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  1. I probably do trend towards full titles more often than not, but I feel most of them you can just write out one word and it's clear and easy. Eg Genealogy, Mystery. You get a little upset in the middle era where Blazing or Blinding by themselves aren't really nouns and the Tellius games can't really be referred comfortably to as Path or Dawn. Fodlan is in a funny situation where 3H is a perfectly acceptable and recognizable short hand, but it applies to both games, so 3H naturally becomes Three Houses while Three Hopes becomes just Hopes. So, yeah, a mix of em all.
  2. I didn't really consider the gameplay impacts as I was just thinking of fun integration, but it genuinely would be better than any Emblem on Seadall. His job is to dance which most Emblems don't really help him with (though personally I had fun putting Lucina in him to get those dual attacks in his vague vicinity). Even a minor chance to dance again is going to be a pretty huge advantage.
  3. Yeah, Mia getting shove was kind of random. It makes sense from the perspective that she's a Tellius character, but, still, almost any other Tellius character would have been more appropriate than noodly arms Mia. Well, at least it wasn't Ilyana. Those are all genuinely good abilities that would be worth consideration over some Emblems (okay, over Leif). But being better the bond rings we get is a low bar to cross. Like, seriously Chrom, +5% proc rate, +5%! There's barely any proc skills to begin with! Here's a few more that are fun for unique mechanical references Shiva: True Crit: Critical hit = attack*2-enemy's def/res Osian: Critical Coefficent: Total crit rate is doubled for follow up attacks Mareeta: Movement Star: Luck% chance to take a second action once per turn Linoan: Holy Blood: Growth rate +10% for all stats Nanna: Staff Savant: When healing using a staff, if unit's spd > target's spd, automatically perform a follow up staff heal. 100-(Dex*4)% chance for healing staffs to miss.
  4. Wiki says it's zone based and based on killing an enemy. So unless you intentionally camp on the right you'll probably kill an enemy first.
  5. Bond Rings are a funny thing in this game. They're basically there just so you have something to equip your units with as you gain and lose Emblems throughout the game. But...they're not really good. Aside from Olwen's Dire Thunder which genuinely gives a unique niche that's somewhat competitive with actual Emblems, most of them just offer a tiny stat boosts. Those that do grant effects are few and far between and are gate keeped behind a gatcha mechanic that you have to actively manipulate the game to make use of. And, that's sort of a shame. Because I like the idea of legacy characters granting a skill like this. It's a fun reference and a lot of the skills let you do things you otherwise couldn't. Here are all the bond rings with actual skills Caeda Sympathetic [If foe initiates combat and if unit’s HP is 50% or less, unit takes 5 less damage.] Navarre Deadly Blade [If unit initiates combat with a sword, grants Crit+10 during combat.] Deirdre Renewal [Unit recovers 5 HP each turn.] Seliph Battlewise [Grants a stacking Crit+1 each time unit initiates combat and defeats a foe. Bonus lasts for the rest of the battle. (Max +10)] Alm Windsweep [If unit initiates combat with a sword, foe may not counterattack. Trigger %=Lck.] Mae Great Thunder [If unit uses Thunder, Elthunder, or Thoron, deals +20% damage.] Sothe Bane [May reduce foe’s HP to 1. Trigger %=half of Dex. (Certain foes are immune to this effect.)] Elincia Mercy [If dealing enough damage to defeat foe, instead leaves foe with 1 HP.] Lilina Raging Fire [If unit uses Fire, Elfire, or Bolganone, deals +20% damage.] Dieck Strong Arm [Grants Hit+20 while unit is equipped with a smash weapon.] Finn Miracle [Avoids foe’s attack when unit would be defeated. Trigger %=Lck. (Max 50%)] Olwen Dire Thunder [When unit initiates combat with Thunder equipped, unit attacks twice. (Excludes Elthunder and Thoron.)] Chrom Rightful Ruler [Adds +5% to trigger rate for all skills with trigger rates.] Lissa Healtouch [When unit heals an ally with a staff, restores +5 HP