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  1. Hmm... I wonder if this banner has a chance of winning a future revival poll. It having only an Attuned Hero makes it less interesting than the two previous banners, that had both an Attuned and a Rearmed or Ascended Hero. Also, when this Fates banner gets added to the poll, it will be alongside with the May's New Heroes banner, which we all predict to be Fallen Heroes. And we all know that those Fallen Heroes banners are usually very popular. Of course, this will only happen way later this year, so we still have time.
  2. The only case I can see being worthy to run Mercy-Wing Echo on a dancer with prf dance is if you plan to run the "Pass 3 + Mercy-Wing" combo to allow your dancer to warp into a Warp Bubble area, since Pass allows your unit to ignore Gatekeeper/Myrrh/Valentine Myrrh's effect. But even that, it is kinda niche, and I would only see it on the Mythic Dancers in AR. In Arena, it doesn't have much use.
  3. Very weird that Yukimura is a slow unit that doesn't have guaranteed follow-up.
  4. Just remember that non Rearmed/Attuned Dancers cannot use Mercy-Wing Echo with their personal dance skill (Legendary Azura cannot run Gray Waves+ alongside an Echo skill). Overall the banner is a skip to me, but some nice Heroes there. I liked Yukimaru's Drive 30% Null DR.
  5. Here's the Calendar List, made by @DarkAlf and I.
  6. @SatsumaFSoysoy Nice clear! I was expecting Thorr to be the one to defeat Ike with an AoE Special, but Lyn with her Godlike Reflexed did the job very well thanks to the healing support of Gatekeeper and Hortensia! @Landmaster Well done! Great use of the Savage Blow and Gravity combo to slowly reduce Ike's HP while keeping him from not reaching your Elises! The kill at the end was still very close! @GuiltyLove Congrats on getting Duo Robin! I didn't realize they can be refreshed by using an assist skill. I thought it was only when them used it, like how Chrom and Lucina works. Pretty cool! And yeah, Hush Spectrum helped against Ike for sure!
  7. I don't see that ever happening. My fear would be IS giving big boobs to male lords, just to sell them as Summer Heroes in swimsuits.
  8. What a beautiful Mirabilis! The Bonus Doubler + Dodge combo is quite nice, especially with the bonuses granted on Atk/Spd/Def.
  9. Cool that Staff units can finally score the same as others heroes, since Magic Shield+ is a 400 SP assist skill, finally granting them a high scoring assist.
  10. Is it just me or Duo Robin is just an Emblem Ike counter? lol It would be funny to have a demonic child on the banner. lol
  11. Yes, Chrom being the backpack is totally possible. We had others examples of that being a thing in the past, like Female Byleth being both the leading unit (Summer alt) and the back unit (Winter), Male Byleth too (leading in Winter, back in Halloween) and also we have the Magvel Triforce of Eirika, Ephraim and Lyon where all 3 were both leading and back units with each other. I can easily see that happening, for sure!
  12. At least Chrom shouldn't be the Duo Hero, since he already has a Duo Alt. It could be Young Robin though. I can't wait for another Rally Spectrum unit... I expect Frederick to be the 4* special or the grail unit.
  13. Nah, it's not that. Bernadetta's Army was twice as big as Linhardt's. He was just lucky of getting the final multiplier. Voting Gauntlet is more about luck than popularity. If being popular was the only thing that mattered, Edelgard would be the winner of the past four A Hero Rises Voting Gauntlets.
  14. You are getting the events mixed up. We usually only get new Hero Fests for the Anniversary (Febtruary) and Half-Anniversary/Summer Celebration (August). Golden Week gets the CYL Hero Fests of all years.
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