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  1. Well, I think Lex specifically won't remain a bachelor in many people's playthroughs. Monkey brain says big XP go big up is big good. But I shall make my first FE4 remake prediction: If Lex and Azel get more dialogue, and the vibe of their interactions stays the same as in OG Genealogy, they will be that game's Ike and Soren. Certain Rome/Germania vibes. I can see it, considering how the Verdanites are seen as savage brutes by the Grannvalians. And if I remember correctly, the Thracians (or some other faction that appears in that game) have managed to develop green paint that still allows the wearer to attack blue units. Jugdral really is at the cutting edge of weaponised chromalogy. Which would make the game easier because enemies would be more predictable. Ahhh, good ol' Old Game Jank. Reminds me a bit of "smart AI" in Pokemon RBY, if a lot less extreme. "Smart AI" knows the effectiveness table, but doesn't know that it doesn't matter for status moves, which can allow a Beedrill to safely set up to max Attack and Speed against the first Pokemon of the first Elite 4 trainer, since it will only ever use Rest against it. One reason that I forgot to mention - it's also somewhat of a "the rich get richer" situation because of the Arena. A character that is good at beating the Arena (although that doesn't necessary make them good units in general (hi Ayra)) will earn more money that way, which means that they have an easier time affording stat rings and so on, which means that they'll have an even easier time in the next chapter's Arena, or to save villages. All this is second-hand knowledge, of course, so I'll see how this really shakes out. I can see that it makes money management a lot more involved, of course, but I'm a bit worried that this might result in an added barrier to using and training up weaker characters.
  2. Meteor would've been too on the nose. Even then, the timing would've been very odd. Story-based promotions tend to be at very dramatic points of the games - Roy finds the Binding Blade and is about to face Zephiel; the Wonder Twins just liberated Renais; when Ike is promoted, Crimia is done running away and goes on the offensive... Even the Gaiden promotions, despite that game's rather minimalistic writing, have more weight than "You completed the tutorial mission. Have a promotion." Purely mechanical, I think it could work, though. Sigurd wouldn't have to be a horseless whelp; being in Alec and Noish's Sword Cav class would be perfectly appropriate, too. But it's just not a very epic moment in the narrative. Well, Gerrard has 55 HP and 2 Res. Arvis doesn't need Pursuit You could argue that trading in the middle of the fight is a bit silly in itself. People are busy, they probably don't have the time to check their saddlebags to see if they have a vulnarary around that they can toss over to their wounded comrade. Generally speaking, I like the mental image of the knights preparing for the upcoming campaign at the castle, instead of passing around the Armourslayer like a blunt so that everybody can take a swing at their respective opponent with it. If he's already planning the big BBQ party at this point (which I don't know if he does), the implication is pretty cold, too. "I'd rather he didn't die along with you, but eh, needs must". I can see this is becoming a theme in your replies I haven't followed Quetzal's playthough very close at all, because, well, this thing I'm doing, but I assume he is also fully informed about Sigurd's incapabilities already. It would have made sense to alter this conversation when it happens after Arvy's talk to Sigurd. But hey, old game. That does seem plausible. And in that case, Sigurd is eating it right up, too. Well, *my* Sigurd has 16 Str, thankyouverymuch.
