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  1. I really hope Shura is summonable on a banner and not as a GHB. He’s one of my favorite Fates characters and it’s a shame he only had two supports. A Forging Bonds conversation would be wonderful for him. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be devastated if he were a GHB as long as he had decent skills, as it would make him easier to obtain and he is a character I would definitely +10. I was expecting a Birthright/Hoshido-themed banner, but the roster is different than I expected. I’m genuinely surprised to see Mozu and Yukimura on this banner (and as 5-star units!) but no Scarlet. I’m quite happy to see Hayato finally in Heroes, as he’s one of my favorite Hoshidan characters. Too bad his art is terrible. At least he looks like a decent demote unit and great fodder. Attack/Speed Ideal is a welcome addition to the 4-star pool (if it wasn’t added recently) and I really hope Rauorlantern is inheritable. While Attuned Azura killed my dream of an Attuned Jakob with a Corrin theme, at least I like her design. Her skills seem less impressive than Mozu and Yukimura, though. There is also a non-zero chance of an Attuned Corrin with a Jakob theme, which would be awesome as well. The GHB choice is weird (still no Shura, and if not him I was expecting Kotaro for a Hoshidan-themed banner) but I actually like Candace and I’m curious how Heroes will handle her character. That’s one thing I love about Heroes: it adds a lot to characters who didn’t get to do or say much in their games. I really enjoyed how Heroes handled Brigand Boss, who is about as minor as Candace.
  2. The Black Knight’s art is amazing! He has some of the best art of any Resplendent alt. I was really hoping we’d get a Muspell Resplendent and a GHB Resplendent soon, so I’m happy to see him. There are a lot of GHB characters I’d like to see have Resplendent alts, so I hope this trend continues. Still, I think I’ll let my FEH Pass expire because I don’t use the Black Knight and his original art is also fantastic. What other GHBs do you speculate will receive Resplendent alts soon? I was thinking about this a couple days ago. The ones I want most are Panne (Jotunheimr), Naesala (Embla), Xander (also Embla), Navarre (Muspell), Michalis (also Muspell), Oliver (Vanaheimr, whenever we get Vanaheimr Resplendent outfits) and Berkut (Muspell.) However, I think Lyon, Xander, Berkut and Narcian are most likely.
  3. I’m disappointed (but not surprised) that Michalis lost to Lindhart, although I’m more surprised Lindhart won against Bernadetta. Is Lindhart actually popular, especially by Three Houses standards? Maybe people didn’t want to vote for Bernadetta because she won CYL this year. Now onto Team Karla/Freyja. They were my second choice.
  4. I have most of these characters, and Michalis is both the highest leveled and the one I like the most. In the likely event he loses, I wouldn’t mind switching to Karla, and Bernadetta is a third choice.
  5. Capturing in Fates was a very fun game mechanic and I liked its implementation better than Thracia’s. Getting to keep and use enemies you fought is such a cool concept. However, I almost never use it because I have plenty of units already (including many I already don’t have time to raise or deployment slots to use.) I’d rather use characters I like and build supports between them. Not having supports is a deal breaker, so I virtually never use Einherjar or captured units. If games like Shadow Dragon (no supports,) Radiant Dawn (minimal supports,) New Mystery and Shadows of Valentia (relatively few supports,) and the GBA games (supports are a pain in the neck to get) had enemy capturing as a game mechanic, I would absolutely use it.
  6. I just visited your My Castle (your Your Castle? Your Castle?) and gave you a bath towel. The bath towel always takes me a long time to get and it elicits some hilarious reactions from the characters when you give it to them. Somewhat related question: can the rewards for battles and visits only be claimed once ever or can they only be claimed once per game file? I'm debating if I should claim them or not, because I'm worried they'll disappear if I don't, but if they only can be claimed once ever, I don't want to claim them on files where I've completed the game.
  7. As always, I’m hoping for a Northern Fortress themed child banner. The optimal lineup would be either (or most likely both) Corrins with Jakob as the demote, Felicia and Flora as the duo and Silas as the Tempest Trials character. Female Corrin won CYL last year, but I don’t think it’s impossible that she could get another alt in April. It’s also entirely possible that only Male Corrin will appear. They often, but don’t always, appear on banners together. However, that would make Felicia and Flora the only girls on the banner, and I doubt IS would do that. Azura already appeared as a child on the Adrift banner years ago, so it would be redundant for her to appear again. My personal preference would be Peri. She isn’t connected to the other characters on the banner, but it would be fascinating (and adorable) to see her as a child and I’d like to see her get an alt at some point. More than likely, I’m expecting Shadows of Valentia. As long as we get Faye and/or Kliff, I’ll be happy with the results. They’re my favorite SoV characters. Faye seems pretty likely, but Kliff has more competition for a spot on the banner from Gray, Tobin and Boey. Celica and Alm are givens.
  8. This sounds like fun, and I set up my Conquest My Castle (my most developed one with my strongest Corrin) for this only to realize I jumped the gun and didn't read your rules at all. 😅 I don't feel like creating an all-new Corrin for you to use, but you're welcome to use mine or even just visit my My Castle.
  9. Coming up next, we have Hana wearing the first Jotunheimr outfit in seven months. I really like her art, although I have mixed feelings on her as a character and wish that one of the many Fates characters I like more (several of whom are on my wishlist) had been chosen instead. It doesn’t help that Hana comes after Selena and Azama, who I’m also not crazy about. Come to think of it, it’s a little strange that we would get two units of the same type (infantry sword) from the same game (although to be completely fair, Selena is from Conquest and Hana is from Birthright, although Heroes usually classifies all three as “Fates”) almost consecutively.
