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  1. I fully agree that Lang is great (honestly, Book 2's story becomes weaker almost the moment he's dead), but I'd say he stretches the category "minor villain" a bit. While there's never the illusion that he's the Big Bad of the entire game, he's still the major antagonist for almost a third of the game. Heck, I'd even say that he's the Book 2 villain with the most presence, even compared to the official main villains Gharnef and Medeus.
  2. ...which also applies to FE3, of course. Although I believe it's less punishing in that game because there's only one single Weapon Level stat, while (iirc) many Thracia cavs/flyers are limited to Iron Swords when dismounted. I'll say that the Cav line has very bad representation on Celica's side in Gaiden. She can only get one by picking the class for Atlas or by death-warping one of Alm's over... but either is a terrible idea because of all the swamp on her maps. But of course, Alm has some competent (Clive, Mathilda, Zeke) and one very cool cavs on his side of the map, and the Whitewings are incredibly good for Celica. And so that every NES/SNES game gets its explicit mention - I found that FE1 has very strong Cav representation. The Xmas cavs and Hardin all have straight up excellent stats, and even the meme cavs are somewhat salvaged by the Paladin class's bases. Shout-out to my Roshe for getting two or three Spd procs on the map he got his Knight Crest... which brought him exactly to Paladin Spd base, rendering all the procs useless.
  3. I reject the premise that there is "no incentive" to train a bad unit. If your only goal is to beat the game, then sure - but I can offer the following counterpoint: Beating this final boss with the pink armour knight wouldn't have been nearly as satisfying if she hadn't joined as a Lv.1 General, as one of the latest recruits in the game, with godawful base stats. Her base Str is the same as DOGA's, the Knight who joins in the very first chapter. There is one ch.1 unit that doesn't have better Skl than the Pink General - and that's the healer. The only good stat that matters for this fight is her Weapon Level, allowing her to use the legendary Gradivus - but with her base stats, she's four points of Str shy of dealing a single point of damage to the final boss. Her Def is genuinely great, sure, but the final boss just ignores that. That was my incentive to use this awful unit: The challenge to set up the final boss kill for her, and a funny screenshot. PoR just doesn't offer the same thing - Ashnard has his magic plot armour, for starters, but PoR's bad units are all perfectly capable and easily trainable with BEXP (so there's not as big a "look at this cool thing I did" factor for a 20/20 Rolf), while still being "objectively" worse to field than somebody with wings, or at least hooves, and with an axe access, or at least lances.
  4. I mean, probably? Point for point, I'd say it's somewhere in the middle - less valuable than Str/Mag and Def, maybe comparable to HP, and more valuable than Lck and Res. Spd depends heavily on the circumstances - on a character that doubles everything anyway, Skl is probably more valuable, but if not (or if the character can swap to a heavier weapon with an additional point of Spd), a single point of Spd can be insanely impactful.
  5. I'd like to bring up a very minor Genealogy villain in Clement, one of the squabbling nobles in Agustria. The guy has a total of four lines, but still manages to stand out as an enemy that isn't exactly devious, nor this noble Camüh whose loyalty forces him to fight against our hero. He's just an unfortunate guy at the wrong place at the wrong time: He observes a brewing fight between Heirhein (Elliot and his father Marsaille Bordeaux) and Nordion (Eldigan) and prudently decides to see who will have the upper hand before deciding who to support. The problem: Sigurd is present and he won't go until he has seized every castle in a 100-mile radius. Clement thinks there is just a squabble between two neighboring noble families... and the next thing he sees is a foreign invasion literally at his doorstep, he feels forced to defend against it (I mean, understandable), and five minutes later, he has a Silver Sword in his gut. Poor guy. I just think that, in a series full of dastardly curs and noble Camühses, it's beautiful to see a guy who just takes the worst possible moment to be smart and cautious about something.
