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  1. Yeah, I was thinking about RD too, but forgot to mention it. It also has its Climactic Big Epic Battle in 3-E, which definitely manages to convey that feel of a huge clash between armies very well. How was war today? Pretty good. We got a new soldier, he's a thief, we'll make a lot of money. What soldier? I cannot tell you, it's confidential. Also, he's like 12 years old. Oh, come on, why not? And what the heck? No, I can't. Anyway, how's your sex life? The framing in Genealogy's prologue is that Sigurd initially doesn't want to take Noish and Alec along because he doesn't want to risk their lives, so it would be rather odd if he was willing to bring a squad of his personal soldiers along on this potential suicide mission. So... ...honestly, I feel like Genealogy is up there with Sacred Stone's "let's capture a whole fucking fortress with four soldiers" as one of the most difficult FE games to accept that dissonance between tiny armies and enormous battles. I'm expecting cardboard boxes.
  2. Yeah, it's similar for me. I couldn't point at any character whose outfit/hair/general design I dislike... except for the uncanny, piercing eyes.
  3. You're lying, I never abducted you! You're tearring me apart, Kaga! Not sure how to interpret that you gave Raquesis the role of the doggie That's a really good reason. And well done by Kaga to tweak the numbers so that it works that way without just making the female characters worse. Hmmm... But that's just an inherent problem of the Fire Emblem formula - the schizophrenia of portraying big epic battles, while having about a dozen characters fighting on the player's side at the same time. Some games manage to still create that "big battle feel", like BinBla's chapter 21, but it's always a bit of disbelief one has to suspend. Shout-out to BlaBla for creating a scenario where these small-scale battles are a lot more appropriate... and then arguably mucking up in the opposite direction, by having the small elite assassin's guild throw dozens of mooks at you in Cog.
  4. Eldigan is obviously playable, handsome fella that he is. And there's no way Fire Emblem has the balls to kill of a playable character. Never happened, never will. I would say Darin and Eric are a bit of a conglomeration of Chagall, Bordeaux, and Elliot. I'm trying to remember who the sex pest was in Elibe, but I think they both were, kinda? Darin perving on Priscilla, and Eric offering Clarine to Narcian in BlaBla. Ugh, dangit. Luckily, posts have been editable consistently for a few days now. Maybe the recent update did something. Nobody even noticed that I wrote FE4 Ch.4 in the title of the Ch.1 updates. All of them, because of Ctrl C+V I honestly didn't even notice that the Raquesis's bodyguards have "unique" portraits. And I don't think I'll bother updating another one. Yves forgot to do his laundry today and borrowed a cape from one of his brothers. I see your next bossman hack is going to become a lot more spicy. (Although your first one could be all spice, for all I know. Something is distracting me from starting another playthough, so I haven't checked it yet.) You're right, the scene has certain Tommy Wiseau vibes in its flow. Genealogy definitely has the usual Fire Emblem problem with scale, where it's always a bit ambiguous if we have small skirmishes or big epic battles. The maps explicitly showing whole countries, and the maps together adding up to all of Jugdral, might make it even worse than your average "fifteen teenagers conquer the world" Fire Emblem experience. I didn't know about Ayra getting more bonuses, but you're right on principle, that the female characters aren't outclassed by any means. it's just an oddity that Raquesis is the first woman with a non-HP growth rate above 30% if it wasn't for Holy Blood - and it's her Lck stat. And it's going to stay like that until Tiltyu arrives to est things up. And, as a result, inherit them. We'll see how good she'll actually be, but I'm looking forward to Patty joining with her planned gimmick available immediately. According to Wikipedia, the Greek Chi (Χ/χ) was pronounced as "K" in the ancient language before it evolved into sounds not really present in the English language. ...No real reason for me to say this, but I was curious about the pronunciation when I saw the inspiration for the name and it sounded like the kind of useless fact you'd also be interested in Anyway, BrightBow already explained their behaviour. Before recruiting Raquesis, they just sit in the initial triangle and attack when they don't need to move to do so. As a result, bringing her to the frontlines seems like a recipe for disaster. 😕 To be fair, identifying the gender of anime characters can be tricky. (unless you were hoping for gay representation, which would've been quite optimistic for a 1996 game) Lex is strong enough to two-shot Holyn, so that helped a lot. Still two 29% rolls he needs to hit, but that's an 8.4% chance - rather not good, but something you could even brute-force thanks to Lex's Vantage skill (which does work in the Arena, right?) Against the standard boss, Lex needs 4 hits to kill him (1 Str away from a 3-shot), so that would've been much more unlikely to achieve. Since Dew just gifted Azel with all of his cash, he's going to have to earn some money so that he can spend some money to earn some money more easily. I'll definitely want the Light Brand on a relevant parent at the end - Sigurd, Lachesis, Azel, or Erinys - but I should be able to get all of them a magic sword by the end of gen 1. That are good arguments why the scale might not be quite as out-of-whack, after all. I will say that even though Wyverns don't have the same oomph as actual dragons, even just thirty of them would be scary even for a large force of regular ol' humans. Not just because of the "they can strike anywhere without warning" aspect, but wild Wyverns in Akaneia can breath fire, which they just don't do after being domesticated because the humans riding them stab their enemies instead. ""Realistically"", I'd expect that 30 Wyvern Riders would be able to rain down heavy actual fire on enemy troops, too.
