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  1. @Diovani BressanIt's a good thing you took out Glen at the end! The Soaring Guidance skill that he has scared me the first time I tried this map. Yes, I'm looking forward to the Hall of Forms, but I don't have any extra Forma Souls ;_; I don't want to buy any... what a shame. I can still enjoy trying out the new skills on Est, though.
  2. I need skills for Glen and more skills for Valentia Palla and Est
  3. Beating Alear was really annoying
  4. This definitely makes me want Emblem Marth even more... Glad Caeda helped push Marth really far!
  5. @Diovani Bressan Emblem Marth with a two CD Galeforce makes me really want him... too bad I didn't get lucky when he first came out. I didn't notice where the reinforcements came from :P good attention to detail
  6. Way too lazy to try it with my dragon team @Wanda Nice. I can't believe Shannan survived Celica
  7. Thanks. I will aim for Boost 4 or Clash 4, then. I don't have too many units who give bonuses, so Prime 4 might be hard to use. Since I already have Guard Bearing 4, I will look for Potent 4 or Wyvern Rift. As for Far Trace Echo, that's a good point. I will find someone else for that skill!
  8. Two questions: Spring Maria is going to appear on the new Hall of Forms. What skills should I try to get? Right now, she has Def/Res Catch, Guard Bearing 4, and Atk Def Oath. Would it be a good idea to use Attuned Micaiah's fodder for Valentia Palla? I assume that the Crux skill will let her hit four times. I don't know if the A Boost skill will be good on her, though.
  9. @Flying ShogiWow, you got the exact kill on Lumera. How did everyone have Canto 1? Was it from Tana's weapon?
  10. @Diovani BressanI also got a free Tana! She helped me clear the map! I had issue killing Lumera until I decided to use our new GHB unit for Pulse Smoke. Eirika did well with that skill to erase Lumera's special.
  11. @LandmasterI really like Bow Catria's outfit! I hope to get a different C skill on her someday. Good thing Elise can prevent counterattacks. The Laguz Friend manakete was a bit annoying to fight. Corrin got beat up by the little sister~
  12. @LandmasterElise took some strong attacks head-on! Good thing she lived those. It was quite easy otherwise for the team, even though they were crammed into that small corner. I also need more merges on my husbando...
  13. @Diovani BressanIt was a single strike in most of the battles! Marth killed them all! I wanted to use the units whom I gave good skills to : )
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