  3. Yes, clearly it is something that is wrong with you, and not me not paying enough attention.
  4. Not my fault that you can't even quote correctly You'd think that he'd never miss the opportunity for a big rant. But it'll be a little while until Finn's potential bride joins, so I'll see what happens Yeah, it seemed to me that most of the intro was relevant to what is happening in the prologue. The timeline is the only big exception. And Agustria, too, technically, but that was just a single line saying that it exists. And unless it's the boss sitting on a throne, you can't even be certain if a Bolting Sage in GBAFE will move or not. This really does sound like Genealogy is much better in this regard. Those are significant boosts. I'm not very good at making use of supports in GBAFE and PoR, so I'm not too optimistic that I'll get too much value out of this, though. Yeah, Lex already did that when visiting the village in the northwest. At least he wasn't able to move again again after that, so the whole thing is only very OP instead of completely bonkers. I know that the Killer Bow is really good in Genealogy, so Midir should get a power spike once he can grab this from Jamke (who I probably won't be using) next map. But yeah, the other generic bows don't seem too awe-inspiring. Lycia is kind of the opposite of Grannvale in that regard - instead of the central superpower, it's a bit of a playground for the two neighboring hegemons. SacSto I'd say doesn't do that much with the relative positions of its countries. It's honestly mostly important for Eirika, and the route she takes to Jehanna/Rausten. Huzzah! Looking back on it - yeah, Lang's death was pretty much when the story started to go downhill. Hardin's appearance afterwards is a cool moment (on a cool map, no less), but overall, the second half of Book 2 feels a lot less cohesive than when Lang was there as an arc villain. That is a good reminder. I'll probably still keep an eye on the wiki for Talks, to make sure that I don't accidentally pair up characters that I don't want to reproduce. I'd like to see as many convos as possible, but iirc, there's some that lead to instant, or very quick, love and mawwage. You mean he's stealing XP, the dastard!!! There can't be a bigger crime than that! (#PentForJail) (I haven't actually played further than what I've posted already, so maybe I'll be able to prevent that from happening )
  5. ...ohhh, the "10+" is inside the bracket that is then doubled. I said to myself, "huh, Mend is a bit weaker than usual (although 26 HP wouldn't have been a terrible heal). Too bad Ethlyn can't use Recover", but that really doesn't matter, then. I will say that Clarine manages to not obsolete Saul and Ellen despite having six times Ethlyn's Mag growth, as well as her own fun little niche as a dodge tank after promotion The scans are interesting, thank you! Nintendo Power is an American (and official) magazin, right? I guess that makes "Zigludo" Zigludo's canon name! Honestly, that might be accurate. I'll also say that this is right before a big-ass forest you have to walk though, including a choke point in its middle, so maybe I really didn't want to do that. Thank you, and also damn it! Luckily (and surprisingly), I was able to edit my post, so now you look a little silly. Apologies for that. Luthier 🤝 Yubello Should've been an axe user You'll have to fight @Shaky Jones over that. Actually, I think if you win, you'll get two of your requests fulfilled that I would otherwise ignore. I swear I wrote my reply to Ruben before reading this! Even without the "Sum [in-game maps] = World Map" part, FE4 definitely seems a lot more deliberate about showing where's where than any other FE game I've played. I honestly couldn't tell you where Gra lies in relation to Altea without checking a map of Akaneia, for example. Yeahhh, "weird vibe" sounds about right. This opening is very insistent that the Grannvalians (or at least those from Jungby and Chalphy) are just better (tm) than the Verdanians both martially and morally. To be fair, if people are to be believed, Roy can't fight, either ...huh, I can definitely see that. That would be a funny reference.