to target.] Eliwood Draw Back [Use to move 1 space away from adjacent ally and pull the ally along.] Nino Giga Excalibur [If unit initiates combat with Excalibur, deals +20% damage.] Soren Wind Adept [If unit initiates combat with Wind equipped, unit may attack twice. Trigger %=Dex. (Excludes Elwind and Excalibur.)] Mia Shove [Use to push an adjacent ally with less Bld 1 space away.] Edelgard Flickering Flower [If unit initiates combat, freezes foe. Trigger % = total damage dealt.] Dimitri Paraselene [Use to make an attack against an adjacent foe, then move 1 space away from that foe after combat.] Claude Wind God [If unit’s HP=100%, grants range +1 with bows.] Ryoma Bushido [If unit’s level is higher than foe’s, grants Crit+10 during combat, and unit deals +2 damage and takes 2 less damage.] Xander Chivalry [If unit initiates combat while foe’s HP=100%, unit deals +2 damage and takes 2 less damage.] Innes Sure Strike [If unit initiates combat, attacks are guaranteed to hit. Trigger %=Dex] Marisa Lethality [When landing a critical hit, instantly kills foe. Trigger %=30. (Excludes certain powerful foes.)] And here are all the other characters who don't have a skill at all. Ogma Arden Faye Nailah Wolt Nanna Merric Azelle Lukas Leanne Lugh Osian Minerva Quan Silque Nephenee Rutger Asbel Linde Ethlyn Delthea Sanaki Fir Shiva Tiki Ayra Genny Naesala Raigh Mareeta Kris Lachesis Saber Tibarn Cecilia Linoan Katarina Lewyn Valbar Caineghis Sophia Sara Legion Erinys Conrad Black Knight Fae Ced Gaius Hector Mist Ferdinand Azura Seth Cordelia Florina Titania Bernadetta Hinoka Ross Nowi Dorcas Shinon Felix Takumi Lute Tharja Serra Gatrie Ingrid Sakura Joshua Owain Matthew Ilyana Raphael Camilla Tana Inigo Rebecca Lethe Lysithea Leo Amelia Severa Ninian Ranulf Flayn Elise Gerik Morgan Jaffar Greil Jakob L’Arachel There's actually a pattern there. Every game decided just two characters deserve a skill, with the exception of Three Houses where each house leader got a skill. I don't expect anyone here to come up with a skill for all 95 characters there that don't have one, but among the characters that are there that didn't get a skill, what skill would you have given them? Yes, this is a thinly disguised "create a skill" thread, but with a twist of them having to be associated with a character from the series. The one that sticks out to me the most is Hector. Lyn gets to be an Emblem, Eliwood gets to have a skill while Hector gets nothing. Of course he got the last laugh by becoming a DLC Emblem, but he still looks wrong there on that list. So I would have given him the skill Armour which changes a character's unit type to Armour regardless of their class. Because I like the idea of unit types but felt they were to rigidly attached to classes. And to complete that set up, I would give Ogma the skill Back Up, Camilla the skill Flying, Quan the skill Cavalry, Sanaki the skill Mystical, Jaffar the skill Covert and Jakob the skill Qi Adept. I guess Nowi could get Dragon, but there's no real reason for a Dragon Unit type if you're not using an Emblem which you can't equip at the same time as bond rings.
  6. It seems there are three arena enemies to begin with. Once Eyvel (or Nana, haha) kills one of them, Mareeta appears. Kill one more, a swordmaster appears, kill a third another berserker appears and then kill another and Galzus will appear. So, in other words, he'll appear if you manage to kill all the initial enemies. Depending on how you're playing this is pretty easy to achieve naturally. But Galzus doesn't get any dialogue, appears just like the generic enemies ie no scrolling camera, and, unlike the next chapter, no special music. So even if you spawn him, its very easy to just plain not notice that the latest reinforcement has a name and face. The wiki also says he only appears if you played 4x...which I have no mechanical or narrative explanation for.
  7. I would say most of the changes made on the DS are actually to Martha's benefit than his detriment. He's still better on the NES, but that's more down to enemies just straight up sucking in that game. But his combat is honestly a moot point because you'll rarely ever actually end up sending him into combat.
