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  1. I wouldn't call it gatekeeping to expect someone to have actually experienced the thing they're expressing an opinion about. The gate is wide open in that case, the person is just refusing to walk through because they've already made up their mind. A particularly salient example for us would be the 90s panic about video games being violent and corrupting the minds of the youth, expressed by people who had never played a game in their life. It's like the literal etymology of prejudice.
  2. Well I can say that I hope you're right. I don't want them to give us full alt banners. I would much prefer it be as you say. It's just not at all what I expect. I'd also dispute that adrift is really what I'm claiming. Adrift was its own thing. More like a seasonal on a main heroes banner, not really taking anything from the game outside the vaguest sense. I've already said they can cycle three different outfits for Fodlan characters. For Sacred Stones and Awakening the first tier units have alternate promotion options to make use of. And Shadows of Valentia has Overclasses to make use of.
  3. For Binding Blade I suggest you just play the fangame that has that all done for you already, with some genuinely good writing to boot For the other two GBA Games there's a wonderfully useable program that makes modding as easy as something like rpg maker The creator of the program is pretty active on discord and very helpful with people who go there with problems. The other games don't have as robust a hacking scene, but software is out there for modding them. I don't have the experience to recommend anything specific though.
  4. And might very well be eligible for monthly New Heroes Banners. Oh they might rename it something else like "Renewed Heroes" or "Revisited Heroes" or something, but they really have little to no motivation to stop doing the regular monthly banner thing for games that sell. It's abundantly clear that getting all of the playable characters in the game long term is not their priority. What they want is to sell banners each month, now, for money. Consider this, the game runs for another five years. In that time Valentia, Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, Awakening, Fates and Fodlan are all finished and Binding Blade only has one banner left. Are they really going to give us a five month rotation of Archanea, Genealogy, Thracia, Tellius and Engage? I'd love it they would, don't get be wrong, but no. They are not going to give us four Jugdral New Heroes banners in one year, ever. But what if they do, fewer games means the banners will reduce faster. Right now a game gets about 8 new characters every three years. If we're down to a six month banner rotation because games are finished then we're at a place where suddenly games are getting the, if not more, in a single year. They go through every game that's present and then a new title is released. Would they give us that singular game every single month for New Heroes? And just deny the new release seasonals or mythics or legendaries entirely because all those slots now have to be filled up to cater to the completed backlog? It's just not feasible. Of course it's unlikely the game will last another ten years, player numbers are dropping and the game will probably shut down within the next five or so. And until then they'll do what they've been doing since the start. They'll shill alts. It's what they've always done. It's why we now have these attuned and rearmed and whatever the flavour of the month gimmick hero is. Nothing about the philosophy of how they've marketed this game suggests they'll do anything other than shill alts the game finally finishes.
  5. Why do you think Caeda was so slow to marry him during the three year time skip between games?
  6. One time in the series I can say Skill was pretty meaningful to me was in Shadows of Valentia. Specifically for the Tigerstance combat art which adds skill to strength for one attack. That resulted in a very powerful attack that, while not as dominant as the likes of Double Lion or Huntersvolley, was still a pretty nifty skill for securing KOs where you wouldn't otherwise. Yet, because it's not quite as good as those skills, there were some enemies whoose HP was high enough that if would only just fail to kill, and a few points of strength or skill more in combination could make the difference.
  7. None of that is from a game literally running out of characters. Even TMS, as relatively small a cast as it is, hasn't stopped getting banners because it's been exhausted. It's stopped getting banners either because of legal issues or because it was only a cash grab tie in with a new release at the time that they never intended to take seriously. We have no titles where the playable and major NPCs cast are all in the game. And if or when we get to that point, I don't see them completely dropping one of their more profitable titles to make room for their less profitable titles. At best we'll see them become slightly rarer (which is what they should have been doing for years now).
  8. I don't see that difference as a meaningful difference. If the growth units turned out bad after training them then sure, there's an argument that there's no reason to invest in Leonardo or Rolf. But the result of investing in them is a genuinely good unit you can feel acomplished turning from a zero to a hero. So where's the issue? Use Shinon if you want. Use Rolf if you want, it'll be a little harder, but if you enjoy doing it then go for it. The game has 70 characters for you to choose that are different in their own unique ways.
