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  1. Alright, this time I played through the chapter and am now going to give my impressions instead of doing a play-by-play. So, the plot's next big point is progressing as I expected. Like I predicted, it looks like the big guy himself is going to show up smack in the middle of the peace ceremony for a power play. Granted, this hasn't actually happened yet, but it sure looks like that's where it's headed. I have to wonder if Henriette will show up too, and maybe finally reveal the power she's been hiding. It'd be cool if she managed to stop whatever big move the big bad tries to drop during the ceremony. I'm also glad that we FINALLY got to see some more of the Emblian royal line's power in action...complete with a pretty neat incantation. Have to say, I didn't see that one coming. It was a good plot move. (We have yet to see the Askrans open gates apart from the very first-ever FEH trailer (the trailer opens up with it -- it's that blue outline that reveals the trailer), but eh.) Also, I feel like the positive response to Rat's funny freaked out pose may have gotten to IS' head a little. It feels like they're overdoing the "skittish and stuttering" aspect of her to the point of it getting gimmicky and out of character. That family talk was sweet. I'd feel a lot worse if it wasn't for the fact that Rat's only betraying them in order to save them. Also, Nidhoggr going off on a tangent and forgetting her point was so realistic. Very nice. It's not too hard to see that she's only mean as a way of expressing the opposite of how she really feels, too. She appreciates all that Rat does for the family, and finds it sweet how she stayed at her bedside when she was unwell that one time...but since Nidhoggr's trying to pretend like she doesn't feel connections to people right now (because of the assassination stuff) she expresses her sentiments condescendingly instead. Disassociation. I like the play on words with the Hand vs showing their own hand, too. That was a good line.
  2. Ah. Mozu. It's about time she made it in. I'm honestly surprised she hasn't been in sooner. Also, I love how she does better near nature terrain. It's so fitting! And YUKIMURA?! Okay, I didn't expect he'd make it in so soon/at all. I'm glad! ... Darn; kind of want to pull for him... I guess my free summon will be colorless. Also, they did a good job making Hayato look more different from Ricken. But his attacking art... The bottom of his nose needs to be more distinct from the rest of his face. It makes his face take a weird shape. Also, his "I ignore terrain" thing feels like he was late to the Kaldein (or however it's spelled) banner (especially since he's a magic practitioner.) Azura... I mean, it makes sense, given her connection to the Corrins, but... I guess I'm just kind of sick of her. All in all, fairly happy with this banner, PLUS it's skippable! Except that I want Yukimura. I'll try to just be patient -- he's entering the regular pool, so I should save my orbs for the fallen banner (even though they are also going into the regular pool. Fallen units are usually really powerful, though, and I love the theme the characters follow. I can wait for Yukimura.) Edit: Oh, Candace is the freebie this time, eh? Isn't she the gal from Midori's map? If so, nice! She's a fun baddie. Like, she was enjoyable to read and I like her design.
  3. Well, since I finally managed to pull Mark, I can save orbs for the upcoming Fallen banner! Yay! The problem? Uhh I don't have a lot of orbs stocked up. So...we'll see how many I have by the time that banner drops. Also, while I think it's unlikely, there's always that chance of an unexpected "must have" unit appearing before then. We'll see how this goes!
  4. It's never happening. M!Emmeryn, I mean. You know that this would just be an excuse to make more female characters. Joking aside, I don't know if IS would actually want to do this. They've been pretty good at sticking to what would reasonably be in character, even if the people in charge of FEH seem to be a bit unhinged regarding "MOAR WAIFUS N' FANSERVICE." It seems to me like main IS keeps them in check, mostly, being all "this far and no further." That said, such a relationship generally wears on the straightman, so it could be something that happens someday. I won't rule it out completely, but for now, it seems unlikely to me. Edit: To be clear, I'm not opposed to genderbent characters as a concept, personally. I'm worried about how it would be handled in this case, and how the fandom would respond.
  5. Little Lissa: My big brother, Chrom, is REALLY good at whacking stuff with his sword! Little Chrom: *jumps up and down and cheers while letting the little girl with him blast stuff with magic; does no whacking stuff with his sword* Dang, though, the art is so cute! Lissa's 4*, Frederick is free, and I was right about everything except for forgetting that these banners have 6 characters, not 5, on them. Because sometimes I derp super duper hard. Anyway, if I pull, I may go for the Robins. Man, I hope the story is Owain, Lucina, and the Morgans trying to babysit their parents. (I pointedly ignore any story in the trailers, so you guys know, so that I can enjoy the story to the fullest when it's fully available. So, please no posts being all "Well, the trailer had x story, so (etc.)") Hmm tempted to pull Lissa, too, so that I can have her son try to look after her. Ah, and this is probably something of a dream for ChromxF!Robin shippers. (Like how little kids (who eventually grow up to get married) being innocent friends is just so wholesome and really highlights an innocent and true bond.) Edit: @GuiltyLove Actually, I think F!Robin here still has some Grima in her, partially because of that scales skill and partially because of the "dragons pact" skill. (Like, she's the heritor of Grima, and Chrom is a heritor of Naga, hence the plural on "dragons.") (That said, I'm paraphrasing the skill names since I don't remember the names themselves so much as things about them. My memory is odd at times.) So, we get slumbering Grima, I suppose.