  8. Seems pretty unoffinsive to me. Cavalry and chest key gets it pretty quickly, and it's not like you'll need your entire army in the somewhat closed space. The unit on chest duty will probably be back with your main army before you've even dealt with the meteor mage. At least it's not a village down there that only Leif can exclusively visit. Wouldn't that involve taking her out with Nana? Well, maybe Eyvel can initiate an attack even if she can't counter. On that subject, characters not attacking other characters because of plot is introduced here, and I like that mechanic. I think the only time the series does it is Radiant Dawn. Oh wait, I guess Gaiden did it first with Rudolf.
  9. Well, as I think I did mention before, Ced actually does show up in the next chapter if you missed the Gaiden. So there is some insurance so to speak. And while his appearance here is plot important, Galzus does still show up next chapter too, with quite a bit more fanfare. Also, you can make the two of them fight. The only truly important missable piece of dialogue so far I would say would actually be Safy talking about Tara, which is pretty important later and would probably otherwise come out of nowhere.
  10. I get what you're saying. If someone's issue with AI art is that it will turn our media into a soulless melange of basic and bland quality then that's an understandable fear. But it's also true we have been true that industrialization has been trending us in that direction for decades now and a lot of the major things pushed on us is exactly that, with or without AI art. If anything, AI art could make art more individualistic and interesting. I make Fire Emblem fan games. I consider myself pretty decent at writing, coding and map design. But I am not good at creating portraits or combat sprites. So if there's something specific I need on that front I need to hope someone talented has made it already or spend hours doing it myself to an end result that still looks subpar. If I could simply tell a computer to whip up a unique combat animation or portrait that would make the construction of the overall art piece, the game I want to actually make, so much easier, less time consuming and, considering my skills on this front, probably better. I think I might have said it earlier in this thread, but humans instinctively want to create art for the sake of art. I don't think that will change with the existence of AI. Just like the invention of digital art and digital music, we'll just incorporate into the art we make because art for the sake of art is the goal.
  11. And he is the first of Thracia's proud tradition of having bosses with zero dialogue that are never referenced by other characters. Just who are you Bandole? What makes you tick? What motivates you? We may never know. The damage isn't necessarily buffed, but poison does get a big buff in that it never wears off by itself. Which in a game with limited restore staffs and other competing status effects actually makes it rather dangerous on long maps. Poison is mostly a joke in other games because it probably won't deal any more damage than it would take a vulnerary to heal, but here it's damage potential is infinite. Yeah, that might just be the good parts of the controversial translation. I don't think he was particularly loquatius in the previous translation. Yeah he doesn't get any fanfare here in his first appearance. It's actually easy to miss him being here at all. But it's actually plot relevant as him seeing Mareeta here influences his later actions. He warps her over and gets her stoned in one turn. I guess that's what his movement stars are for. I think this might genuinely be my favourite chapter for plot in the series. At least for gameplay and story integration. You're right that it does drag slightly. Might have been better if the escape point was to the north west and the south west area was for reinforcements to pressure you to escape.
  12. Well he'd still have a unique class in the game itself since Tellius doesn't have the standard mercenary class. I wouldn't exactly describe him as a common Hero in Radiant Dawn either, but he does have a class that series wide is generic (strange translation stuff aside).
  13. Honestly I think something would be lost if our parent child duos had different classes. Especially in Genealogy where you very much get the feel that Seliph is taking up Sigurd's mantle when he promotes into the same class. Well we'd be here until the cows come home if we got into every class name that is illogical or different with its Japanese original. I will say, though, that Ranger is a good promotion for Forrest Knight, because, really, what even is that? And while it was never their intention in Japanese for Ike to ever have the mercenary class in either game, I do like it as an idea for both games for different reasons. As I said before in Radiant Dawn I'd like Mercenary->Hero because it actually follows the traditional weapon proficiencies of the class in addition to being accurate descriptions of Ike. But for Path of Radiance (more of a focus for this conversation since that's the one where he has a lord class), I think there's something kind of cool with him having a traditional generic Fire Emblem class, but then promoting to his own unique special class from a generic class to display how he's moving up from a common mercenary into someone of specific note.
  14. Bear in mind, the first time we see Lucina's class is as an ally and an enemy. Something so specific could give away her plot twist. Something more mysterious like Wanderer or even Masked Hero might be better...no, she's meant to be dressed as Marth. Lucina's base class should be cosplayer!
  15. Made a thread for fun speculation on alternate class names for Lord
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