with Fox I find my self falling behind very quickly specially if I want to hold the highway until later in the track. The red bumpers are also killers. I accidentally used the boost too quickly when I was in the top 10 using Fox, hit a red. And almost made it to the stop, but some guy just devoured me cm before the finish :C
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