  10. It looks like my predictions were absolutely wrong, although Marth-themed Attuned Caeda is an Attuned alt I hoped would happen. It’s really odd to see Yuliya without Yubello. I wasn’t expecting Arlen, but he’s a fitting choice along with Ascended Merric. Speaking of which, I dislike having two Ascended/Rearmed/Attuned characters on the same banner. Not only do they compete with each other (one becomes much more popular than the other, e.g. Attuned Peony vs. Triandra) but it takes away a slot for a new character to be added. I don’t see why Merric couldn’t have been saved for a future banner. Castor is a pleasant surprise. While I genuinely like Castor, him being an infantry bow GHB makes me concerned about the chances of Shura being on the next Fates banner. We’re almost certainly getting Fates next month (unless it is pushed off until June because of the Fallen banner and the possibility of being the child banner theme.) There aren’t many bow GHBs and I doubt two would happen in a row.
  11. I have a feeling it will be Fates or Archanea. Probably Archanea, which is fine by me as there are still a good number of characters from those games who I want to see in Heroes. I could definitely see this banner featuring Yuliya, Yubelo, and Marisha with Ascended/Rearmed/Attuned Katarina and Lorenz as the GHB. The former three and Lorenz are introduced around the same time in New Mystery. Marisha is one of my favorite Archanean characters, so I really hope she’s there. Alternately, I could see a banner featuring the remaining 7th platoon members (Cecil and Ryan) with Ascended/Rearmed/Attuned Katarina, Yubelo and Yuliya. Cecil would be the GHB, which would be a little odd, but you train with her in the prologue of New Mystery and we’ve seen weirder GHB choices. I’m holding out that there’s some remote chance we’ll get Rickard, since he’s the only Archanea dagger option left (barring any odd reclassing decisions IS makes.) I’d be surprised to see him here, but I think Rickard has a fairly decent chance compared to other “unpopular” Archanean characters. Also, I’d like to see Castor and I don’t think there is too much competition for archers among the remaining Archanean cast. As for a Fates banner, I don’t think there is any way I could be disappointed (though I may be jinxing myself since the last Fates banner was a dud.) Scarlet is almost guaranteed. I noticed in the last Fates Lost Lore that she was mentioned by name (which almost never happens with characters not in Heroes) so that cements Scarlet for me. I could see it being a Birthright/Hoshido themed banner with Scarlet, Hayato, either Mozu or Izana, and Ascended/Rearmed/Attuned Takumi or Sakura. If Shura isn’t the GHB, Kotaro would be a fitting choice. Honestly, a Fates banner with Shura in any capacity would make me happy.
  12. A farmer’s market banner could be fun, although I wonder what characters would wear. Maybe more casual/villager-like clothes? You mean sakura/cherry blossoms aren’t the flowers of cherry trees? That’s news to me. It’s awesome that you live in a place where cherry blossoms bloom. It’s too cold where I live. One year I went down to Washington DC with my camera to see the cherry blossoms (and art museums,) but the temperature ended up being 20 degrees colder than usual. Not only were the cherry blossoms not in bloom, but I was underdressed for the weather and cold the whole time. I’m surprised that in seven years there hasn’t been a Sacaen banner. Not only is Sacae in two games, but it’s more important than most of the locales that have been featured so far in seasonal banners. Sacae also has a very distinctive aesthetic to be used for the outfits. I imagine a Sacaen banner featuring Lyn (inevitably), Rutger (he’s one of the more popular Binding Blade characters, he doesn’t have an alt, and he could be part of the festival to learn more about his heritage), either Guy or Rath (I prefer Guy, but Rath seems like the more likely choice and I don’t think IS would use both of them,) Wolf (the plainsmen of Aurelis are somewhat like Sacae; he’d be curious about a Sacaen festival and he deserves an alt) and a duo of Fir and Binding Blade Karel (I’d like to see the niece-uncle pair interact more; Fir would want to know more about life in Sacae and her family, and Karel would tell her about it.)
  13. It’s that time of year again in Heroes, where the polarizing spring banner launches. People complain about it every year, but it’s popular enough to be a reoccuring banner and I see more fanart for it than pretty much any other seasonal banner except maybe summer. Personally, it’s my favorite of the season/holiday-based banners. I love the aesthetic, somewhere between the Playboy bunny uniform and Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit (which seems to inspire a lot of anime artists; I’ve seen a surprising amount of art of human versions of him and the Cheshire Cat,) with dapper black or white bodysuits or dresses for girls and suits for boys with bright accent colors as well as the frilly capes, top hats and floral accessories. I’m a sucker for quirky formalwear and I like the bright and pastel spring/Easter aesthetic in general.
  14. I usually find the Nifl outfits bland (it’s my least favorite theme,) but this is one of my favorites. Shigure also had a pleasing Nifl outfit. At last, we are done with the CYL 2 winners. Unfortunately, the CYL 3 winners are looming on the horizon and they’re moving closer. I hope some Book 1 and Book 2 characters I want will be added before the CYL 3 winner glut begins.
  15. As a form of copium, I’ve been scouring the fandom (Reddit, Twitter, Discord, etc.) for fanart of a hypothetical spring Karel. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any; I remember seeing tons of spring Michalis fan art both after spring Maria was added in 2022 and in 2023 when Michalis finally was added. I like the Tempest Trial conversation so far, although I’m surprised it doesn’t feature Mirabilis and Lindhart.
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