  5. Oh, absolutely. FFX has its own problems with combat, in particular how random encounters are designed, but the boss battles are the best in the series, as far as I've played it. The ability to execute a plan instead of quickly selecting "ATTACK" because the next character already has their ATB filled makes them so much more fun to play. I can't really remember any specific Epic Battle from X-2, so it being fairly easy seems likely. The only fight that stuck to my mind was against some superboss in the desert, where I cycled through the Alchemist creating potions and two Dark Knights doing that class's special move for more than a fucking hour.
  6. FE4 Chapter 2: Crisis in Agustria Evans --> Nordion Bit of a rushed update because I have to leave in 10 minutes or so. Hopefully not too many stupid mistakes and/or typos
  7. Oh, we passed the funny nicenice page of the thread without noticing. Folks, we failed at juvenile internet humour. We are a disgrace.
  8. I'll have to wait for the next FF game to be able to say something specific about the game, but I can add another +1 to the ATB write-up. I think it took until X-2 before they managed to do something with it other than speed-menuing, and even then, I don't remember interacting with the chain attack system all that much. I think I found battles too fast-paced and too random to actually time up attacks properly, so chains were just nice when they happened and not something I was working hard to achieve.
  9. I assume that the substitutes all have the same gender as the child they're replacing to make the love system in the second generation easier. This is still the 1990s, so we can't have Patrick hit on Shanan, so Daisy it is! I think Patty/Daisy flirts with Shanan? I honestly remember very little of the gen 2 character dynamics. But I agree, it would've been nice to have some distinctiveness to the substitutes. It's probably still a hard concept to sell to the executives: "We need the resources to add 56-70 full-fletched child character (7 mother x 4-5 potential fathers(*) x 2 children/pairing), of which a player will only ever see 14 in a single playthrough". Would've been hard to sell in 1996 because of storage problems, would be hard to sell today because if you actually want 70 full-fletched characters, presumably with at least some unique interactions between them, that would require a ton of work from writers, artists, and VAs. Maybe it would work in a game where the playerbase won't expect every character to have 50 pages of backstory and motivation, but we all know how Shadow Dragon went over. (*)counting substitutes as "children of {no father}"
  10. I've also heard that the priority on creating competent AI for Civ is quite low because people generally don't like being outsmarted by the computer. And that it's more important that the AI seems fair than it actually being fair, which sometimes means that the AI shouldn't be allowed to do things that the player can do because it would feel "unfair" to be exposed to the bullshit a human player will often unleash upon the AI.
  11. Oh god, scrolling through the list... "Meins bleibt meins..." ...auch wenn es sinkt und kracht - Schiffsbesitz. ("Mine remains mine..." ...even if it sinks and crashes) ...except that it's also a carnival-related pun: Mainz bleibt Mainz, wie es singt und lacht - "Mainz (a city western Germany) remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs". "Rettet dem Dativ" von dem Tücken des Grammatiks. ...where do I even start. A little joke about German grammar. Übersetzungen "Gilberts verdammte Wortspiele" (Translations - "Gilberts bloody puns") - Ron Gilbert being the lead designer of MI1 and 2. This book then explains two riddles that simply make no fucking sense in German.
  12. Monkey Island 2 had a little joke in the German translation that I quite liked. In a library, you can find a book with the title "Der Säbel in der Tastatur" Finstermänner setzen einen Übersetzer unter Druck. ("The Sable in the Keybord" - shady people are excerting pressure on a translator) - I would hazard a guess that this was not in the English original.