  9. Oh boy, oh boy do I have a rant incoming for you. I was even planning on making this a thread myself entitled "My least favourite Fire Embelm character(s)." Because I absolutely hate the existence of Georg and Kaim. To which your reaction is probably "Who?" Well, it's these guys. Not a bad design, huh? Well, why do I dislike them so much? Ya see, I'm a pretty tolerant guy when it comes to fictional characters. Even if a character is poorly written or a bad person in themselves, or even if the narrative is contriving itself to make something work, I can appreciate what the writers are trying to do. But none of that tolerance applies to Georg or Kaim, because they are actively making the story worse with their existence. So who are they? Well you probably recognize them if you open the spoiler tab, these are the bosses of the chapters Valours Roland and The Berserker from Blazing Blade, wherein Eliwood and Hector go looking for the sacred weapons a meet the ghosts of Roland and Durban. Georg and Kaim are also Ghosts, summoned by the spirits of Roland or Durban to fight the heroes. And that's it. That's all they are. Their battle quotes say nothing of value about them and their info screen has nothing of interest about them. You know who they should have been? Actually Roland and Durban themself! It would have been way more memorable to fight the two legendary Heroes. Instead we meet them without fighting them and fight these nobodies instead. But, okay, okay, let's give them some grace. Maybe Roland and Durban are just too epic to have stats and be fought. Sure Athos is another legend who we outright get as a playable, but he's old. Ghosts are, uh, properly stronger than old guys? I don't buy that, but I'll pretend I do to give the idea some credit. Roland and Durban can't be fought because it gives them an air of mystique. Fine. But that doesn't mean We deserve freaking Georg and Kaim. It's take a generic hero and berserker over Georg and Kaim. Because they are less than nothing. They ruin the potential of fighting Durban and Roland, and they ruin the potential of fighting an interesting replacement too. And that's because the two guys look and act identically, which is in a way that exhibits no personality at all. Even the Thracia 776 bosses who have no dialogue and are never alluded to in the story are better than these guys, because at least for them we can extrapolate from context why they're fighting in the battle and where they're from. But these two guys don't even get that. They're just warriors from long ago. If it were one character, then that would be an idea I can get behind. If we only hat Georg or Kaim, fought regardless of which route you take, then it'd be this specific hero from the Scouring. A ninth member of the legends if you will, who never got a Divine Weapon and the recognition of the others, but nonetheless fought alongside them and was so meaningful his soul persisted beyond death in service to them. That's fine. That's cool....but the fact that there's two of them with an identical palette swapped design ruins that for me. And it's not a bad design, but it's one that exudes zero charisma. It's not some specific guy. It's two indistinguishable guys with the same nothing personality. The only way they can possibly salavaged as characters is if they give us a game set during the scouring and these two are revealed to basically be Dolph and Macellan.
  10. Why use them? Because you want to (or the other unit's been killed). It's not like Path of Radiance lacks this either. Why use Lucia when you can use Stefan? He literally joins half a game earlier with every relevant stat being higher. Geoffrey will probably be on par with any paladin you've trained throughout the game. On the opposite side Bastian and Callil will suck compared to mage you've trained throughout the game because they had the genius idea to give Sages knives. Why use any of these unit? The answer is because you want to. Every Fire Emblem game has a disparity between characters and I don't see that as a bad thing. And insofar as this can be considered a problem, it's one where Path of Radiance has it just as bad if not worse than Radiant Dawn (refer back to horses).
  11. Oh contrare, we are all very much generics. 99.9% of people are generics. There's just a fucktonne more people in real life than fiction, so that last 0.01% of people that make it into the historybooks do it in the hundreds of thousands. Well from the literary perspective, that woman putting a rift between him and his adopted father using her dastardly feminine wiles is certainly one of the most memorable and fun parts of the book. Not sure how well Dynsaty Warriors handles that as a plot point though since it's kind of not battle based. It'd all have to be basically intro chapter narration.
  12. Anything they do for a completed game is going to be unprecedented. We won't get to see what they do until they do it (if they get a chance). But what I don't think they'll do is give fewer Awakening banners per cycle.
  13. I say yes, but give us a low capacity skill that extends Weapon Triangle to two range in a Tellius style skill system. That way you can build a specific unit to hit lances with a hand axe via favouritism.
  14. When I read Romance of the Three Kingdoms, I was a bit surprised with how little a role Lu Bu plays in the whole thing. He's basically killed just before the actual Three Kingdoms are properly established. At least as far as I can recall. It was a pretty dense book with far too many names (and that was only the Abridged Version!).
  15. I don't think they'll boot any game from the New Heroes rotation. I personally wouldn't mind if they did, as I'm more inclined to Archanea, Jugdral and Tellius as a fan, but I don't reasonably expect them to abandon the other titles once they're complete, especially since they're some of the more popular titles in the franchise. On that subject, next month will be our Fallen Heroes banner. After that, the games that have gone longest without a banner are Tellius, Sacred Stones and Fodlan, so we can expect one of them with a reasonable degree of certainty. Sacred Stones and Fodlan are sitting at 8 and 12 remaining playable characters each, so it'll be interesting to see what they do with either of them should they show up (Fodlan, at least, has the advantage most other games don't in that they can literally give us the entire playable cast three times over in different costumes).
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