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  1. GBA games also just existed for far longer. The concept of fangames and hacking didn't pop up when the 3DS games were released. People were making their own projects long before that and thus GBA has more tools available. The amount of data is also less, so it's easier to figure out what everything is and does. That also aids in creating tools for more easily editing the data.
  2. Frederick should have drowned in his armour during the fleet crash action from Robin. Remove the Jeigan from the game. Waste of space character.
  3. I made an Escape Room in Radiant Dawn chapter 1-3, and I'd love it if you'd check it out! Even better, if you're interested, please upload your attempt to YouTube so I can see how everyone tackles the Escape room! If you're more interested in watching others struggle, I also had four fire emblem players try their hand at the escape room in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwpsBxMlgVQ But if you're planning on playing yourself, I highly recommend doing that before spoiling yourself by watching! You can find a link to my discord in the YT video, and in the discord you'll have access to all the resources you need to play it yourself!
  4. It orders it based on highest growth to lowest, in the case of ties it goes from Res backwards to HP. This skews growth rates to a rich get richer system. Higher growths are first in line, proc often and thus lower growths get lower. Best example is Jill with no capped stats. She has a 45% STr growth rate, but it is like her 4th highest growth rate and ties with one or two other stats so it is like 6th or even 7th in proc order. Statistically this lowers her STr growth from 45% to a measly 21% when using BEXP only.
  5. Fun fact, there is physical evidence portrait painting exists in Tellius, Oliver has a portrait of himself in the 4-4 map!
  6. And Typhoon Carter's used Soren and improves the turncount by a whopping 1 turn! (I was not aware of the Chiki Ilyana usage and can't say if that 1 Turn was improved By soren. But that probably means that ilyana is not better, they're just interchangable.)
  7. If he was worse than Ilyana the Ltc would have used Ilyana...?
  8. Funnily enough, in Maniac LTC he is extremely valuable due to the 255 thunder tome hitting Res and picking up OHKO's with vantage other units couldn't hope to get.
  9. Don't worry about using Titania, her growths are excellent and she can be servicable to great up until the very end of the game!
  10. That's rather hypocritical, why are you talking about Maniac Mode then, since that was literally a mode removed in the final version of the product and thus was clearly not intended to be played. As has been said above, those playthroughs, even if they don't allign with your moral code, can still prove valuable insights and can still be learned from to apply to other playthroughs. The Typhoon Carter playthrough plays with 100% growths, which is just the same as rigging without all the resets. The chili one is 0% growths with critforges, because it uses existing game mechanics -intended or not- to play around the loss of stats. Playing 0% with critforges is still a lower power level than with growths but without critforges. And they completed the game in 149 turns. There is a lot to be learned from that. If you cannot acknowledge that you can still enjoy playing the game your way, but you can't expect people to take your advice and tiering seriously, as it is incredibly linear and close minded.
  11. Playing the way you like is fine but 'working from a succes rate' standpoint while you're playing as far from efficient as physically possible is just not helping your case. You're literally arguing 'handicap yourself for 95% of the game for a marginally better chance of succes during the 5%' Maniac has been completed with 0% growths in 149 turns. That's completing the entire game in around the same amount of turns as you said you took for clash alone. And I can assure you Titania is worth more there than any growth unit ever would be. We've come a long way since the early 2000's, where people favoured growths over bases and Nino over Pent, but by now we've learned that Bases > Growths. A 20% growth rate advantage is at max 7,6 points worth of magic, but that is only if both units start at lvI 1 T1. That is not realistic and still not the whole picture because the lower Mag growth unit often gets close to cap anyway on average, so the end result won't be 7,6 mag difference either. I highly recommend some of those maniac mode playthroughs on YT, the commentary often has valuable insights regarding their unit choice and what makes a unit good (for any kind of playthrough, LTC or otherwise)
  12. Forged slims lance and forged thunder are the two best forges in the game hands down. Just forge max Mt and -6 crit and you're golden
  13. Came in expecting frustration over lack of pwoer of tomes in RD. This checks out as well.
  14. Thanks for the heads up and the work you've all been doing!
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