  6. FE4 Prologue: Birth of a Crusader Chalphy --> Jungby Thank you! As well for the link to your own thoughts. Definitely interesting to see the thoughts of another first-time player. I had it equipped on Catria in the endgame, but hardly used it at all because a lot of the barbs had to be set up for Sheema to kill. Very important! I only mentioned it indirectly (in that I had to bring Julian, Siriüh, Minerva, and Merric for all three maps), but didn't state it explicitly, yeah. The "no saving" thing is honestly a bit strange. Kaga FE seems really undecided about how they feel about regular saving - I thought that Gaiden's maps were shorter than FE1's in part because that allows for more frequent between-map saves, and Genealogy has the "start of turn" battle saves... but then there's FE3 and (I believe) Thracia, which really don't seem to give a crap about players losing characters on turn 29. (For me in that final chapter, not being able to hard-save between didn't matter - I used a save state to check how Imhullu and Silence interact, anyway, and then another one at the start of Medeus's map because I didn't want to risk screwing up the rescue/warp/again shenanigans)
  7. Wait, is that a family trait? I only know of Anakin Marth's father being desertphobic. ...actually, Marth has plenty reason to hate sand after suffering through Anri's Way. The first step in his journey towards becoming Darth Marth?! It's a running theme with Book 2. King Akaneia I. was a petty thief? Doesn't really go anywhere. There's actually a history of humans genociding manakete? Eh, in the end, the conflict is still between Marth (good) and Medeus (evil) with zero ambiguity. Sheema got introduced just to abdicate at the end of her chapter. The Grustian twins should be rather important characters, but they really aren't. Also, this is Kaga. Victimizing a female character is an end, not a means. Hey, his Def stat (very important for him!!) is really impressive for a magic user! I think this came up when Quetzal was playing this game, and the answer was "not by name", if I remember correctly. Merric's Book 1 ending is something about "returning to Altea to protect somebody important to him", but I would totally read that as a bromance between him and Marth if I didn't know of Book 2's endgame. It doesn't help that Elice simply isn't a character in either Book 1 or 2, so she isn't exactly somebody that springs to mind when hearing "somebody in Altea". Wonderful just for Gharnef with Anime blush stickers
  8. To a degree, you can get around the issue by adding together the "value" for every map a unit can participate on. Brom is irreplacable to the point where the map might even be unbeatable without him, but that is only really the case for that one map. After that, if I recall, he has another good map (the cave) and one passable map (2-E, assuming you don't skip it) before he becomes rather underwhelming. FE6!Marcus is irreplacable in Ch.1 (I know it's possible to beat the map without him, but it's a right pain), and remains your best unit until Jerrot joins, although Deke and Rutger mean that he isn't as irreplacable earlier than that). You can say that his peak is lower than Brom's, but because he keeps adding value consistently for a larger portion of the game, Marcus is still better than Brom. Seth is technically never necessary to beat a chapter, but unlike Marcus, who becomes not really worth deploying around the halfway point of the game, Seth is your best unit for the majority of the game, even as other characters get closer to him as the game progresses. So, Seth > Marcus, even though one could maybe argue that Sethless SacSto isn't any more difficult than Marcusless BinBla. Not to imply that "which one would I rather play the game without" is a conclusive answer to the question of unit value, of course. It arguably works in one direction (if a unit is irreplacable on a map, that should be valued), but not the other way around: A unit can still be good even when they're never quite necessary to use. The first example that I can think of is the "Early Cav". I would consider all of Allen, Lance, Lowen, Franz, and Oscar to be good units, but every single one of them gets overshadowed by the respective Jeigan in the earlygame, while other characters (sometimes the very same Jeigan) can more or less replicate what they do at later stages of the game. So basically this... ...is my opinion, too. Cross-game comparisons are always subject to personal preference even more than unit comparison already are to begin with.
  9. It's interesting that Mexico had several revolts/revolutions about that exact issue, that's true.
  10. To be fair, that brand of hypocrisy is hardly a Mexican monopoly. "For the good of the nation, it is imperative that I am in charge" is, like, the basic tenet of every successful revolutionary leader in history.
  11. It's probably referring to the Fire Emblem being the Binding Shield, or rather the broken down version of it. The revelation that the royal family was founded by a petty thief is, in theory, a pretty big one, although the game doesn't follow up on it at all. But that was Meißen's porcelain, I mean personal weapon! I didn't know that is a thing but yeah, that makes a lot of sense. FE3 Book 2 - Final Thoughts: Well then, off to Jugdral we go.... Or ride. I hear the distances are a bit too large to walk on foot.
  12. Oddly enough, I can still see badges after logging out, if that's any help.
  13. Where is Benice when you need him?! Belated Happy Birthday from me, too, Ruben!
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