  6. That's what happens if you challenge a German to a contest of pedantic arseholery. To be fair to him, Trabant is probably not the best parent to learn constructive conflict-solving from. This is probably the thousandth time that he heard that exact same argument, so he just defaults to the "please stop fighting" plea he developed when he was 13. Would explain why he keeps calling Altena a child - he just never figured out a better defense that doesn't involve telling his father that he might possibly hypothetically not be 100% correct in this and only this specific case. I did notice that the Bolt Sword Hero/Forrester was a woman. Interesting that this female version of the class was created just for one substitute character and this one generic enemy. Or maybe the sprite artists had already did the work for completion's sake, so Radney and this enemy were given that class so that the work wouldn't be useless. To be honest, I've lost track of the Dragon Riders, Dragon Knights, Wyvern Riders, Wyvern Lords, Wyvern Knights, Dracoknights and whatever else humans on lizards are called in the FE series. How silly of you to learn history from video games. Now, let me give a brief overview of the political landscape of 1444 Europe, right after the Battle of Varna--
  7. List of Thracians who don't go "Yay, violence!" when Trabant points at Leonster: Hannibal Altena ...yeah. Diligent ping from chapter 5 lives in the past and thus knows that "Lutetia" is the Latin name and Lutèce is just the frenchified version of it. He also knows that the accent on the second syllable is an accent grave, not aigu (which is to say going down, not up). 😛 Whoops and weird, indeed. Luckily, it really seems that editing posts is less luckbased since the last forum update. Really? I genuinely just picked three names that an idiot Lewyn might confuse with Azel. Huh, my second guess would've been a song of three nice decent clean-cut young men from Seattle. The Three Kingdoms is an era that I really should try to learn about. It sounds fascinating, but I never even had it mentioned in my history classes at school. At least I recognised the names, so... yay me? If I had a nickel for every time this exact trope has been used with regards to a wyvern rider unwillingly fighting against the blue-haired pretty boy protagonist... I'd have at least two nickels. (an addition from FE3 B1, actually) That's fair. I'd have sympathy for an actual young adult in Arion's shoes, brought up by a man such as Travant. But as a fictional character, he makes for a rather frustrating yesman. Maybe that'll change, though - I know that it's possible to paint him not blue, but at least green in the endgame. I mentioned before that it seems that writers often have their villain kick a puppy or stab a toddler if they're worried that the villain might come across as too sympathetic. I feel like that's being done to Travant here - first, Finn makes sure to tell Leif and the audence that Altena's adoption contained 0% empathy or kindness, and the scene with Hannibal and staffy boi reinforces the impression that, yes, Travant would stab a toddler if it was to his advantage.
  8. Yes, but I find that PoR still lays all blame squarely at Daein/Ashnard's feet. Not only with Ashy abandoning the country immediately, but it's also the Daeins who deploy Scorched Swamped Earth tactics just to slow the Crimeans down. Only in RD, Daein resentment against Crimea is presented as (somewhat) justified, because they just let Begnion take over and squeeze Daein dry. In PoR, the Daein citizens refusing food from the Crimeans are portrayed as sympathetic, but also clearly misled. The nice part about funny-bad units is that if you don't want to use them, you don't have to. I generally agree that a bad unit with some unique quality is more rewarding to train up than a unit that is just "{other unit}, but bad" - but while I never used, say, Lyre, because I prefer Fiona or Meg as far as underdog units go, her presence in the game doesn't impair my enjoyment whatsoever. So there's another cat laguz warming the bench, what do I care? But for somebody who likes catgirls the challenge, it's great that she is there. @Florete already covered why I wouldn't agree that PoR's roster is more competitive. There is just as little reason to use Rolf or Ulki or (the returning) Shinon as there is to use Fiona or Lyre. But it's far less interesting to bring PoR's scrubs up to speed (just pump BEXP and you're done), and the result is still going to be a combat unit that's just worse than, say, Astrid compared to Rolf/Shinon or any flyer compared to Ulki. No cool unique features whatsoever.
  9. FE4 Chapter 9: For Whose Sake Meath (turns 0-1) Tsk. I'd say "Black Roses" seems more edge-tacky, while calling him "Flower" might indicate that Reptor hated his son. That, or he wanted to overcome gender stereotypes and thought it was worth the cost of his son getting bullied at school.
