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  1. I will be voting for Dr. Wily in spite of him being in jail. 1943
  2. I feel like a complete goofball. Let me carve out some time to get this presentable, I did have most of the player pamphlet ready when I stalled out on this.
  3. I am 100% on the make-up-what-you-want train. The continuity-is-more-like-a-suggestion trolley car. The change-it-to-what-you-want Vengabus. The tell-it-however-many-times-as-long-as-its-good Concord Jet. I am pro the guy on a hill in ancient Greece and just made stuff up and then it became part of human culture forever. Sure, most of it's bad. Most of the stuff the Greeks made up was probably bad. We've probably lost most of the good stuff. Some good stuff survived, though.
  4. The synthesis here would be to write things that are relevant and interesting in as few words as possible. You know, like a good writer would do. Do any Kaga games (with the debated exception of Thracia) have good maps?
  5. Marth would be terrible at the game. Not because he has a bad poker face- his masterful gentility ensures an unbroken visage at all times- but because the game by its nature conflicts with his own. Poker is ultimately a game about using deception to screw over others, something Marth would strongly rather not do.
  6. I've played enough rogue-likes that I actually support this.
  7. Every tile. Every map. Swamp. Armors cannot move. You recruit them anyway.
  8. Long ago in a distant land, I read a challenge run idea for FE10 where you only use unit with green hair. I think this is technically feasible once you get Sothe, although you do have to ship some extra weapons to Nephenee through Nealuchi or something (her starting lances don't have enough uses for her to kill everything she needs in the time before shops). I'm not sure how practically feasible this is or whether or not its actually interesting, since you're mostly picking a couple characters to solo the map with until endgame.
  9. Dang, I can really feel Alexa disintegrating my emoji with this one. This is a semantic point on the whole "not everything has to have a deeper meaning chain", since I agree that small side-beats can add a lot to something. The fact that we like these things and think they make something better indicates that they serve a purpose ("serve" rather than "have", it doesn't really matter if the author was deliberately considering the benefits so long as they ultimately exist). They don't contribute directly to the main plot, but they clearly contribute something.
  10. Under. Dang, I feel like I've played myself. Am I still being trolled? I'm having trouble getting them through the mail. Can I request an extension?
  11. "There is nothing new under the sun" - a book older than civilization Firmly agreed on this. Good twists work even once you know them. The re-contextualization is what makes them effective, which means they must still produce sensible context. Hey! I am not a furry.
  12. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea for either of those questions, neither lent nor I have implied that you're completely wrong or that more popular media is better (either necessarily or probably). What we are saying is that, if we watch cape-crap, it's our own fault. The most reasonable alternative would be to read and watch things you expect to actually be good.
  13. Aw sweat sweet, CYOA time. Black Knight's armor doesn't scare me. I figure the Lightsphere can be used to ignore that- so the first step is to petition Marth for aid (i.e. gimme lightsphere).
  14. Why not both? Spread propaganda for the truth! What's the alternative? Propagandize lies about myrmidon supremacy? Yeah, I agree on that. It's mostly an FE trend as far as I'm aware (I'm not aware of a lot of pop culture happenings), but I dislike it a lot. It makes the cast feel much more homogeneous and less rag-tag. It's a convenient way to not have to recruit characters since they all join with the lordlets, but I enjoyed the way you built your army by actually satisfying recruitment conditions. Some people inherit a farm. Some people inherit a position of authority over others. Ike gains the latter, as Jotari points out. People still inherit things today. If we're going with the "he's a commoner" (read: poor everyman) because he lacks a noble title, we're going with the idea that most people who inherit fortunes are in fact poor everymen. Nobility exists as much as poverty or the IRS exist. Lacking physical units doesn't make something nonexistent. Regardless of what the story says or how it tries to frame it, the substance simply isn't there. Ike is a "common man" on a strictly superficial level. Multiverse stories could be cool if they were Westerns. Just as a man could wander into town and ride into the sunset, so too could the multiversal traveler. Sol is a good skil! I'm confused, these two positions seem absolutely at odds. How can these things be readily available to us and yet we are still at the mercy of a system? We have the means to ingest the best books of Victorian England and we choose not to. While I don't know your steam library, I also feel that a lot of indie games are part of the "mainstream" of video game culture. They are "indie" in funding and production but not really spread. I'm including the second paragraph because I agree (broadly) with this interpretation of Jotari's statement (with respect to him despite this, of course).
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