  13. I think what promotes this in Genealogy is rather the high variability in outcomes. There's so many 20-50% hit chances for the enemies and skill proc chances in the low double digits; there's arena fights that can easily end in either a loss or a perfect win because everything in them is a coin flip. Not to mention that the AI tends to act unpredictably, too. In general, I don't think it's bad if the game allows the player to just "see what happens". See what character the enemies prioritise, then change your positioning accordingly, that kind of stuff. Fire Emblem, with its very stupid AI, ventures into "puzzle game" territory anyway - it's like playing chess against somebody who will always take your pieces when given an opportunity. Your opponent's moves become more like an extention of your own moves, so you're not so much interacting with another player, and more with a game environment consisting of the board plus the opposing pieces. Of course, that is true for any game with an AI acting in a somewhat predictable fashion (like Civilization, honestly), but I think Fire Emblem's AI is especially unconcerned about trying to hide its simple nature. Er, back to the topic - "classic" Fire Emblem often forces the player to redo the first half of a map because the player screwed up (or got got by turn 20 ambush spawns), which means that the player has to repeat a puzzle that they already solved. Hope you remember the correct sequence of inputs! It's annoying. I think it's good if the player is given a way to avoid this. If I'll play Fates at some point, I'll probably pick casual mode and still play "deathless" just so I can use battle saves. Where this can fail is the random nature of Fire Emblem. There's stuff like fishing for low% crits in DSFE, or people playing GBAFE on emulators being tempted to arrow-wiggle themselves a bunch of awesome level-ups, which you could see as "degenerate gameplay". In Genealogy, because so many probabilities are quite far away from 0 or 100%, it's very tempting to react to a character death by... just doing the same thing, except maybe don't attack with one character to start at a slightly different point of the RN string. Ah. Yeah, I completely forgot about them. (and this is clearly Kaga's Sage bias showing) Oo, I like that. I really can't say Who should be getting What weapon, and When, since my experience with FE4 was both second-hand and a long time ago at this point, but stealing a lot of money is always fun in RPGs and RPG-adjacent games. To be fair, a certain stupidity seems to run in her family. (and I remember that Ethlyn will insist on bringing Altenna with her when she and Quan run to Sigurd's aid again, so she really does have a penchant for bad decisions)
  14. Ah, thank you for the reminder. It's a neat little detail that Jamke had always been the heir apparent, although it certainly doesn't change that he really shouldn't just fall in line as just one of Sigurd's soldiers/knights. I'll say that I don't fully accept the "permadeath" excuse. Genealogy has a very easy workaround in the form of its triggered conversations, so it would've been easy to have Jamke have a talk with Sigurd (or maybe Aideen) about the death of his father. I almost suspect that these don't exist because there really isn't a good reason why Jamke would leave Verdane at this very moment (unless one comes up in the upcoming chapters, of course). Fair; the identity of Deirdre's would-be brother-husband is definitely not obvious at this point. What I wonder is how plausibly deniable it is for Sigurd to know that his union with Deirdre is propagating the blood line of literal satan. Old Guy in the third village explicitly points at a girl this old, born by this mother, and raised by this wise woman - so in my mind at least, this isn't just something that the player should've figured out by now, but Our Hero as well. Good to know. There is a Steel Bow in next chapter's armoury, and no particular reason for Midir to buy it, so there is no opportunity cost, either. Not like Jamke can gift his money to anybody. Honestly, since I don't have the experience how many good weapons are available at the end of the first generation compared to the number of children, I really don't know how to best distribute the good physical weapons. Considering who I'm using, I think it would be OK to leave the Pursuit Ring on Ethlyn - that plus some generic swords (like Ethlyn's Slim Sword, or a Steel Blade to trade power for accuracy and speed) sound like they'd be a huge improvement over the Iron Sword he generically starts with already. The Brave Sword I think I would like to keep for all of Gen 1. Maybe on Beowulf. It certainly seems like something a couple would have to talk out Yeah, Ayra probably would've been the one for the job. But since I sent quite a few characters into the forest to set up kills for the right people, I didn't really have the mobility to get into a good position for that. Jamke does have an extra point of movement in the forest compared to Cavs, Arden, or Azel. There's a Steel Axe in ch.1's shop, so I'm sure there were plenty of players who said, "well, there's no advantages to Iron in this game", sold it to the pawn shop, and were in for a rude awakening if they knew about the Brave Axe event. At least there is nobody around who would be able to use the Yewfelle, so Aideen isn't withholding a legendary weapon that would've made life a lot easier for us. That would've been really dumb of her, wouldn't it, Ike?
  15. FE4 Chapter 1: The Spirit Forest's Maiden Marpha --> Verdane It's interesting how none of the kids seem to have innate Pursuit, unless I'm missing somebody. Seliph gets it from Sigurd, the Sword Twins from their class, and Patty from promoting, but everybody else needs a dad to teach them. I'll keep it in mind With my planned set-up, I think I'll want magic swords on Patty, Nanna, Fee, and maybe Seliph. According to the main page, you get four out of the five magic swords in Gen 1, so that would mean that Leif indeed has to give up his. I'll say that it didn't have to be strictly one boy and one girl for every mother, since even as is, inheritance by gender isn't consistent anyway. But it's definitely cool that you have to weigh the benefits for the kids against each other, especially when they're more different from each other than the Sword Twins are.
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