  10. I don't know how you get from "one broken, two maybe broken if you squint hard enough, seven (*) no" to "more than half lmao" (*) "Every FE7 SM" being Guy, Karel, Karla, and Lyn, all of which are middling at best He did list Leaf as an example, but yeah. All according to the translation on the site anyway. https://serenesforest.net/general/designers-notes/holy-war/playing-guide/ This is a really funny instance of fanservice reducing the quality of the product. Most of the time, it just makes the story worse. (and most of the time, the fanservice is directed at horny male teenagers, of course) I am shamed by this oversight. I suppose he is. I would have assumed that he's more cagey about Altena's real parents in general - the more people know who she is, the more likely that she'll find out eventually. And if he wants her to be in a position of authority (and I mean, she is treated as a princess of Thracia), surely it won't help if her subordinates know that her claim to her position is fake. Extremely unrealistic. Everybody knows that kissing cousins is already fully accepted in Jugdral to begin with. You have to consider that Ruben will judge me harshly if I give all the resources to the main character. I don't have the freedom to just leave the Paragon Ring on Seliph indefinitely. I have been deceived I assumed that, because you were asking, it'll be more than I would think. This is quite funny, too, though. Well, Travant had to ambush them in the desert, with effective weapons on all of his men, and he still had to blackmail Quan into dropping Gáe Bolg. (OK, Quan would've dropped eventually anyway, but Travant still did blackmail him first)
  11. 2. Supports One of my (maybe) unpopular opinions is that supports don't add much to the story of any FE game. I'll say that PoR is the best game at averting this, because its chapter-based support growth allows the conversations to be more topical to the main plot - but I think it's still a net negative that important or interesting facets of the story are hidden in support conversations. For example, Soren's identity as a Branded is a very important piece of context for the racism against Laguz that he displays in main story - so should that information be hidden from a player who prefers to ship Ike with the sexy catboy and who didn't find Stefan in the desert? Because of that, I think that the base convos that both Tellius games have are the best spot to develop their characters. Granted, PoR has generally a much higher level of characterisation for its minor characters than RD does, but that seems more like a concious decision to invest less writing time into that area. Which I think is a fine decision, even though I would've hoped for a bit more fluff for some specific characters (Fiona comes to mind). The FE fandom's insistance that every single character must have 100 pages worth of trite anime clichés in dialogue entirely unrelated to the actual story is silly, and I uphold that Shadow Dragon did nothing wrong. 3. Story Deciding between a simple story done well on the one side, or an ambitious story that doesn't stick the landing on the other is always a matter of personal preference. I personally like PoR's story a lot (it's the main reason why I never swapped it out as my favourite FE) - but I think that it is only really completed through the first two parts of Radiant Dawn. The main storyline of PoR - the liberation of Crimea - is very much a Disney fairytale in which good triumphs over evil and everyone is happy in the end and there's ice cream for everybody... Early RD then does two things with this: First, Pelleas and Micaiah are a mirror image of Elincia and Ike, just gender-flipped... and a deliberate set-up by a sinister shadowy figure who recognises the power of that story and tries to create himself a puppet king to excert power through. And second, we see the parts of the fairytale that Disney had left out. We see that, in the wake of the war of liberation, the population of Daein has now become the oppressed and abused, breeding even more resentment. And we see that the story of the princess doesn't just end when she becomes queen. I do agree that the story goes downhill in part 3, though. I don't like the Blood Pact very much, and I think that the big epic god-slaying finale is far less interesting than the smaller-scale politicking that takes place in the firest two parts. 4. Availability / 5. Balance So here's another unpopular opinion (and I think this really is one): Path of Radiance's unit balance sucks. It's boring. Because every single character is, at worst, a competent combattant, you don't have any "funny-bad" characters that are liablilities, and through whom you can disrespect the enemy by killing the final boss with Wendy. Even bottom-tier characters like Lucia and (with a quick BEXP infusion) Rolf aren't bad in the same way that Sheema or Bantu are in New Mystery - they're perfectly competent... but other characters are more competent and have horses and/or axes at their disposal.
  12. FE4 Chapter 8: The Dracoknights of Thracia Connaught --> Manster --> Meath Answers!
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