  6. Oh, I hadn't seen the silhouettes yet, but I just skimmed some chatter here about it (looks like Lissa and Frederick, but isn't he, like, a lot older than the Ylissian royalty? Wouldn't he be more of a teenager when they were kids?) Anyway, Chrom, Lissa, and Emmeryn have canon child designs, I think, so it would make sense to take advantage of those. If Frederick's on there too, then we're just missing 1 more character. I'd say it's for sure Robin (I'm legit curious about what little Robin would look like) but there's only 1 slot remaining and IS likes using both avatars when they're present (even if they split them up...unless they go with hooded androgynous Robin (like what they did with Mark) and slap him/her on a duo with kid Chrom.) That would be too bad, really. Awakening, more than any of the other titles, had the potential to mix generations as children. Like, Gen1 kids and Gen2 kids being friends, not realizing that they're related, putting the focus on the bond rather than the family role... That would have just been the sweetest thing. Edit: @Jotari I FLIPPIN' WISH! (But not on this banner.) I've been curious about her since I first played through Awakening!
  7. Reviving this topic as the original poster. IT IS TIME! (This was meant to be a long-standing topic anyway.)
  8. @Baron the Shining Blade Nice! I actually made a thread like this one for movement quotes in the past. If I can find it, maybe I should revive it. I'm the original poster, so it wouldn't be necro-ing, I don't think.
  9. So, I was training up my Emblem Ike in the assorted stratums of the training tower and a couple of times extremely appropriate exchanges happened between him and his foes. It felt like battle conversations and such! I wanted to share them and was all "Why not make a thread about it?" I'd love to see any you encountered between units you were using and their foes too! For the sake of avoiding spoilers for people still wanting to play through various titles, let's use spoiler tags to describe these. Emblem Ike (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn/Engage) Encounter 1 - Soren Encounter 2 - Zelgius Encounter 3 - Fallen Ike I found the actions and exact special quote activations to just be so appropriate. It was so fun! Please share your own as you encounter them, or particularly memorable ones from the past!
  10. Ah. Well, guess I'll wind up on the team of whoever wins in the righthand bracket after this round.
  11. Guess I'll start with Linhardt, then move on to Michalis if he loses. Or, if both lose, then Framme. If it comes down to Bernie or Mirabilis...not sure. Maybe Mirabilis? If it's anyone else, I'll probably favor the right side of the bracket.
  12. I believe the story behind the picture is this: Robin regained his/her mind after killing Chrom (or, as per the game's opening cutscene, was still somewhat in control when his/her hand oops-killed Chrom), and managed to go deliver Falchion to his daughter. However, (s)he didn't quite admit to doing the killing. Then, (s)he left before Grima could take over again, leaving behind a sad, stunned, and confused Lucina. That said, I didn't draw the picture. Anyway, there's at least 2 or 3 main story futures in Awakening, so it's pretty easy to put this into the "what if" category rather than a true depiction of in-game events.
  13. I don't, sadly. I know I saw a piece of fanart of young Lucina, but I thought there was also canon concept art for her. The fanart was tragic and beautiful -- she was holding Falchion, and Robin (hooded) was kneeling in front of her, having just passed it on to her.
  14. Nope. Hmm wait, am I remembering fanart or something? Anyway, white dress, smol Lucina. She looks somewhere between 6 and 9 years old in the pic.
  15. It may be a bit soon after getting our latest Awakening banner, but the child units as actual children would be a great way to use this banner. Lucina already even has a child design. Seeing kid Lucina and kid Owain being a duo of cousins would be really cute! Also, shy tiny Inigo. Little Morgans too. That said, I'd love to see young versions of other characters, too. (This is one of my favorite banner themes. XD) And as for Heroes... TOO MANY OPTIONS. Obviously, little versions of Alfonse, Sharena, Veronica, and Bruno would be nice, but I'd also like to see Gunnthra and Hrid as little kids. The most obvious way to go about this is child human versions of the fairies, though. We got Eitr, so we probably won't get Freyr and Freyja as children, but considering that "kids" refer to either young humans or young goats, I'd personally love the pun. For 3H, Young Dimitri and Young Edelgard already have designs. Them being a dancing dagger duo unit would be fun. I'm not entirely sure who else would be on this one, though. There are a lot of directions this could take. And then there's the Ram Village kids for SoV, which is such an easy banner to do.
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